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Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting: "The Amazing Race" Heads to Hong Kong

Why is it that Mirna consistently manages to get under my skin week after week? I wish I could channel some Zen-like calm and push her out of my thoughts but, no matter what I try, I can't get her shrill, irritating voice out of my mind.

For those of you with an aversion to Mirna (like yours truly), this week's episode of The Amazing Race offered no respite from her particular brand of hypocrisy and oddness. I'm still not sure why Dustin and Kandice (a.k.a. the "Yield Queens," according to Mirna) deciding to use the Yield last week against competitors Eric and Danielle wasn't playing the game morally, but the manipulative Mirna trying to get them bumped off a flight (or get themselves bumped up the waitlist) wasn't low-handed. Or that Danny and Oswald had the temerity to use the Fast Forward rather than just "play the game." Why do the rules only apply to the people Mirna doesn't like?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the Yield IS part of the game; that's why it's there. Whether teams choose to use it (and possibly face "yield karma") or not is entirely up to the teams. Same with the Fast Forward. But ultimately any of these "tricks" are tools of the game, mental and physical strategies to be employed, with consequences. Will Dustin and Kandice get the same treatment next week when another Yield turns up on the Race? We'll see, but whatever happens, that yellow Yield sign is a fantastic motivator to arrive before the other teams.

Flight issues were again the buzzwords of the day as teams had a difficult time trying to depart of Kuala Lumpur for Hong Kong. Unsurprisingly, Dustin and Kandice ran afoul of Charla and Mirna in the airport as Mirna put on her best wacky accent and tried to manipulate the ticket agent into placing them higher than the Beauty Queens on the second flight out to Hong Kong. (Danny and Oswald, who managed to get on the first plane, gave them their waitlist group code.) Fortunately, the Beauty Queens held firm and both teams were able to get on the flight in the end (damn!), leaving Eric and Danielle stranded once again in last place. (Tee hee!)

Who else thought that the kung fu fighting Detour looked like a blast? Getting to scale an 11-story building while ninja-clad martial artists engage in a battle royale all around you? Sounds like an absolutely awesome way to spend the time in Hong Kong. I was surprised that, after waffling for about twenty minutes, Charla and Mirna decided to scale the building instead of searching for a matching sign, but I am amazed at the way Charla manages to push herself to complete every task (except for the sausage-eating, that is). Mirna, of course, couldn't shut up long enough to enjoy the exercise and continued to make inane comments.

Meanwhile, Danny and Oswald went for the second of only two Fast Forwards on the Race this season and were stunned to realize that they'd get to participate in a car-driving Hong Kong movie stunt. This week, Danny was in a much, much better mood than the snippiness we saw from him last week and he seemed to really enjoy flipping over in the car. Oswald, on the other hand, wanted to be far, far away from there. But I was happy to see the duo patch up their friendship and concentrate on the game. If they don't make a huge mistake next week, I really do think that they'll be racing in the final two. (Yay!)

Meanwhile, I was roaring with laughter that Charla and Mirna managed to get on the wrong ferry (going to Kowloon instead of Hong Kong Island), but they quickly realized their error (the taxi driver drove them to the island instead of the ferry) and were able to correct it. And since they did end up taking a ferry to the island (just not the one they were supposed to), they didn't incur a penalty. Double damn.

Eric and Danielle. If I were in a race for a million dollars, I'd do anything to ensure I at least get a fighting chance at making it to the final round. Not so Eric and Danielle. When faced early in the episode with getting on the last flight, Eric suggested they step in a puddle, drop their hair drier, and electrocute themselves. Some winning determination there, guy! And when they were driving around in circles in Hong Kong--in last place, no less--looking for the Jockey Club, Eric patently refused to stop and ask for directions. I realize it's a male imperative to never admit defeat in the face of being, you know, lost, but when there's a million bucks on the line, I think it's okay to suck up your male pride and ASK FOR HELP. At least he didn't make his girlfriend do the physical challenge this week.

Sadly, while I was praying for Eric and Danielle to finally get the boot, I knew it was another non-elimination round, meaning that my two least favorite teams (guess who!) are still in the race. That said, I'm thrilled that Eric and Danielle are marked for elimination and Danny and Oswald and Dustin and Kandice are in the top two. Here's to hoping that the final episode shows these two in a race to the finish...

Next week on The Amazing Race: Yield ahead as Charla and Mirna attempt to make a deal with Danny and Oswald, but the Beauty Queens are doing a little wheeling and dealing of their own and set a trap for a fellow team; meanwhile, one team ends up driving a local car onto the sidewalk. Ha ha!

What's On Tonight

8 pm: How I Met Your Mother/The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS); Deal or No Deal (NBC); Everybody Hates Chris/All of Us (CW); Dancing with the Stars (ABC; 8-9:30 pm); Drive (FOX)

9 pm: Two and a Half Men/The King of Queens (CBS); Thank God You're Here (NBC); Girlfriends/The Game (CW); The Bachelor (ABC; 9:30-11 pm); 24 (FOX)

10 pm: CSI: Miami (CBS); My Name is Earl/My Name is Earl (NBC)

What I'll Be Watching

8 pm: Drive.

I wasn't exactly floored (heh) by the two-hour pilot but I'll check out episode 3 before I make up my mind. On tonight's episode ("Let the Games Begin"), Alex is arrested and gets separated from Corinna, while Violet and John continue their lying streak to their loved ones back home.

8 pm: Everybody Hates Chris.

On tonight's repeat episode ("Everybody Hates Snow Day"), Chris accidentally ends up going to school on a snow day, only to get trapped inside with Principal Edwards (guest star Jason Alexander) until Rochelle and Julius are tracked down. Worst. Day. Ever.

8:30 pm: Old Christine.

On tonight's episode ("Faith Off"), one of ex-husband Richard's construction jobs is threatened by Christine's dominating nature. Pat yourself on the back for that one.

9 pm: 24.

It's Day Six of 24. While FOX doesn't give us much in the way of previews, here's what we do know: Jack is thrown by the reappearance of the thought-to-be-dead Audrey, who appears to be in Chinese custody, while CTU is forced to change their plans when Palmer stirs things up in the administration. Wake me up when Kim and the cougar show up.

10 pm: The Riches on FX.

Is anyone else watching new drama The Riches on FX? On tonight's episode ("Recklace Gardening"), DiDi's, er, special needs fiance is back in the picture and living with the Malloys, while Dale initiates a power play back at the travelers' camp.


Anonymous said…
It's funny, I love Mirna and Charla for the same reasons you hate them. But I'll agree their random accents are embarrassingly inappropriate (and hilarious).

Anyhow, you are defending the Beauty Queens for using all the tools available in the game, but aren't Mirna and Charla doing the same? It was ingenious what Oswald did to go to the back offices, so he deserved to be first. And then as a favor, they gave their position to the girls thinking they will be owed a favor in the future...classic tactic. From my perspective, the Beauty Queens were the ones doing the manipulating at the airport check-in line.

Too bad it was a non-elimination this week :-/
Anonymous said…
The differnce between the Beauty Queens and Mirna and Charla being manipulative is that Mirna and Charla are hypocritical about it. They see themselves as martyrs (especially Mirna) always getting the wrong end of the stick. And THAT'S what is so frustrating about them.

The Beauty Queens do not apologize for their behavior but don't go on and on complaining about other contestants either. They're just there to play the game. And that's why I want them and Oswald and Danny to remain the top two teams! Enough with Charla and Mirna and Danielle and Eric's whining and bad sportsmanship. Get over it already!
Anonymous said…
::looks at Danielle's note and nods::

Exactly. It's C&M's hypocrisy that drives me crazy. It drives me crazy that they think they have been morally exemplary in this race. It really angered me that they said it was immoral for BQ to use the yield. They are so damn annoying.

Ugh, and finally a chance to get rid of E&D...stupid non-elimination.
rockauteur said…
I miss Rob & Amber.

Amazing how screwed Eric and Danielle have been the whole race based on the flights. They can't seem to catch a break...

I really hope that Mirna/Charla go down next week - they are the races biggest hypocrites and the most offensive people to ever play the game. Rob & Amber truly deserved to win. But Alas... Here's to hoping the Cha Cha's are victorious... or at the very least Maggie Gyllenhaal and the Beauty Queens.
Ivy said…
I agree that Charla and Mirna are such hyprocrits and I'm hoping they get off tonight. Eric and Danielle aren't the nicest people but at least they don't criticize other teams for being mean. They're mean but they know it. C & M just insult every other team while saying they're playing the game the 'good way'. It's gotten to the point where every little thing they say sounds phony to me.

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