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David Eick to Tackle "Bionic Woman" for NBC

Call it a hunch, but I'm guessing that, unlike Starbuck, this Bionic Woman will stay the same gender.

Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick is partnering with feature writer Laeta Kalogridis (James Cameron's Battle Angel) to develop a re-imagining of 1970s series The Bionic Woman (itself a spin-off of the Lee Majors-led The Six Million Dollar Man), in which Lindsay Wagner played cybernetic tennis pro/secret agent Jaime Sommers, for NBC. Eick will executive produce and Kalogridis will write the pilot for NBC Universal.

Like Eick's update of Battlestar Galactica, this re-imagining of The Bionic Woman will start from the ground up and will use the title merely as a jumping off point. Unlike the original series, which centered around the rise of terrorism in the 1970s, the new version will instead explore the complicated role of professional women in present day. Or as Eick told Variety, "It's using the idea of artificial technology as a metaphor for what contemporary women sometimes feel is necessary to do everything that needs to be done."

Details are being kept under wraps, but Eick says that with the huge technological achievements and innovations of the past thirty-odd years, viewers should expect some up-to-date tech for this new bionic woman... and possibly nanotechnology. (So it's the Six Billion Dollar Woman, then?)

As for Kalogridis, let's hope that The Bionic Woman is better than her last foray into the world of TV female superheroes... the WB's Birds of Prey. (Ouch.)


Sounds like an interesting idea. But when you mention "Bionic Woman" all I can think about it Bill from "Freaks and Geeks" dressing up as her for Halloween. Hopefully they'll get someone to play the lead.
Anonymous said…
I've only ever seen half an episode of TBW, but something tells me that Eick is the perfect guy for the job.
RodgBlog said…
Eick is the worst thing to happen to the Sci-Fi genre. he has singlehandedly ruined 2 of the greatest 70's Sci-Fi classics.

He ruined the "community" created by BSG and has reversed the diversity that marked the first show and now he has turned TBW into a soap opera.

Someone needs to stop him before he makes the Six Million Dollar Man gay!

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