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"Chuck": What Are Your Hopes for Season Three?

I've gotten some lovely emails, tweets, messages, and comments from Chuck-starved viewers who were overjoyed to see the lovely Yvonne Strahovski turn up on their computer monitors yesterday via the video interview I did with her on set a few weeks back.

While Season Three is still a ways off (who knows when for sure), I thought I'd take this opportunity not to rehash rumors or spin some spoilers but find out what you, the viewers, want to see in Season Three of Chuck.

So take this opportunity to offer up some predictions (no spoilers!) or creative suggestions for the upcoming storylines, romantic permutations, and diabolical scenarios facing our favorite spies next year.

Any and all thoughts encouraged as we keep up our vigil for new episodes of Chuck...


Steven Hales said…
Being in fear of S3 being the last :S I would like to see Chuck and Sarah get together, preferably married!

Casey to get a boyfriend.

Chuck to come to London on a mission would actually be amazing.

Chuck vs James Bond!

Ellie and Captain Awesome have bigger roles, they are great!

More musical amazement from Jeffster!
MM said…
After last year's Super Bowl promotion where the cast was singing & dancing, I've wanted a musical episode. But, now with Glee, it would look like a rip-off, I'm afraid.

So, instead, I'm thinking of a foreign mission of some sort would be fun.

Oh, and somehow more Bryce Larkin. I think I'm the only Chuck die-hard fan who actually likes Bryce.
Unknown said…
I'd like to see whatever gets us a quality season 4.
OldDarth said…
1) Role Reversal - or as you called it the push/pull of Chuck and Sarah.

Hoping to see Chuck become a more proficient spy. Hope to Sarah open up more emotionally.

2) That the 13 Episode arc runs unchanged due to the additional episode order.

3) Treat the 6 additional episodes as a 3.5 mini-season and have Team B. go abroad on an international mission.
Anonymous said…
I go along with OldDarth. Instead though the additional 6 could involve some Papa and Mama Bartowski reunion with more Ellie involvement
Mike said…
Chuck by far is the best show on TV and thanks for the opportunity Jace to talk about season 3. I am looking forward to quite a few things (in no particular order):

• More Jeffster! for sure, how funny would it be for them to be recruited by Team Bartowski to help them with something. Comic genius!
• The potential butting of heads between Casey and Shaw. I wonder how Sugar Bear is going to feel about the new man on the team.
• Captain Awesome involved in the spy world. He’s only going to make missions, well, more Awesome! (pun intended)
• Big Mike and Morgan taking back control of the Buymoria.
• I would love to see Anna brought into the spy world.
• Hopefully a run in with Harry Tang while Morgan and Anna are in Hawaii.
• Finding out just exactly what The Ring’s purpose is and how they differ from Fulcrum.
• Intersect 2.0 and how Chuck handle’s being “Neo” in a sense.
• Chuck and Devon’s struggles with keeping Ellie shielded from the spy world.
• Hoping for more Scott Bakula (Orion), John Laroquette (Roan Montgomery), Mini Anden (Carina), Gary Cole (Jack Burton), Jordana Brewster (Jill Roberts), and pretty, pretty please…..more Matt Bomer (Bryce Larkin), I mean come on, the dude can’t really be dead, right?
• Would somebody please get the fabulous Ali Adler a cameo!!!! She’s an absolute rock star for this show having written some of the best episodes of the series, and although all the love for Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz is well deserved, Ali needs to be given huge props for all she does. (FYI all you “Charah” shippers, you have no greater ally then Ms. Adler)
• Chuck and Sarah to organically embrace that “love” as Yvonne was talking about, and the emotional and heartfelt continuous journey they are taking to get there. They are hands down the best TV couple on the air right now.
• Beckman in action! It was great to see her get out from behind the desk last season in “Chuck vs. The Predator” and I look forward to more of her presence with Team Bartowski this season.

And last, but not least, a season 4 pick-up announcement next summer! Season 3 is going to be one heck of fun ride and I can’t frakkin’ wait!!!!
Remy said…
More Scott Bakula. I thought bringing him in added a great dynamic to the show.

I'm not sure there's anything else in particular I'd like to see. I know they're going to keep adding obstacles to Chuck and Sarah's relationship, but I'm tired of the rotating couplings that only last 2 or 3 episodes. Bring in someone for longer, make them actually a threat to the couple.

I'm excited to see what the story is behind The Ring and what their relationship is to Fulcrum and the rest of the government organizations. Also ready to see the role Awesome plays, now that someone in Chuck's inner circle finally knows the truth (or some version of it). Hopefully it'll keep Ellie from worrying so much. And I'd like to continue to see more back story from Sarah and Casey. Those are always some interesting episodes.

But more than anything - just bring the show back asap.
Unknown said…
I want a season of Thrilling episodes, and since it is Season Three, Triple the amazingness of the last 2 seasons
Anonymous said…
I'd honestly like to see a kind of transition for Chuck sort of like Jamie lee Curtis in True Lies.

I agree with the whole bringing in more family members to flesh out the leads.I also think these should be the role reversal aspect to it.A lot of the content and info I've read hinted at there being a few new obstacles and people brought in to shake up Chuck and Sarah's relationship,but why not make Sarah the "damsel in distress" and have Chuck to the be the one that comes in guns blazing and save her?

Oh and some may not agree but I think Bryce should return,and he should be teamed with Chuck (come on I may not be a Trekkie but I really liked the talking in Klingon back and forth at the end of Nemesis!)
Ellie Bartowski said…
I really enjoyed the Orion/Chuck's dad arc, so I hope they bring back Chuck's mother for a similar multi-episode story arc. It would be very interesting if Chuck's mother was a CIA agent and his father's handler to begin with.

I would also like to see more serialized storylines, and not so much romance/love triangles. Sometimes the soap opera storylines are too boring for me.

I would not mind to see more of Sarah's father, perhaps as a prisoner of the Ring to force Sarah to cooperate.

Finally, is it possible to bring back Harry Tang as an ally for Chuck? He believes Chuck is a spy.

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