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Logan Meets... Logan on "Veronica Mars"

Last night's episode of Veronica Mars ("Meet Charlie Stone") seemed much more back on target again, bringing us that tasty mix of humor, angst, and mystery that the series excels at. I absolutely adored the opening scene depicting an extremely awkward dinner between Veronica, Papa Keith, and Logan as each of them awkwardly tries to talk to one another without touching on any, well, touchy subjects. Which is hard to do when your daughter's boyfriend is the son of a notorious movie star-turned-murderer... and then turns down an offer from Larry King to appear with OJ's kids. What is a dad to think?

Logan, however, is in a bit of hot water with his inheritance quickly running out. At the rate he's going, he's got maybe 14 months worth of dosh left. Hmmm, think it could be because he sleeps in the penthouse suite at the Neptune Grand every night and is basically throwing his money away quicker than he can sign the checks? While I'd hate for this pretty rich boy to be knocked down a peg or two, I hear that the turnover at the Hearst College dorms is pretty high. Maybe he could room with Wallace and Piz? Now that would be a nasty fight waiting to happen.

Leave it to Veronica to follow the trail of the missing money "down the rabbit hole" and discover that charity Aaron's Kidz was really a shell company set up (and run by Aaron's accountant) to conceal yet another Ecchols kid: Charlie Stone. (Did anyone else think Keith gave up WAY too easily when he discovered the charity?) And Charlie Stone? Looks like he's none other than Gilmore Girls' resident rich boy Logan, Matt Czuchry. Or is he? I'm actually glad that Matt Czuchry didn't end up being Logan's real half-brother. It just seemed way too easy that they were related and instant buds: they were a little too perfect together, both loved to surf, etc. And nothing in the noir-tinged world of Neptune is ever easy. Is it just me, or did anyone else get the feeling that Logan had a little bit of a man crush on Fake Charlie? Maybe it was the way he said, "I'm sure she was," when Fake Charlie said his flight attendant mother was a real looker. Either way, my girlfriend and I couldn't help but giggle a bit during this scene. Poor Logan, he gets the brother he always dreamed about only to discover that he's actually a reporter for Vanity Fair looking for scoop... and his real brother is a rather nerdy high school teacher who wants nothing to do with him at all.

Just a brief aside: how hysterical was the throwaway line revealing that Logan's spacey sis Trina (that would be Alyson Hannigan) shot Nicole Ritchie with a BB gun? I couldn't help but roar with laughter over that mental image. Good times.

I really like Harmony (Laura San Giacomo) and Papa Keith together. Poor Harmony's ready to leave her distant husband and hires Keith to catch him in flagrante (heh), only to discover that while their marriage might be on the brink, he can't go through with an affair. And poor Keith has to be the one to tell her this, despite his feelings for Harmony. I loved the ease of their rapport and loved the fact that, when Veronica catches them chatting cosily, Harmony has kicked off her shoes (nice touch). Keith needs a lady friend, especially after things with Alicia fizzled last season and better Harmony than the Neptune High guidance counselor again... or Leanne Mars, for that matter. So, think we'll see Harmony again? Or was this a one-time connection thing for poor Keith?

Loved the scene of Dick Casablancas showing up at Veronica's house and just spreading on the charm. ("I've been to this complex before... I think we picked up our maid here once.") Dick wants to hire V. to clear the names of his frat brothers for the serial rapes plaguing the Hearst College campus. Veronica wants to gain unrestricted access to the frat, so it seems like it's a natural fit: get in the frat, poke around legitimately, and then nail the suckers to the wall. Only, as above, nothing is ever simple in Neptune (just ask Logan) and Veronica ends up discovering that none of the frat boys--while total pigs--were actually the rapist, which puts her at odds with victim Parker, who so clearly is itching for some biblical justice. But, hello!, remember Shelly Pomeroy's party? I've been waiting for Veronica to come clean to Parker about her own experience as a rape victim but I was glad that she didn't reveal that it was Mac's ex-boyfriend Cassidy (and Dick's brother) who actually raped her. Especially since Mac hasn't told Parker about what she went through last year.

Speaking of Mac, Tina Majorino is obviously off filming season two of HBO's fantastic Big Love, but I wish they hadn't even alluded to Mac's mysterious absence at all last week (especially since Parker didn't even appear) since they then proceeded to trot out the old dead great-aunt from Bakersfield cover story. (That old gem?) Meanwhile, Wallace did appear in last night's episode. Well, in one scene anyway. Which again wouldn't have been as noticeable had it not been for his conspicuous absence last week. (Hello!) And, yes, I get the whole notion of rotating casts, yada, yada, yada, but still, considering we just started the college experience, I would have imagined that we would have seen a little bit more of the Neptune gang and the newbies (can you even remember what Piz looks like anymore?) in the first few episodes of this season.

Meanwhile, Veronica's snooping turns up a rather feisty convenience store worker who says that he saw the last victim, Julie, at his store the night of her rape and she could barely stand up. She was with some guy who was trying to buy condoms but didn't have enough cash... and it was a $15 minimum for credit cards. So the gleefully colorful proprietor (happy that there wouldn't be any bastard children of these two morons roaming about), sent him next store to use the ATM. ATMs have, fortunately, ATM cameras and Veronica is able to get a picture of the guy with Julie that night. And it's not anyone we know. In fact, it's some Asian guy who is clearly not the same Asian guy in the frat. Back to square one, then. But shouldn't Veronica have, you know, showed Parker the picture of the guy to see if she recognized him? I'm just saying...

The bruising on the frat guys' hands comes from the fact that some women's rights protesters decided to dress up as rats at the frat's haunted house party and put rat traps all over their bodies when they went into the so-called "boo room," which was really just an excuse to cop a feel off of all of the unsuspecting women. But, as Joy might say, "Snap!" Rat traps activated, the boys get busted, and Dick gets seriously angry. Veronica wonders if a propensity for rape runs in families; after all Dick is Cassidy's brother and what exactly was he so upset about the night he came to Logan's suite crying and saying that he really messed up? Curious. But I am also more curious as to why the fratties were having a Halloween party the week before when the previews for next week make it abundantly clear that it's Halloween still. Or... again. Huh.

I loved the closing scene with poor Logan trying to call the Real Charlie over and over again but not being able to connect with him. The scene could have played out completely differently on another series, with the phone ringing at the end, bringing the promise of happiness for Logan. But this isn't one of those shows and the producers (and co-writer Diane Ruggiero) wisely leave him hanging on the telephone, before getting up and walking out to the balcony, very much alone, and then holding on the phone for quite some time. It was a very somber, beautiful scene that underpinned the entire nature of Logan's quest for family and belonging. And yet the poor guy still ended up all on his lonesome.

Next week on Veronica Mars ("President Evil"): it's strangely Halloween again (or still is) as the underground campus casino is robbed, Veronica searches for Logan (hmmm, coincidence?), and Dean O'Dell hires Papa Keith to track down the biological father of his wife's son.

What's On Tonight

8 pm: Jericho (CBS); 30 Rock/Twenty Good Years (NBC); America's Next Top Model (CW); Dancing with the Stars (ABC); Desire (MyNet)

9 pm: Criminal Minds (CBS); The Biggest Loser (NBC); One Tree Hill (CW); Lost (ABC); Fashion House (MyNet)

10 pm: CSI: New York (CBS); Dateline (NBC); The Nine (ABC)

What I'll Be Watching

8 pm: 30 Rock.

On tonight's episode ("Blind Date"), Liz gets set up on a blind date with Jack's friend, while Jack uses the opportunity to crash the writers' weekly poker game. He's a crafty one, that Jack.

8 pm: America's Next Top Model.

Okay, I'll admit it: I've gotten hooked on this cycle of ANTM. On tonight's episode ("The Girl Who Graduates"), the models find themselves struggling when tasked with getting in touch with their sexy side by a burlesque icon, Fabio makes a, er, rare photo shoot appearance, and Tyra herself gets involved in the action when she gets behind the camera for an impromptu and
"scary" photo shoot. Um, I was scared when I read Fabio was appearing...

9 pm: Lost.

Thank God it's Wednesday! On tonight's episode ("Every Man For Himself"), Jack is forced to save the live of one of the Others (let me guess: Colleen?), the Others torture Sawyer, and Kate is forced to admit that she does love "him," but is she talking about Sawyer or Jack? Find out tonight.

10 pm: Top Chef on Bravo.

It's the second season of Bravo's culinary competition Top Chef. On tonight's episode ("Eastern Promise"), the contestants are asked to prepare sushi for guest judges Ming Tsai and Katana's Hiroshi Shima. (For a sneak peek of images from the episode, click here.)


Anonymous said…
Oh, DUH, good call on why Mac's been gone. I was wondering why they made such a big deal about Tina being a series regular only to disappear her after a couple episodes. Those selfish polygamists, stealing our Mac away!

I really liked last nights episode, although my ears are still ringing with the imagined screams of thousands of squeeing fangirls as a result of the Logan on Logan action.
Anonymous said…
Loved last night's ep. But come on, the convenience store guy was (unexpectedly) the funniest part.

It was a little unclear on the part about Logan, his real half brother and Larry King Live, but I agree that his true feelings about family, etc. came through at the end...
Anonymous said…
MUCH better episode last night. Really enjoyed it.

That in flagrante line killed me.

Bring Mac back.

I don't have much to say, since I pretty much agree w/everything you wrote, especially, "But shouldn't Veronica have, you know, showed Parker the picture of the guy to see if she recognized him? I'm just saying..."

Yeah, I was kind of scratching my head at that - didn't make a lot of sense. I also kinda wish V had been more forceful w/Parker in making it clear she was NOT really working for the frat.
Loved last night's episode. Is it just me or are Veronica and Logan the new Nick and Nora? Their zippy, flirty dialogue is unparalleled (except, perhaps, in earlier seasons of Gilmore Girls). But I definitely agree that Logan had a man crush on Fake Charlie. And weren't they just so cute together?

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