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Please Don't Let CeCe Win: "Beauty and the Geek" Wraps Its Third Season Tonight

Call me a hopeless romantic or a reality TV junkie, but I can't get enough of Beauty and the Geek. And even though this season has been a little lackluster compared to the last two seasons, I've been hooked nonetheless.

On tonight's season finale, the final two teams--Scooter and Megan vs. Nate and Cece--will go head to head in the final elimination challenge. But this being reality TV, there's a twist, one possibly involving the former ousted contestants. (One can hope so, anyway.)

I really do want Nate to win this competition but half of me hopes he doesn't just so I can see the look on Cece's face when Scooter and Megan walk away with the cash. Cece is, in my eyes, one of the very worst people to ever pop up on a reality TV series (and that's saying a lot when you've got a category already filled by Boston Rob, Johnny Fairplay, and the cast of Real World: Las Vegas) and I cringe every time she shows up on screen.

Her near abuse of that poor Chihuahua was disturbing, not just because Cece forced those bangle bracelets around its neck but because she showed no remorse for doing so. In fact, it's safe to say that this blonde bombshell has no conscience either. What was with her "excuse me, I have something to say" moment from last week's episode? I half-expected her to redeem herself by saying that she wanted to remove herself from the competition for not realizing her full potential or something (as if), but instead she went on to utter some nonsense about taking the blonde out of the bikini that made no sense whatsoever.

Out of the three seasons of Beauty and the Geek to date, I do believe that Cece has shown the least amount of improvement out of any contestant. I get why she was cast by the producers (it's all about drama, people), but I was hoping for more out of this reality dating show and was hoping (wrongly) that there would be some hidden inner depth to the baby-talking bimbo who showed up that first day. Instead, she's reaffirmed those stereotypes of dumb, manipulative blonde girls who are bitchy on the outside... with an imitation 14K gold heart on the inside. The scariest thing to me is that I am sure Cece is watching all of this and loving how "cute" she comes off. It's sad, really.

Personally, I wish there was a way for Nate to just walk away with the entire bankroll on his own. He's made a stunning transformation but remained essentially the same alternatively cool guy he always was (albeit one who uses deodorant now) and he even found some much earned romance with Jennylee. Regardless of what happens tonight, I think Nate has won in more ways than one.

In the end, I am going to root for Scooter and Megan (especially as my personal faves Mario and Nadia are no longer in the running). Scooter's come a long way from that socially awkward guy with the scruffy beard and knee socks in the first episode and has gained a lot of confidence in himself. So too has Megan, who has realized that while she might not like to study, sometimes it does pay off.

Personally, I wish there was a way for Nate and Jennylee to win the cash and sail off into the sunset together, but reality TV, just like life, isn't fair that way.

What's On Tonight

8 pm: Jericho (CBS); Friday Night Lights (NBC); Beauty & the Geek (CW); George Lopez/Knights of Prosperity (ABC); Bones (FOX); Wicked Wicked Games (MyNet)

9 pm: Criminal Minds (CBS); Deal or No Deal (ABC); One Tree Hill (CW); According to Jim/In Case of Emergency (ABC); American Idol (FOX); Watch Over Me (MyNet)

10 pm: CSI: New York (CBS); Medium (NBC); Lost (ABC)

What I'll Be Watching

8 pm: Beauty & the Geek.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for Beauty & the Geek. It might not be the most original or thought-provoking reality TV series on the air, but this "social experiment" from "Ashton Kutcher" always makes me chuckle. On tonight's episode ("Beauty Queen & Geek King"), the final two teams learn that some unexpected visitors (say it with me: returnees) could alter the competition, while one teammate makes a sacrifice that could change the outcome of the game. (Hmmm, Nate?)

9 pm: American Idol.

Tonight, Randy, Paula, and Simon finally reveal (after what seems like 52 weeks) who the top 24 semi-finalists will be.

10 pm: Lost.

I can't tell you how happy I am that Lost is back on the air again. On tonight's episode ("Flashes Before Your Eyes"), it looks like someone other than Jack, Kate, and Sawyer will finally get some screen time as Hurley asks Charlie for help figuring out what the hell happened to Desmond, who's still exhibiting some rather disturbing precognition about Claire's death, while Kate, Sayid, and Locke plan a daring rescue mission to get Jack back. I can't wait!


Anonymous said…
what, no comment on how last night's Gilmore Girls was actually funny, heart-warming and all of the characters seemed to be acting true to form? (i, for one, am completely surprised and happy.)
Anonymous said…
I am SO with you on 99% of what you said in this post Especially the lackluster season part, the CeCe is completely evil and hasn't changed one bit part and the Nadia and Mario part. The only thing I comment on is Jennylee. While I would be thrilled if there was a way for Nate to win all by himself, I certainly hope there ISN'T a future for him and JL. While she definitely improved, she said too many things this season that made me dislike her (including the infamous, "Well, maybe you should have been hanging with us instead of playing chess like a geek"). That girl rubbed me the wrong way.

Go Scooter and Megan!
Anonymous said…
I love how CeCe said she wanted to start a ranch for abused guess for her own animal victims such as little dogs who have been strangled with accessories.

Stop giving us blondes a bad name CeCe! (Especially since you're not even a natural blonde.)
The CineManiac said…
Having watched the finale, I wished even more that Nate could win it all himself. The way he went to everyone and told them not to vote for him because CeCe didn't deserve it and maybe that would actually help her to change was amazing. He really is an amazing guy and quite possibly my favorite person from all 3 seasons.
He was even trying to suppress his smile as everyone kept voting for Scooter and Megan (who I have to add did an amazing job of transforming) and CeCe's rant to Megan followed by her completely ignoring the poor girl, just because she was going to beat her, really showed CeCe's true colors.
She really is the worst reality TV has had to offer.

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