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Pepper Spray and Cross-Dressing: Yeppers, Just Another Normal Day at "The Office"

It's impossible to feel complete without a brand-new episode of The Office on Thursday nights so until now I feel like I've been walking around missing some crucial piece of myself.

I have to say, I thought that last night's episode of The Office ("The Negotiation") was well worth the wait. Sure, I had caught about 20 minutes or so of this week's installment about a month ago at the Paley Fest, but those wily producers had managed to cut out all of the Jim/Pam/Roy storyline to keep us guessing.

The Altercation. I'm actually glad that things nearly came to blows with Roy and Jim. The resentment Roy has for Jim has been bubbling up as of late and came to a head when Pam came clean about the fact that she and Jim had kissed before their cancelled wedding. That said, I am glad Roy's punch didn't actually connect with Jim's face (messy, messy) and that the "attack" was averted by an always vigilant Dwight, armed with his pepper spray. That he managed to spray Roy, Pam, and himself in the process made the entire affair that much more hysterical/painful to watch. Good to see that his days as a volunteer deputy really paid off, though Dwight sort of lost his crime-fighting cred when he pepper sprayed Andy, to boot. Harsh.

The Kiss. Jim is finally aware of Dwight and Angela's long-standing affair and his gift to Dwight (for, you know, saving his life) is to remain silent about what he saw. And when you think about it, isn't that the absolute perfect gift for Jim to give to Dwight? I loved how Angela was getting all tingly listening to stories of Dwight's heroics and kept demanding to hear the story from everyone's POV (well, except for Creed, who came up with a truly bizarre and out there--not to mention completely wrong--version of events). When will the producers realize we love Angela and bump actress Angela Kinsey to a full cast member already?

Miss Terious. I loved the fact that Michael "accidentally cross-dressed" on the same day as he prepares (using Wikipedia) to use some mind-game tactics on Darryl, who is seeking a raise now that Roy has been fired (and yes, David Denman fans, what I am hearing is that last night's episode will likely be his last appearance on the series). I seriously loved every single element of the scene and thought the wardrobe department did an amazing job in preparing Michael's feminine suit, from the buttons "on the wrong side" to the magenta lining of the jacket, and the fact that the pants did not, as Pam astutely noticed, have any pockets. Additionally, the shot of Michael wearing the same suit as the woman sitting next to him in the Dunder-Mifflin offices was priceless. It's the small moments like these that give the show its punch.

Darryl. I'll just say it now. Craig Robinson is a genius. I thought the scenes between him and Steve Carrell rank up there with some of the funniest of the season, as Michael attempts to use Wikipedia mind tricks against Darryl, as he casually, effortlessly gains the upper-hand against "Mike." And snapping those pics with his cell phone of Michael's woman's suit and paycheck were the comedic icing on the cake.

Roy and Pam. Was anyone else heartbroken by the scene between Pam and Roy at the end of the episode? In an episode filled with blink-and-you'll-miss-them moments (like when Oscar protectively stood up with Angela to hand Roy his last paycheck), this was the piece de resistance of quiet, understated emotion, as Roy apologizes to Pam for everything he's done and Pam admits that the kiss between her and Jim wasn't the only reason they called off the wedding. It was a beautifully shot, tenderly acted scene and I will admit that the big lug made me care for him a little bit more when he incredulously asked why Pam wasn't even going to try to date Jim.

Would someone shake some sense into Pam already? I am sure that the producers are setting up some big reveal at the end of the season in which Pam and Jim finally get together (sadly, I'm sure, leading to the demise of the Jim/Karen romance), but Pam seriously needs a wake up call. If Roy nearly killing Jim wasn't it, I don't know what will snap her out of her complacency.

Who do you want Jim to end up with? Are you on Team Karen or Team Pam?

Next week on The Office ("Safety Training"), Andy Bernard returns to work at Dunder-Mifflin following the completion of his anger-management classes, while Michael and Dwight attempt to illustrate the dangers of the workplace.

What's On Tonight

8 pm: The Ghost Whisperer (CBS); Identity (NBC); WWE Friday Night SmackDown (CW; 8-10 pm); Grey's Anatomy (ABC); House (FOX)

9 pm: Close to Home (CBS); Raines (NBC); Wife Swap (ABC); The Wedding Bells (FOX)

10 pm: NUMB3RS (CBS); Law & Order (NBC); 20/20 (ABC)

What I'll Be Watching

10 pm: Clatterford on BBC America (9 pm ET)

It's the fifth episode of Jennifer Saunders' new series Clatterford. On tonight's episode, the ladies collect good and decorate the church for the Harvest Festival.

10:40 pm: Little Britain on BBC America (9:40 pm ET)

Another chance to catch the antics of David Walliams and Matt Lucas as they skewer stereotypes in this hilarious sketch comedy show.


Anonymous said…
I think I am actually going to miss David D.

I LOVED all the moments w/Angela listening to the story over and over. She played it perfectly.

I am definitely on team Pam, but I like Karen so much. I just think Pam and Jim fit together so well. I loved Karen's line comparing how she dealt w/finding out w/how Roy found out, "I'm not sure which one he hated more."
Anonymous said…
I'm definitely going to miss David Denman too. I think Roy added a layer of complexity to the Jim and Pam relationship. Will they get together? I don't know. I used to be very pro-Pam, but if I had to choose, I do think I would say I am on Team Karen. I love Rashida and think that she and Jim are a far better couple that Jim and Pam ever could be.
Anonymous said…
Last night was an amazing night of comedy between the supersized "Office" and "30 Rock." It (almost) made up for not having two of my favorite shows on for nearly a month!

I will definitely miss David Denman. As much as you wanted him to be the bad guy, you couldn't help but have a soft spot for this big lug. I am glad, though, that they've had more of Darryl. He and "Mike" together are comedy gold!
Unknown said…
Totally Team Karen. Besides the fact that she had her chance (as I've opined before), if Pam tries to break up Jim and Karen, she'll no longer be Pam. Hopefully Pam has enough class and was serious when she told Roy, "He has a girlfriend."

Now, if Jim and Karen implode all by themselves, sure, I think Pam should give it a shot. OTOH, I think Jim is (correctly) cynical about Pam's indecisive nature--as evidenced by his "I'm sure you two will find your way back together" comment to Pam--and may rebuff her.

Don't go, Rashida!!
Unknown said…
Pam's indecision in every aspect of her life, makes me really dislike her character. She's just so frustrating that to me she takes some of the funniness out of the show.

Otherwise I think everything is great and hilarious, but she just drives me nuts. So thinking about the show I feel Jim can only stay with Karen because Pam would never go for it and actually give dating Jim a chance.
Me said…
The tension between Roy and Jim go back to the basketball game back in season one.

Jim catching Dwight and Angela in the act was a smart idea. I loved how Dwight wouldn't accept any gifts.

The scene with and Darryl and Michael was awesome. The parts where he'd take out his camera phone was just gold. My favourite interchange of the two would be a little earlier in the season where Michael accidently emails a picture of he and Jan to packaging. "Did you get my second email that tells everybody to forget the first email?" "I'm a very busy man, Mike." Priceless.

I do not like Andy.
par3182 said…
team angela - she steals the show
Anonymous said…
I am a straight girl and totally in love with Pam/Jenna Fischer. If you like her, check out her myspace blog, it's so sweet.

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