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Talk Back: What Did You Think of NBC's The Event, FOX's Lone Star, and CBS' Hawaii Five-0?

Ding ding.

That sound you hear was the official start of fall premiere week last night as the networks took the wraps off of their new lineups and brought the launches of several new shows to the public last night.

In the battle of the 9 pm dramas, NBC's tepid The Event overtook FOX's more original Lone Star in an outcome that should surprise no one.

While I wrote about both The Event and Lone Star yesterday (and have been talking about them since last May on Twitter), I'm curious to see what you thought of the new series that launched last night.

Which of the handful of new dramas and comedy Mike & Molly did you tune in for? What did you think of the plot, the characters, the dialogue, and the inherent promise of each?

And, most importantly, which of the series will you come back and watch again next week?

Talk back here.


Sue said…
I watched Hawaii 5-0 and actually borderline loved it. I say borderline because there wasn't enough of Grace Park's character in the pilot for me to either love or hate her. But the rest of the cast worked well for me. I will definitely be tuning in again next week.

I tuned into Mike & Molly specifically for Melissa McCarthy. I loved her in Samantha Who (so bummed that got cancelled) and The Back-Up Plan. Yes, it was a bit over indulgent with the fat jokes, but that was to be expected. And, Reno Wilson stole every scene he was in. I'll probably give this one a chance to see what they do with it.

Lone Star was DVR'd. I have to admit it wasn't one that I would've picked to watch, but many critics and bloggers have been giving it positive feedback so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Jason said…
I'm putting several shows off until summer repeats (if they survive). Lone Star is one of them. Not because I don't think it could be an interesting show, just that I have too much to watch already this fall. I'm going to watch The Event this evening. From everything I've read, and from my gut feeling having seen the trailer, my expectations are low. Hawaii Five-0 was ok. I'll watch a few more episodes to see if my being a fan of Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim are enough to get me through.
My mom watched the Event and I watched Lone Star, and we reported on each. She thought the event was mildly entertainment, but said she would turn it off it they "go all "V" on me." She's worried about aliens.

I thought Lone Star was about nine hours long and boring. When I watch a good show, I usually worry that time is running out. This one, I was ready to cry and it was only 9:35 when I checked the clock. I don't know if I will watch it again. It was boring as all get out.

Hawaii 5-0 was a whole lot of fun. They did a great job setting up the team. It wasn't the best show I've ever seen, but it was a fun hour. I will be watching again for sure.
ecuamerican said…
I only watched Lone Star and was superbly underwhelmed by it, especially with high praise as "one of the best shows" (maybe it is a sign of an overall weak fall schedule). I think the show has great potential but the sappy music and too many "I love you" moments made it too sugary for what seemed to be a great premise. What I would have liked to seen was a more stylized narrative that brings the viewer closer to profession of the con. As Mr. James "Sawyer" Ford showed us, it can be a pretty intense and fun profession, which is something that we haven't seen among the thousands of medical, police and legal dramas.

Again, it has great potential. Jon Voight is a domineering presence (you just don't know when he'll explode "... as Roy found out. May he rest in peace.") and a couple of the 6 story threads seem interesting. I even enjoyed the (somewhat sappy) anomalous convenience store scene.

I want to believe it'll get better but with the basic "I want my daddy to love me" motivations, I don't see too much hope.
Page48 said…
Even 2 former members of Wolfram & Hart weren't enough to keep me awake during H50.
Steve said…
I watched The Event and hated it. I thought the idea of jumping back in time(13 months, 3 months 7days, 23 minutes whatever), was way over-done. It was annoying. I understand not all stories need to be or even should be told in a linear fashion, however, too much is too much. Also, this looks like it is about alien visitors in some new Alaskan Area 51. I don't think I will be watching this one again.
Anonymous said…
I so agree with Steve about The Event, I was so irritated by the constant jumping back to previous times, I couldn't believe how much they did it. As for the story line, it was so slow to develop, even my dog looked bored. And if it is heading toward alliens, beam me up Scottie... I don't think I can handle another episode.
Anonymous said…
I watched THE EVENT and HAWAII 5-0 and really liked both of them. I have LONESTAR on DVR, will watch tonight.
rockauteur said…
Really liked The Event (go aliens!), liked Lone Star, though probably pointless to continue watching now that it flopped. Hate to think like that but need to cut back on television. No interest in Hawaii 5-0.
Kat said…
I watched or recorded: Chuck (watched!), Lone Star, The Event, Hawaii 5-0, Castle (watched!) and Mike and Molly. I could not make it through Lone Star - it just made me feel smarmy to watch him con these innocent people. Have not yet watched The Event. I liked Hawaii 5-0 enough to watch next week's episode. Mike and Molly - I like BBT and willing to see if Chuck Lorre can pull this one off. I did not like ANY of the supporting characters on Mike & Molly. Loved Chuck and Castle - great way to start the new season for these two shows!
The CineManiac said…
I watched The Event pilot this summer and enjoyed it mainly because of Jason Ritter. But it was enough to keep me coming back for a couple of more weeks.
I absolutely loved Hawaii Five-0 and was excited to see the Vampire on Vampire fight scene at the end. Hoping James Marsters returns, since we never saw his body. Had a strong cast and the whole show was excellent. I'm interested to see what it will look like with a normal budget, but overall I'm psyched for this one.
Mike & Molly was alright, I will admit I laughed out loud a few times, but I also groaned a lot. I'll give it a couple of more episodes before making up my mind.
Addison DeWitt said…
The Event was one of the most predictable and pedestrian renderings of a big idea I have ever seen. Telegraphed moments, absurd realities, implausibility at ever turn, on the nose writing, mediocre directing, cheesy effects. I'm shocked that anyone would or could see something positive. Where is the development process for material at NBC? What a whiff. It was so bad I found myself laughing embarassingly.

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