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UK Lost Alert: Watch the Lost Series Finale on Sky1HD Monday with West Coast US Simulcast

UK viewers of Lost, you're in luck: you'll be able to catch the two-and-half hour series finale of Lost at the same time it airs on the West Coast of the US.

Sky1HD will be presenting the series finale of Lost ("The End") at 5 am GMT, as it is transmitted at 9 pm Pacific Time of the West Coast of the United States.

"We are proud of the fact that at Sky 1HD we have a long tradition of running all of our US shows as close as possible to their US TX date," said Stuart Murphy, Director of Programmes, Sky1 HD, Sky1, 2 and 3, in a statement. "With something as hotly anticipated as the LOST finale it makes sense to show it at exactly the same time as millions across America will see it."

Given how high anticipation is for the series finale of Lost--and the fact that it will likely go down as the most illegally downloaded episode of a series ever, I have to give Sky1 and Murphy credit for offering UK viewers a legitmate and legal way of watching the historic series finale at the same time as US viewers... and not later in the week during Lost's usual timeslot on Fridays.

Well done, Sky1.

The full press release from Sky1 can be found below.


LOST reaches its ultimate conclusion with a thrilling two and a half hour finale simulcasting with the US West Coast broadcast on Monday 24 May at 5am, Sky1 HD and Sky1

On Monday 24 May, after six monumental seasons and 121 captivating episodes, the series that has provoked more theories, debates and analysis than any other, will reach its final hours on Sky 1 HD and Sky 1. Along with fans in six other countries outside of the US (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Canada), UK viewers will be able to enjoy the world premiere of LOST’s thrilling conclusion as Sky1 HD air a live simulcast of the US transmission. The double bill finale, aptly entitled The End, will bring to a close the many unanswered mysteries that show producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have teased viewers with since 2004.

Stuart Murphy, Director of Programmes, Sky1 HD, Sky1, 2 and 3 commented: "We are proud of the fact that at Sky 1HD we have a long tradition of running all of our US shows as close as possible to their US TX date. With something as hotly anticipated as the LOST finale it makes sense to show it at exactly the same time as millions across America will see it.”

Since its launch, LOST has established itself among audiences as a ground-breaking television series that has defined a genre. It has succeeded in the almighty task of giving sci-fi universal appeal; placing ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. Still holding the title of the most expensive television pilot in history, LOST immediately captivated both audiences around the world and critics alike. It has since picked up a raft of awards including an Emmy® for Outstanding Drama Series, a Golden Globe® for Best Television Series (Drama), and Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild Awards.

In 2007, Lindelof and Cuse made the bold decision to announce that LOST would comprise six seasons in total and reach its conclusion in 2010, allowing them to map out exactly how the series would unfold over the final two seasons, whilst also providing dedicated viewers with an endgame.

The sixth season, which debuted on Sky1 HD in February 2010, has answered many long-standing questions posed back in the early days of the show. In perhaps one of the most revealing scenes so far, Jacob (Mark Pelligrino) used the metaphor of a wine bottle to explain the importance of the Island, the true nature of the Man in Black and how and why he must be prevented from fulfilling his wish of escaping. “Think of this wine as… Hell… malevolence, evil, darkness, and here it is – swirling around in the bottle unable to get out, because if it did, it would spread. The cork, is this island, and it’s the only thing keeping the darkness where it belongs.” Now with the Man in Black taking on the form of the deceased Locke (Terry O’Quinn), the final episodes are building towards his potential escape. But will Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) or Jacob’s yet-to-be-decided successor, be able to stop him?

Executive producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recently put the finishing touches on the final script, and explained that answers to the mysteries will continue to unravel. Cuse commented: “It was very profound for us, as we had written a cryptic scene, and we thought, no, these characters are actually at the place where they can have a discussion about what is going on here. It was very weird to take these closely held secrets and actually put them in the scene. It was very liberating and exciting.”

The final season has also introduced the concept of flash-sideways, portraying two parallel universes. The scenes on the island depict a universe where the bomb failed to detonate and the survivors remained, whereas the flash-sideways show a world where Oceanic 815 landed and the passengers never ended up living together. However, destiny appears to be drawing them together regardless as their lives end up colliding despite the reversal of history. Indeed, following a recent meeting with Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) starts to feel as if he has led another life before and plans to ‘awaken’ the other passengers on Oceanic 815 – starting with crashing his car into Locke as he crosses the road.

On Monday 24 May at 5am, catch the live simulcast of LOST: The End, a two and a half hour unmissable landmark event in television history. The finale will then be repeated on Tuesday 25 May at 9pm.

On Friday 28 May at 7pm, Sky1 HD and Sky1 will kick off an evening celebrating LOST with a two hour US special entitled LOST: THE FINAL JOURNEY. The documentary will take a retrospective look at the past six seasons of the series and delve into what has transpired during the current season as a primer leading into the finale.

At 9pm, it’s time for another chance to catch LOST: The End, and at 11.30pm, fans need not despair as two of Sky1 HD’s specials, THE END IS NIGH and TOP 10 GREATEST SCENES will follow.


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