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Are You Still Watching The Event?

Last night marked the return (and revamp) of NBC's troubled sci-fi drama The Event, which viewers seemed to be fleeing in droves last fall.

While we await the overnight ratings for the return of The Event, I'm curious to know (A) whether you stuck around throughout the fall episodes, (B) if you tuned in last night for the series' return to the airwaves, (C) what you thought, and (D) whether you'll keep watching.

For the record, in case you were wondering, I gave up after the two-episode screener NBC sent out before the show launched, so I have no vested interest in The Event whatsoever.

I would, however, love to know just what viewers thought of last night's relaunch and whether it was enough--along with Virginia Madsen--to pique your interest enough to keep tuning in for the rest of the season. Honesty is always the best policy, so let me know just what you thought about The Event.

Talk back here.


iowa card said…
the show seems to have been revised quite a bit and requires less thinking by the audience. It seems have morphed into some sort of action/drama show. Far less mythology to ponder. I have watched the show from the beginning. Evidently audiences are no longer interested in shows that make them think a little bit unless they are produced by one of the Cable Networks. It is no wonder that many of the cable shows have gone to 13 episode seasons due to the attention span of the audience. I am also of the opinion that 13 episode seasons produce a crisper narrative and higher quality product (ok, off the soapbox now).

bottom line: yes I will keep watching. The question is now do I watch The Chicago Code or the Event as it airs or on DVR. Since I have been writing essays about The Event, I will most likely watch The Event as it airs and Chicago Code immediately afterwords.

Catch me on twitter as @iowa_card to discuss further if you wish;work is calling and I better earn my keep. ;)
shaxs said…
Still watching. I hope more people can get back into it now with the revamped format.
ranger99 said…
I thought the 2 hour episode was fantastic. Very gripping storyline and the plot advanced quite nicely!
Anonymous said…
After watching the garbage they came up now I'm out.
EEM said…
I told myself I wasn't going to watch because it was so annoying last season. But for some reason decided to watch it live (taped Chicago Code--love that show). To my surprise, it wasn't all that bad. Loved Virginia Madsen. She brings some credibility to the show. Liked the twist, where the president's chief of staff (I think--bald guy) gets a front row seat to the drama unfolding among the aliens (he called it a coup). Since Thomas didn't kill him (not sure why?) he'll go back to Washington with a more accurate perception of what's going on. So there's some interest and intrigue, which may keep me hooked for another season. We'll see.
Jason Linsel @linselj34 said…
I gave up around episode 4 or 5, I found the 1st episode fine, enough to keep going. I really wanted to like it but just found the show to be a bit of a mess, I didn't care about any characters or their problems.
I have heard better things about the new 'revamped' format, so if the small chance that they get a second season comes to fruition I think I'll try catch up over the summer, it crosses me as a show that would benefit from watching a few episodes at a time anyway.
wdavi said…
I also gave up watching after the 2 hour season premiere. I did watch the revised version, with a better opinion the before. I will watch again this week. I guess NBC finally realized that viewers, myself included,have grown weary of "Lost" type mystical/flashback/flashforward shows.
Gary Fuller said…
The writing on The Event has been terrible. The dialog that Virginia Madsen's character stated about the President playing poker and bluffing was just aweful. The show has gotten better but I don't understand why all NBC shows have to have the close up facial expressions of Blair Underwood and Laura Ines a la daytime television. Perhaps if Damon Lindelof would come in and write they could rescue the show.

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