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Talk Back: "Skins" Season Finale

I don't know about you but I am going to miss the cast of Skins.

You've already read my advance review for the second season finale of Skins, which sees the departure of the entire cast, save Tony's little sister Effy and her friend Pandora, as Season Three will feature new characters, rather than our faves as they embark on new adventures. (And if you haven't read my review, do so now.)

Sniffle, sniffle.

But I am curious what you thought of last night's heartbreaking season finale of Skins. Did you get choked up when Tony finally told Sid that he loved him best and sobbed as the revolving door came back around empty? Did you cheer when Anwar accepted Maxxie's invitation to go to London and turned his back on manipulative and sociopathic opportunist Sketch? Did you realize just how much you loved Jal when she gave a gut-wrenching speech at Chris' funeral? And cheer when those fireworks went off?

Talk back here.

Skins launches its third season in the UK in 2009. Stay tuned for news about a US launch date as soon as I get word from BBC America.


Anonymous said…
I'm still crying over the finale. I am gonna miss Tony and Sid especially and the scene with them at the airport made me sob out loud, something that's a little embarassing as I'm not a teenager!
Anonymous said…
There were so many incredible and incredibly touching moments in the finale - Jal and Michelle in the duvet...Jal's "eulogy" at Chris' funeral...Maxie inviting Anwar to London. But the best moment of all was between Tony and Sid as Sid left to go find Cassie. Their relationship has been one of the most honest friendships ever portrayed on television and it was truly gut-wrenching to see Tony (for once!) be emotional and show that he truly does care about his friend.

I am looking forward to Effy's adventures but I will miss this wonderful cast of characters!
Mazza said…
LOVED the finale for all the reasons you mentioned in your orig. review. I agree with Hadley that the scene with Michelle and Jal under the duvet was amazing, as was her taking Jal to the zoo so she could show her where she first met Chris. It's small moments like that that prove just how amazing this show is. I wish that even adult dramas could have the emotional complexity of Skins. Effy's great but I am gonna miss everyone.
Jen said…
Just watched, oh my gawd, I can't believe we won't see them any more! This was a pitch-perfect ending that I wish was 2hrs long just because there is so much more to see. Like, does Sid find Cassie? What happens to Tony and Michelle? I want to see the antics of Anwar and Maxxie (and bf) living in London. And Jal! We saw very little of her for much of the series and then she just became a powerhouse at the end show. Effy is fine and dandy but I've grown to love the original gang and want to learn more about them.
Anonymous said…
@jen: I totally agree. If you watch the first season, Jal seems to be barely in it except for that one episode about her and her dad. But by the end she became one of my fave characters. I'm sad to see them all go. I guess Tony and Michelle went their separate ways in the end. And I guess Sid will find Cassie as he always does. But i wish we could all of it.
Anonymous said…
i'll miss the whole cast so muchh!! especially sid!! i wanna hear more about these people's stories...not so interested in effy...=]

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