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It's Good to Be a Geek: Winners Crowned on "Beauty and the Geek" Finale

I'm thrilled with the results of this season's Beauty and the Geek.

If last week's blunt post about my support for Dave and Jasmine wasn't strongly worded enough, let me make it absolutely clear: I've been rooting for these two for a while now. And while their victory wasn't much of a surprise last night (call me crazy but was the opening of those two envelopes completely anticlimactic?), the reunion/reveal episode of Beauty and the Geek was just kooky and, well, creepy enough to keep things a little interesting.

It was nice for a change to see if the geeks were keeping up with their physical transformations and I do have to say that I was surprised to see that they all had clearly taken on board the lessons and skills they learned from their participation and had applied them to their everyday lives. (Yes, I too was happy to see that Jesse smartly lost the Billy Idol platinum 'do and went back to brown.) As for the beauties, it does seem that their learned skills are helping them as well as several expressed a desire to return to college or study for real estate licenses (Jen).

The rest of the episode seemed devoted to rehashing squabbles or romances, such as the doomed one between Sam and Rebecca, which was quickly quashed by Nicole. Though I am surprised that they didn't put Nicole and Dave on the spot and ask if they had gone out for dinner in Harvard Square like they had discussed. (Hmmm.)

Instead, they nearly humiliated Jasmine by bringing out a tarantula for her (she seemed absolutely terrified) and then had a creepy aside between a totally-waxed Josh and Rebecca, who had promised him a body massage with "oils and everything" if he got rid of his body hair... and then had him doff his shirt and brought out a massage table. Ick.

Ultimately, in a move that surprised no one at home, Dave and Jasmine were declared the winners of this fourth edition of Beauty and the Geek and rightfully so. I would have been massively surprised had Sam and Nicole won the popular vote but it's clear to me that Dave and Jasmine had the most change and transformation over the course of the season (and into their daily lives) and clearly surprised themselves by their ability to work so well together as a team. And isn't that the entire point of this "social experiment"?

Already missing Beauty and the Geek? Fret not as the CW is planning another season of cultural confusion and confidence-building for the spring.


greebs said…
As far as season finales and reunion type shows go, this wasn't too painful. Rebecca - who I think by most measures is one of the most beautiful women ever on reality TV - should not have dark hair like that. In the casting special, she had brown hair, on the show a reddish blond, and now black? But yes, glad Dave and Jasmine won - they earned it.
Anonymous said…
I have to say, I was not looking forward to a finale that was sure to be packed with nothing but pointless filler. But...I have to say that I was consistently entertained by the episode. There were a couple of missteps, to be sure (massage), but I thought they did a good job of making it seem like a new ep, as opposed to a rehash (Idol could take a lesson).

Of course I was thrilled that Dave and Jasmine won. I started getting a little nervous, though, when Sam won "hottest beauty" that he was going to get the majority of the female vote. Glad that didn't happen.

And I, too, thought it was odd they didn't bring up the whole Dave/Nicole thing. After all - in the confessionals he said he liked her, and in the confessionals she said she didn't see it becoming more than friends. They embarrassed everyone else - why not them?
When they rolled out that massage table Rebecca looked almost as horrified as Jasmine did when they brought out the spider. The massage was weird but the rest of the finale was pretty good. The whole bit with Josh's mom was straight out of a Woody Allen movie and I loved the awkwardness between Rebecca and Nicole. And I'm so glad that Dave and Jasmine won!

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