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What Are You Still Watching This Fall? (And What Have You Given Up On?)

With the fall season now officially a few weeks old, I thought it was time to check the pulse of the television landscape a bit.

I'm extremely curious to know what new and returning series everyone is watching. Have you fallen for ABC's Modern Family? In love with NBC's Community? Dying to see ABC's V? Surprised by how much you're enjoying CBS' The Good Wife? Laughing your head off over NBC's reinvigorated Parks and Recreation? Singing your heart out to FOX's Glee? I want to know.

Conversely, which new or returning television series have you given up on? Have you moved out of Melrose Place? Been traumatized by NBC's Trauma? Frustrated by FlashForward? Already forgotten about The Forgotten?

I'd be interested to know either way which series are at the top of your must-view list and which ones have been deleted from your season pass. And, most importantly, why.

Talk back here.


Unknown said…
I'm loving Glee and Vampire Diaries; and despite the fact it will probably be canceled, I'm having fun with Eastwick. I'm sticking with FlashForward and TheForgotten even though so many people either don't like or aren't watching. Heroes is hit and miss and it's sad! Always been fan of NCIS and surprised that folks are surprised by the success of the show - it's not a phenom, folks, it was the #1 most watched show last season too - not just this season. Still love Brothers & Sisters despite the gloominess of recent stories. LOVE White Collar and nearly all the shows on USA. Why can't the major networks make show like USA? Really anxious for Legend of the Seeker's return too. So much more; but this'll be a book if I keep going...
Anonymous said…
Still watching: White Collar. Great new show! I think it may be my favorite. Also Modern Family (so funny!), Flash Forward (interesting...but it better not be aliens!), The Good Wife, and Southland, wherever it ends up - the best new show last season.

Given up on: The Forgotten. Seriously? This replaced the far-superior Without A Trace? I really wanted to like this, but it's bad. Also gave up on Cougar Town. Actually I think I gave up on that the first episode when they tried to sell us Courtney Cox with flabby underarms. But after a few more shows I decided it just ain't funny.

I have also given up on my former favorite older show Dexter but that's a rant for another time.
Anonymous said…
oh, a post-script to the above: I gave up on Glee early on. I tried it twice and I really don't like it. A hysterical pregnancy? Really? Sure, some of the songs are fun, but I find most of the storylines annoying at best and offensive at worst. Songs are cute but they aren't enough to make me stick with a TV show.
Unknown said…
Just FYI: Without A Trace was on CBS and The Forgotten is on ABC - so the latter didn't replace the former; but you are right WAT should not have been canceled; but The Forgotten shouldn't get the blame.
Tim said…
WATCHING: Glee, Modern Family, Flash Forward, Vampire Diaries, Good Wife, Three Rivers, The Middle

NOT WATCHING: Melrose Place - awful, Parks & Rec - unfunny, Community - stupid
KriZia said…
Currently TiVo-ing (which means watching):
Sunday - Three Rivers, Cold Case
Monday - House, HIMYM
Tuesday - The Forgotten, The Good Wife
Wednesday - Mercy, GLEE, CSI:NY
Thursday - Bones, FlashFoward, [Vampire Diaries online because I can only record 2 shows at once], Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice
Friday - Dollhouse

I have my hopes up for Dollhouse. And no, I don't need to hear how its pointless or that nobody else likes it. Frankly, I find it interesting and I don't care about anyone else's opinions at this point besides my own. And yes, I realized that makes me very conceited.

I also have my hopes up for Three Rivers, Cold Case and The Forgotten. I find them all interesting for the hour they air. They're not the most stellar shows, I know, but I find at least Three Rivers to be an ER replacement and The Forgotten to be a Without a Trace replacement (a show I loved...and then they canceled it).

The Good Wife is a show I watch whenever I have nothing else to see or just whenever I can get to it. I found the pilot amazing, but I just can't bring myself to keep up with it, for some reason. It's doing well without me, so that's good.

HIMYM is TiVo'd because I'm trying to get into it. I hear such great things and I love NPH, Aly Denisof and Cobie Smulders, but for some reason I keep putting off watching it. I guess I have too much on my plate.

House is...well, it's supposedly in its best season yet, but I feel like it's been going on for too long for me to love it like I once did. Like The Good Wife, I get to it when I can.

Mercy intrigues me, and somehow I always make sure I keep up with it. It's the lead actress...I have a huge crush and she's just stunning to look at for an hour. I do wish they'd move the story along though. We all know she's going to end up dumping her "fiancee" for the doctor she met while in Iraq. Get on with it already!

Ah, GLEE :) It just makes me smile. I listen to the music all day at work and I anticipate new episodes every week. Fox is the only thing that brings the show down - like when it replaces it with baseball. There was only one episode that didn't have enough oomph! for me, but I cannot wait for it to return on Nov. 11 with its Defying Gravity performance! :)

CSI:NY is just something I keep up with. I blame TNT for its re-runs of the show (that irritatingly take over Bones' TNT re-runs sometimes, which I love to watch) that got me hooked in the first place.

Thursday night are my busiest, and most fun of all (Wednesdays are second, but a far away second at best). I watch Bones live - no contest on that one. However, I itch in anticipation for FlashFoward, which is the first show I always watch once I'm done with my live viewings. I usually watch Fringe live as well, unless I'm busy with work or whatever and just want something playing in the background that I don't need to pay 100% to, which is when I watch Grey's Anatomy live instead. Private Practice is getting so good, but I fear the lag that will come once Amy Brenneman's character's interesting attack storyline comes to an end. And Vampire Diaries I have to catch online because I obviously can't record 3 shows simultaneously.

TiVo'd for the future is V, when it starts airing on Nov. 3 (next week!).

I'm also waiting for Day One to air, which was turned into a mini-series.

I used to watch The Beautiful Life. I saw the pilot of Modern Family before it aired and I did find it funny, but I'm not really into comedies on broadcast tv - they're usually too stupid-funny to interest me. I'm probably NEVER going to watch Community - that's definitely my definition of stupid-funny, and it will just irritate me.

I was never a Melrose Place girl in the first place and that's not going to change. I was going to watch Trauma, but it's lack-luster ratings and poor reviews from critics have led me to delete its season pass on my TiVo. And Parks and Recreation, as with 30 Rock and SNl, fall under the same category as Community for me.
Asta said…
I made a similar blog post this weekend. Actually, the topic was how White Collar saved my TV season. Before it's debut, I had nothing to look forward to - or fangirl - since the end of Battlestar Galactica and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'll just recap what I said there, here:

Castle - Nice, frothy entertainment.

House - Showing small signs of it's former glory, so I'm sticking with it for the time being.

The Office and 30 Rock - They continue to amuse, though they can be uneven.

FlashForward - Has not lived up to the hype and I'm close to giving up.

Glee - It continues to be a mixed bag. The musical numbers are great, but I'm not warming to the characters and I hate Terri.

Modern Family - Totally lived up the the hype. Laugh out load funny. Love it! (The only funnier series may be Flipping Out ;)

Stargate: Universe - I loved Stargate. This show is no Stargate. It's like BSG without strong writing, character development or great actors.
Maria Lokken said…
I've officially divorced Heroes, I think they lost their story line during the writer's strike and never got it back.

I have separated from Brothers & Sisters, it became too much of a soap opera.

Modern Family is clever, well written, and I'm going to continue the relationship.

Mad Men is my number one show, it's terrific television.
TxGowan said…
I'm still watching CougarTown, Modern Family, FlashForward, The Good Wife, Community, Glee & Eastwick.

I gave up on Accidentally On Purpose, The Middle, Mercy, & Trauma.

I didn't even try Vampire Diaries, Three Rivers or The Forgotten.

Looking forward to V.

Also, I can't imagine anyone calling 30 Rock "stupid-funny".
Unknown said…
Still watching: Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, 30 Rock, Glee, Modern Family, Community, Californication, Heroes, Eastwick, Daily Show and Dollhouse.

Wish I was still watching: TSCC, BSG.

Looking forward to: United States of Tara, True Blood, Spartacus, Caprica.

Not watching: Everything else.
offcolortv said…
Ask and you shall receive!

I obviously watch a lot of TV, but as far as new shows go, I'm completely in love with Community--I think it's hilarious but it's hard to make a case for it really because I think it just either appeals to people or doesn't.

I was a little late to the Modern Family and Glee parties, but I'm loving them both (as are many people, obviously).

I finally had to quit Heroes--it was just becoming a chore to watch and I hate Claire, and it's clear that she's the writers' fave. And I'm bummed about it too, because I love T-Bag and would've loved to have seem him on there, but he wasn't quite enough to pull me back from the ledge. And I do wish it hadn't come to this.
CoryB said…
Of the new shows I sampled most of them (ie watched at least part of one episode) and the only ones I am still watching are Good Wife and Flashforward.

In terms of returning shows I have basically dropped Heroes and Fringe. The plan is to rewatch the already aired episodes and catch up but it is just something I have trouble getting to. Of those I am most likely to pick Fringe back up.

Still watching these shows when they air new epiosdes: Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, HIMYM, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy and Dexter.

Lokking forward to the return of Party Down and Lost. Hoping for good things from the premiers of V and Human Target. Was looking forward to Day One but not sure if I will still bother now that it has been neutured into a mini-series.
Big Red said…
I'm surprised by the amount of good comedy on this season. 30 Rock is brilliant, of course, but I've also fallen in love with Modern Family. Not the most original concept but the show is hilarious! Community is pretty cute too and, while it doesn't make me laugh as hard as Modern Family, it's still amusing. Most surprising is Parks & Rec which, after a dismal beginning, is now one of my favorite new shows. I'm so glad the show has found its footing!
Unknown said…
Old shows I'm still watching: Big Bang Theory (really loving this season), Castle (good fun), and I'm looking forward to Friday Night Lights return this week.

New shows that have grabbed my attention: Glee, FlashForward, and Modern Family. Glee took awhile because I had trouble learning not to take it so seriously. I've been completely hooked since "Somebody to Love" though. Modern Family is such a refreshing comedy. FlashForward worries me since it reminds me of how I felt during season one of Heroes and we saw how that turned out, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Shows I've Given Up On: The Good Wife, Trauma, The Vampire Diaries. The Good Wife is good and I still put it on but I think I've just had enough with the procedural format to really fall in love with it. I was really looking forward to Trauma but that's been a big disappointment. The Vampire Diaries is great in theory, I guess, but something about the acting just doesn't do it for me. Mercy, Eastwick, ABC's other comedies, Melrose--those I never even really bothered watching after the first episode.
Melissa said…
Given up:
Good Wife

Sticking with
Modern Family

Our DVR is empty, a rarity for us.
Catherine in Hollywood said…
Here's my schedule
Monday - HEROES - hoping for it to get better it still has its moments.

Tuesday - NCIS, NCIS:lA (Not as good the original but I refuse to watch Dancing with the Stars). THE GOOD WIFE.

Wednesday: EASTWICK...intriqued by it for some reason.

Thursday: SURVIVOR, record FLASH FOWARD and FRINGE; GREY'S and the PRIVATE PRACTICE (Again both on the downslide, but don't like NBC or CBS' offerings).

Friday: GHOST WHISPERER, record SMALLVILLE, MEDIUM, RECORD SANCTUARY and STARGATE UNIVERSE...which I agree with other commentators, not a real STARGATE show....but I'll give it a season.

Sunday - AMAZING RACE, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and BROTHERS AND SISTERS....The last two are getting old, but what else is there to watch?


SO waiting for the last season of LOST.

Saw the pilot for V at Comic Con....sorry, kids, rehash of the original, but I'll still give it a view. But what does it say for ABC's faith in it IF they're showing a couple of episodes and then shelving it until after the Olympics which airs on NBC???? Hello ABC not everyone watches the Olympics 24.7!

Can't wait for EUREKA to return.....clever show...and will give WAREHOUSE 13 a second season of viewing when it returns.
rockauteur said…
I find it so hard to give up shows after watching them for so long... Maybe I'm fiercely loyal. I stayed with ER through its entire run, even though a few bad seasons, before the last couple reinvigorated it creatively. That may be unpopular to say, but the final season of ER was fantastic, reminiscent of its heyday. I gave up Amazing Race (repetitive after all these seasons) and Ugly Betty (horrible and boring) last season, and am happy to have done so. At this point, I'll return to Amazing Race if they do the celeb edition thats rumored, though I'm sure it will be as bad as the family edition.

My Schedule:

Sunday: Curb/Bored to Death (though I could easily give this one up), Desperate Housewives...

Monday: Greek (just about to wrap up for the season), Heroes (this season is a bit better than the last two, and I can't seem to shake it), Gossip Girl.

Tuesday: The Hills (barely watchable and about to give up), Sons of Anarchy. Was watching Shark Tank until that wrapped up. And will watch V.

Weds: Top Chef, Nip/Tuck (thank god its finishing up soon), Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Modern Family (best new comedy), Glee (hit or miss, but I'm still watching for now)

Thurs: Survivor (as good as ever), Fringe, Flash Forward (they better start moving the story along), 30 Rock

Friday: White Collar, Dollhouse (when its on). Was watching Psych until that wrapped for the fall.

Looking forward to return to Lost (thank god, answers!), 24 (maybe the final season), Chuck, and Southland (whenever that's on TNT).

It's shocking that the networks have been sticking to their shows this season - guess in a recession, better to air out their committments (i.e. ABC with Eastwick) than dump it before the end of the run. I think it will help keep viewers to other shows as well, when people see the networks actually have some faith in their shows.
Anonymous said…
Watching Glee, Modern Family, Cougar Town, White Collar, HIMYM, Big Bang, Chuck when it returns, Bored to Death, Mad Men, Always Sunny, The Office, and the oh so guilty and shame filled Vampire Diaries.

And FYI people you are supposed to hate Terry on Glee, that is the point of the character. You can't like every character or you won't have a very interesting show.
Anonymous said…
This is easily the blandest and most lackluster fall TV season I've ever encountered. The networks are terribly out of step with the innovative content turning up on cable. The only gem I've come across is "Community," thanks to its clever cast, bristling tone, total lack of generic TV glamor, and laugh track-free presentation.
dovepage said…
Watching: Bones, Lie to Me, Californication, Law & Order, Numbers, NCIS-LA, Castle

GIVEN UP: Flashforward, Glee, Cougar Town, Vampire Diaries

I sampled the new series but am going back to established well written returning shows.
Anonymous said…
New shows I like: Glee and White Collar. I'm still watching Modern Family, but not really hooked, despite the hype. Community is growing on me, but is not that great. Can't stand Parks and never warmed up to 30 Rock (I know, sue me). Shows I've given up on: Heroes (several seasons ago stopped watching), Ugly Betty (first season was good after that, forget it). HIMYM I only watch because of Neil Patrick Harris. If he wasn't on, I would not watch, it's not very good. Love The Big Bang Theory and can't wait for Chuck to come back.
ticknart said…
I have no DVR and only the most basic of basic cable (I'm cheap), so here's what I watch live:

Monday: How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory (I wish CBS'd put them back together as a comedy hour.)

Tuesday: Nothin'

Wednesday: Glee

Thursday: All of the NBC comedies, The Office is a mixed bag, but the rest are wonderful.

Friday: Dollhouse

Sunday: 60 Minutes

What I've stopped watching:
Modern Family, sorry but my enjoyment of singing and dancing and Jane Lynch wins. Maybe with the World Series I'll be able to catch up.

FlashForward, starting the pilot in the middle of the actual episode and then flashing back really bothered me and the second episode just bored me.

I'm very curious about V and hope it's really good and I'm excited for the return of Lost and Chuck and 24 this winter.
cory said…
Out of new shows I've been keeping up with Glee, The Vampire Diaries, and Eastwick. Out of returning shows I'm watching Dollhouse, Desperate Housewives (not sure why), The Office, Fringe, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural.

I like Modern Family, The Middle, Community, P&R, 30 Rock, The Forgotten, Bones, Medium, and several others that I plan to catch up with when I can.
Anonymous said…
Currently Watching:

Mondays - House, Heroes, Accidently on Purpose, Californication
Tuesdays - NCIS, NCIS LA, The Good Wife
Wednesdays- Dragons Den, L + O SVU
Thursdays - Bones, Vamp Diaries, Supernatural
Fridays - Ghost Whisperer
Sunday - Brothers and Sisters

Will be giving up on (if no improvement is show asap!)
Law and Order SVU, Heroes, Accidently on Purpose, Ghost Whisperer NCIS LA
OldDarth said…
Still watching: Fringe, NCIS, Castle, MadMen, SuperNatural, Big Bang Theory, Dexter

Dropped: Modern Family - rarely funny at all, Flash Forward - flat characters and stupid action sequences

Desperately waiting for: Lost and Chuck
Anonymous said…
Actively watching (first thing I check on my Tivo):

- Mad Men, House, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, Project Runway, Top Chef
- Glee, Modern Family, Good Wife

Second choice:

- Dollhouse, Lie to Me, Fringe, Heroes (I like the new carney folk), Office, Numb3rs

Guilty pleasures:

- Ghost Whisperer, Sanctuary, Castle, Smallville

On the bubble:

- Flash Forward, Community, Stargate Universe, Cougartown

Ready for:

- V, White Collar (based on recs here!)

Gave up on:

- Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Vampire Diaries (may get a second chance)
Mary said…
Friday - I'll start with Friday because I love White Collar - it is probably my favorite new show of the season. I watch Dollhouse and Stargate online over the weekend. I too am very disappointed in Not a Real Stargate.

Monday - Waiting for Chuck - my favorite. Also catch Castle - so great and Lie to Me. Castle and Lie to Me have both really improved this year. Based on other comments I may catch up on House but I dislike 13 so much I could not start watching again.

Tuesday - Always watch NCIS. LA is not as good but still watchable. The Good Wife is such excellent tv. The actors are great.

Wednesday - Glee. Dislike the wife intensely and the pregnancy plot. So stupid.

Thursday - Supernatural is fabulous this year and Fringe is so much better this year. FlashForward is slow but I am still on board. Bones if I have time.

Looking forward to the return of Legend of the Seeker and start of Life Unexpected, Parenthood (although I will miss Maura Tierney) and Human Target.
Page48 said…
Watching: "Fringe", "Dollhouse", "Stargate: Universe"

Waiting for: "V", return of "Burn Notice", "Chuck", "24" and "Lost"

Watched: "Warehouse 13"

Gave up on: "Flash Forward" in 3 eppies, "Defying Gravity" on opening night

Missing: "Alias"
kat said…
I think it is a good year for TV although I gave up on Heroes, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty.

New shows I added to my series recording: Modern Family, Flashforward, Glee and White Collar.

Shows I still love: SYTYCD, Big BangTheory, Castle, Fringe, Amazing Race, Top Chef, Project Runway, Psych

Shows on the bubble: Community, The Mentalist, Dollhouse, Numbers

I will give V a try but not sure if I will like it.

Shows I will watch when they come back on:
Better Off Ted, Lost, Breaking Bad, Damages, Chuck, Burn Notice, Saving Grace.
Unknown said…
Glee: Excellent.
Cougar Town: Funny.
Community: Witty writing.
Modern Family: Original writing.
The Big Bang Theory: Still funny and intellectual.
Secret Girlfriend: Surprisingly original and funny, but crude.

Heroes: Not as tight as it was, but still good.
Nip/Tuck: Not as good as it was.

Parks & Recreation: Good, but I could drop it.
The Office: I hope they tie it up soon so I can drop it.

Stargate Universe: Could drop.
FlashForward: The book was better. Could drop.

White Collar: Haven't seen pilot yet.
The Prisoner: Looking forward to it.
V: Looking forward to it.
par3182 said…
modern family - best new show
parks and recreation - unbelievably improved
glee - even though it suffers from early ugly betty/desperate housewives syndrome - stupid storylines and dodgy continuity made bearable by likable performances and sheer entertainment value (plus jane lynch is the breakout star of the season)

dropped after three episodes:
flashforward - didn't know enough about the characters to care about what happens to them in the future
community - didn't laugh once

dropped after one and a half episodes:
cougartown - truly awful
Tempest said…
Ok, I was just going to read everyone else's, but I feel I must join the party.

Monday: Heroes (what can I say, I like Jack Coleman); Lie to Me (Tim Roth); Castle (it's my Monday fun show)

Tuesday: The NCIS's and I sorta watch The Good Wife

Wednesday: reruns of Leverage on TNT and sometimes CSI:NY

Thursday (I watch some of these online later since I am DVR-less): FlashForward (I hold out hope); Fringe; Community (I teach, nuff said); Bones; and Private Practice sorta

Friday: Sanctuary; Dollhouse; Psych; White Collar

I don't think I tried anything I've given up on.

Looking forward to: V, Chuck (woo hoo!), Caprica, The Prisoner, Burn Notice, Leverage, and probably some others I'm not thinking of.
Unknown said…
I know with is long, but here is my Monday to Friday viewing schedule.

Monday: House, Heroes..still hoping it will get better or end soon, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother, Lie to Me. Tried to get in Accidentally on Purpose but could not do it. But my must watch show of Monday is Castle.

Tuesday: NCIS, NCIS:LA, and Son of show on television.

Wednesday: Gary Unmarried, The Middle, and Modern. They are some of the best sitcoms on TV. I tried to watch Hank for about five minuets before I had to turn it off and I gave it up and Cougar Town was just creepy after watching Courtney Cox do such good serious acting on Dirt. I love Glee, but it is over the top a lot. Glad Nip/Tuck is back. I also have to catch Top Chef on Wednesdays.

Thursdays: I have to watch Bones and Fringe. I hope Fringe gets renewed. I still like the original CSI and Grey's Anatomy. Digging FlashForward...for now. I want to see how the first season will end before I put to much faith in it. I can not forget about Its Always Sunny. As for NBC and their comedy block, I gave up anything good coming out of NBC since they canceled Kings.

Friday: It is ruled by USA with Monk and White Collar. USA really knows how to develop a quirky, smart show. Also I still love Numb3rs. I also will be watching Dollhouse till they drag it off the air.

All in all, I tried to watch most of new shows. Some are great like The Middle, Modern Family, and Bored to Death. Others like any of the crap on the CW (I'm a straight male in my mid 20s so I'm no way their target audience and the fact they canceled Reaper make me not care at all about that network) and NBC (the exception is that I did like Community's pilot, but I a can only handle the three other shows I've commited to during that time slot) are mostly garbage that I could care less about.

Also, to make this a complete article for Televisionary, I must mention that I am ready for a new season of Chuck until NBC manages to screw up and cancel it.
LB said…
I watch a lot of TV as it is, so I haven't picked up too many new shows.

My current schedule is as follows:
MON-How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Greek, Lie to Me, Gossip Girl
TUE-Sons of Anarchy
THURS-Fringe, The Office, FlashForward, Bones
SUN-Dexter, Mad Men

I will be giving V a shot I think.

I am close to giving up on Gossip Girl, as it's getting boring. It was never a ~good show, just a guilty pleasure, but it's losing my interest.

Very excited for the return of Lost and Friday Night Lights. May watch the new season of 24.
Amy said…
I'm watching a lot less television. The new shows I'm watching are Vampire Diaries and Flash Forward, nothing else has really caught my attnetion. Otherwise, I'm still watching Supernatural, Private Practice, and Gossip Girl.

Will definitely watch V really enjoyed the pilot at Comic con
Anonymous said…
I gave up on FlashForward. It became a boring melodrama and the visions weren't that interesting or mysterious. The lead characters are BORING (Joesph Fiennes and Sonya Wagner). John Cho has some spark, but it wasn't enough to keep me hooked. Even with an end date the show still feels like it's dragging it's feet and I'm waiting for these boring visions to come true.

For a show that ripped of Lost they should have paid closer attention to Lost. Also, marc Guggenheim was a bad pick to showrun. Note to execs -- it really does matter who you hire. You can't just stick a melodrama guy on a sci-fi/drama and expect it to work.
Anonymous said…
I also checked out Fringe, but it just made me curious about X-files and now I'm hooked on the vastly superior X-files. Gave up on the the rip-off called Fringe - which is too slow, too stand-alone, and needs to advance the story faster.
Anonymous said…
I'm hooked on Sons of Anarchy and Always Sunny in Philly this year. I just started watching them. Cable is where it's at!! Almost gave up on mad Men though... they keep repeating the storylines with Don and Betty's maritial problems and infidelity.
Antproof said…
I'm also trying to ration my time in front of the tube. Tried Glee and Community but no click there, Current schedule:

Mon: Castle (I'll watch anything with Nathan Fillion).
Wed. Eastwick (I'll watch anything with Paul Gross).
Thurs: Flash Forward (like others, I live in hope), Modern Family (just discovered this, think it hilarious, The Office/30 Rock, passed on them last season.
Fri. Stargate Universe, intrigued but not fascinated
Waiting for V, have White Collar recorded but so far unwatched. That's it. Clearly didn't give many new shows a chance but on the flip side I'm reading more
Friend Mouse said…
I just moved to another state and, since I have yet to find a job, am currently DVRless, which means that the only things I'm watching ON television are Heroes (hit or miss: more Samuel and Edgar, please), The Biggest Loser (guilty pleasure), Community (much funnier than I'd hoped) and The Office.

I'm watching Dollhouse, Flashforward and Glee on Hulu - and am adoring Glee. I'd like to see the last few Castle and House episodes that I've missed and, if the joblessness keeps up, I'll probably catch up with Fringe which I gave up on halfway through S1.
Anonymous said…
I'm anon from the top - LeAnn, I think both Without a Trace and The Forgotten are Bruckheimer vehicles, right? With a similar theme? I could be wrong about this but that's what I meant. Of the two, I really wish we still had Without A Trace to watch.

Since I'm in the mood to hate on some more anyone else giving up on Dexter lately? I just feel like they've dumbed it down SO much. I noticed a huge difference when they switched showrunners before Season 3. To me, the show hasn't been the same since and has lost a lot of its former edge and intelligence. I am still mourning it since it was so formerly great but I've finally given up watching.

Another thing I've noticed...the writing on Castle is getting better while the writing on The Mentalist is getting worse. How long can both fake detectives last I wonder? Seems like people like both. I am sort of meh on both but I like Castle more lately.

Also, while I still like Flash Forward, someone really needs to tell Joseph Fiennes to dial it down a notch. Or ten.

Mad Men continues to rock!
Meredith44 said…
New shows I'm enjoying...
Modern Family - I don't tend to watch comedies, but this one sucked me in. I've actually found myself laughing out loud when watching by myself, which rarely happens to me.

White Collar - Sure, it has only been one episode so far, but it was enjoyable, and fit the USA "formula" well enough that I think it'll be a keeper for me.

New shows I'm "eh" about...
Glee - love the musical numbers, hate the storylines that deal with the adults.

Flash Forward - don't really care about any of the characters, so having a hard time caring about the show.

Vampire Diaries - I like it well enough (especially Damon), but it hasn't fully captured me yet.

NCIS: LA - I want to give it a chance because I like the original, but I just cannot get into it.

New shows I've given up on...
the forgotten - bland and uninteresting.

Community - just didn't strike a chord with me. I really disliked the characters in the first episode and didn't care for the show overall.

Three Rivers - I love Alex O'L, but the show is pretty dull.

Stargate: Universe - I really wanted to like this to fill the BSG void, but I had to force myself to make it through the premiere episode.

Returning shows I'm really enjoying...
Castle - what's not to love? The characters and writing are excellent, and it is a fun, entertaining show.

NCIS - Tony is annoying me, but I like the rest of it for the most part this season.

Bones - I disliked the end of last season, but it has gone back to being good again, with the right mix of humor and drama.

Supernatural - the apocalypse story has really kicked the show into high gear again.

The Mentalist - pretty much just for Simon Baker.

Law & Order - I like the current cast's chemistry.

Returning shows I've given up on this year...
Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice - they just got to be too much for me and (with the exception of a couple of characters) not so much fun to watch.

SVU - the first few episodes were too over the top for me, so I bailed.
Beka said…
Dancing with the Stars!
So You Think You Can Dance!
The Biggest Loser!
Modern Family!
America's Next Top Model!
The Vampire Diares!
The Office!

The Beautiful Life
Cougar Town
Flash Forward
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
The CineManiac said…
I'm still watching way to much, but what can I say I love TV, but I'll leave it to new shows of this season.

Mondays - Accidentally on Purpose. It's prety awful, but it always makes my wife and I laugh so we're still watching.
Tuesdays - We gave up on Melrose after one episode, just didn't care enough to keep going.
Wed - Modern Family and Cougar Town are both hilarious, so we'll be with them until they get horrible or cancelled, so hopefully many years. Eastwick is being DVRed but we're several weeks behind.
Thursday - Missed a few eps of Community but will catch up online and stil DVRing the others, Loving Vampire Diaries, so much better than I had expected. FlashForward is still being watched, but there's just something a little off about it that I can't place my finger on.
Fridays - White Collar.

So far this season we've also cast off One Tree Hill, Ugly Betty, and Private Practice, mostly because we still had several episodes from last season we still had DVRed and hadn't watched and we just stopped caring about them.
Unknown said…
@Anonymous: Nope, still enjoying Dexter. Maybe it's not as complex as S1 or S2, but still enjoyable--a good mix of gripping and humor.

Also, of course, can't wait for Chuck.
girl said…
i'm watching all the same shows i've been watching for ages now: house (but i really hope it's REALLY the last season. if not i'm afraid they're gonna ruin a great show), the office (which is still hilarious!:D), castle (big fan:D), true blood (waiting for a new season!), lost (also waiting for it), gossip girl (pretty lame, but i like clothes:)), 90210 (better than gg by far, but still, i'm watching it only for the clothes), mad men (i don't quite follow if there will be 4th season of what).
i've given up on flashforward (too slow and complicated and boring), v (wth is THAT show!), i'd seen the pilot of the vampire diaries - ohh cmooon... sooo not a hit.

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