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Is Anyone Else Watching HBO's "Flight of the Conchords"?

Hiphopapotamus? Rhymenocerous? Do these names ring a bell?

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who's hooked on HBO's newest surreal comedy masterpiece, The Flight of the Conchords. I'm a little surprised that no one seems to be talking about this quirky, compelling, and hysterical series that, like Lost, rewards repeat viewing again and again. Okay, so there aren't any smoke monsters or cursed numbers or anything, but there are hilarious musical numbers that you might miss because you're laughing so damn hard.

This week's installment of Flight of the Conchords ("Mugged") was no exception as I found myself choking on my laughter (not an easy feat, mind you). Worried that Bret and Jemaine will get lost or injured during their tenure in Manhattan, band manager/New Zealand consul Murray gives the boys some tools to help them navigate their way--reflective belts, fold-out maps, I Heart NYC gear--and, er, blend in. Sure enough, the guys are mugged in an alley and the thugs take Jemaine's homemade camera-phone (courtesy of Bret) and their bikes. The Conchords run, the thugs in pursuit, only Jemaine gets his corduroy sleeve caught on the fence they're climbing over... and Bret leaves him there ("I'm too scared!") to fend for himself.

What follows is a hysterical meditation on trust and betrayal as Bret finally tells Murray (two days later) what happened to Jemaine, who is in fact stewing in a jail cell alongside his mugger (who was also left behind by his partner). Some rewind moments: Dave pouring out some of his forty for the possibly-dead Jemaine; the "Hiphopapotamus" rap number (see below), which includes lyrics like "There ain't no party like my Nana's tea party"; the awful impression of Jemaine that the policewoman gives (before Dave asks if she's bringing up the body); and, of course, Mel's description of what she'd do to Jemaine if she was a convict.

What other series would have Jemaine bond with his attacker in a jail cell, only to learn that the mugger hasn't actually killed anyone? Well, other than a monkey, that is. A monkey that once belonged to his best friend and fellow mugging accomplice. (I told you this series was surreal.)

If it's subtle and wicked humor you're after, look no further than Flight of the Conchords, which over the last three episodes has managed to make me laugh more this summer than any other television series. Lastly, if that's not incentive enough for you to tune in to this utterly unique and uproarious series, I'll be even more blunt: if you're looking for a comedy replacement until 30 Rock returns this fall, it would be this series.

You'll thank me--and Hiphopapotamus--in the morning.

Next time on Flight of the Conchords ("Yoko"): Murray is upset when Bret cancels a band tour of building rotundas to instead be with new girlfriend Coco. But when Jemaine starts tagging along on Bret and Coco's dates, everything falls apart.


Anonymous said…
Actually, I just wanna thank you. Your post shortly before the season premiere when you also posted a clip for that Robot song was the only reason I started watching this show. And now I'm so glad because it's really starting to grow on me. The first two episodes were funny but I wasn't really sure whether I really liked it or not. But the latest episode was absolutely hysterical and I'm really looking forward to the next ones. Do you know how many episodes there will be? Anyway, thank you again, cause I don't know if I would even watch the show if it wasn't for your comment. I cannot thank you enough ;)
Eric said…
Can I be Mel's groupie?
mook said…
It was actually a Snapple bottle from which he poured out the little bit for the "dead" Jermaine...which made it even funnier.

Also, one of those small hilarious details that this show does so well. When the three of them go to pick up Jermaine at the prison, the manager guy has a paintball stain on his back seen only for a second. It's not shown but inferred that at some point the 3 of them got bored and started pelting Murray with paintballs.
Anonymous said…
I haven't watched ep 3 yet, but so far I am still undecided. I liked ep 2 better than ep 1, but I am not sold...yet.

But meanwhile, inexplicably, John From Cincinnati is getting better every week.
Anonymous said…
Ally trust me, if JFC is growing on you (which I hoped it would), I know FOTC will grow on you. The whole next day I just kept walking around singing "I'm the motherflippin"
Bill said…
The song about how we're using slave labor to make sneakers cheaper, but the sneakers seem more expensive is what killed me. Not to say that the motherflippin' rhymenocerous wasn't also great...
Matt said…
I saw their Comedy Central special about a week ago and then through some cosmic luck, I saw their HBO show later that same night. So far I'm sold on it, but my favorite song is the one I saw on their CC special called "Business Time." Awww yeah. Check it out on youtube at
Anonymous said…
I'm the motherflippin' lover of this show! The "mugged" episode was the best so far. I've seen these guys live twice and they were brilliant. I'm glad that their series is equally as brilliant!
Anonymous said…
This show is AMAZING!
Anonymous said…
This is by far my favorite new show of the summer and I hope more people jump on the bandwagon.

After losing The Sopranos and attempting to watch John from Cincinnati, I have renewed hope for HBO thanks to Flight of the Conchords.
Anonymous said…
Eric: You'll have to get in line behind me. I want to be Mel's groupie too!

Jace: I definitely would not have watched FoTC had it not been for the advance review of the pilot you did. Thanks for always sharing your opinions and for steering us to new and exciting shows!
Anonymous said…
I'm hooked, too! These guys are hilarious! And all the little nuances just push it over the top. Damn, do I now wish I had saved the premiere on my TIVO! ARGGH!

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