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Channel Surfing: Sword of Damocles Dangles Over "Pushing Daisies," Hilary Duff Heads to NBC, and More

Welcome to your Friday morning television briefing. I am still laughing after last night's episode of 30 Rock and, while I did love the interaction between Andy and Oscar in Canada, was less than impressed once again with The Office. (Sorry, Brent!)

The TV-related headlines are pretty sparse today, so I'll be brief. Everyone is, of course, talking about whether or not Pushing Daisies will get canceled today. I've heard from numerous sources that ABC is going to opt not to renew the series past its initial 13-episode commitment. Having the Sword of Damocles hanging over Daisies' head like this for so long is making me a bit woozy, if I'm honest. I also wish that ABC had decided to air Pushing Daisies during the first two weeks of sweeps before making a decision about its fate, but that's just me.

Production wrapped last night on the thirteen episodes currently slated for Daisies' second season and THR reports that no decision has yet been made (or formally announced anyway). "Our ABC exec was on the set last night saying they are still swinging in the fight to keep Daisies on the air," said creator Bryan Fuller. "Spirits are high and hopeful and everyone here is very proud of our work and this show." While hopes are flagging that ABC will come to their senses, I won't quite give up hope until the fat lady sings. (Or in this case, tiny little Kristin Chenoweth.) (Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, TV Week)

Despite being fired last week, Heroes co-executive producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb will still appear at tomorrow's Screenwriting Expo... but executive producer/creator Tim Kring has dropped out of the show, in order to keep the panel's focus on Heroes' writing rather than on recent events. "It's a chance for Jesse and Jeph to tout their incredible participation and involvement and responsibility for the first three seasons of Heroes," said Kring, "without me pulling the focus from that, given the course of recent events." Regardless, look for that Entertainment Weekly cover story to be a topic of conversation. (Variety)

Hilary Duff has signed a one-year talent and development deal with NBC, under which she will star in a new series for the network and will guest star in current NBC series. The Duff series will be produced by Universal Media Studios and the actress will begin meeting with writers and execs to determine the right project. (Variety)

New York Times' Alessandra Stanley has a glowing review of Saturday night's HBO comedy special Ricky Gervais: Out of England. According to the dek, "Onstage, Ricky Gervais blends the slimy self-delusion of David Brent, his character on the original version of The Office, with the aggrieved hostility he perfected in Extras on HBO." I'll be watching for sure. Will you? (New York Times)

Marvel Animation is developing 26 half-hour animated episodes based on its Thor franchise to launch in Fall 2010, just after the release of Marvel's live-action Thor feature. The studio is already in production on animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes for a 2011 launch in order to tie in with the releases of features The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers. (Hollywood Reporter)

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Pushing Daisies is (probably) going to be canceled by Hilary Duff is getting her own show? Good grief.
Tonya Ricucci said…
please please please, ABC, please renew Pushing Daisies.

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