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Fantasy Life: Televisionary Talks to Hart Hanson About "Bones" Season Five

Wondering what's going on with Booth? Why Brennan ran off to Guatemala? With whom Angela will end her celibacy vow? You've come to the right place.

I caught up with Bones showrunner/executive producer Hart Hanson last week at the FOX party at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour in Pasadena, where I grilled him about Season Five of the FOX drama series.

Among the Bones-related topics under discussion: Booth's mental state when Season Five begins and his fantasy life, Hanson's reactions to fan complaints, Angela's celibacy vow, whether we can expect to see Stephen Fry reprise his role as Dr. Gordon Wyatt, Cyndi Lauper, new characters, the 100th episode, a return trip to London, and more.

But don't take my word for it. Dig in for my exclusive interview with Bones' Hart Hanson below.

Televisionary: Given that we last saw Brennan when Booth came out of his coma, what lands her in Guatemala?

Hanson: We've set up a few times that when she's really miserable she goes down there and identifies victims of the genocide down there and there are so many still remaining unidentified. So when she's really miserable she just throws herself into that. I've been getting grief on the message boards and Twitter about how she could just abandon Booth and all I can say is: she didn't. I promise you, Brennan did not abandon Booth. Watch the season opener; you'll see.

Televisionary: What is Booth's mental state when Season Five of Bones begins?

Hanson: It's six weeks later and Booth is contending with the confusion caused either by his real feelings for Brennan or the hangover--is that the right word?--the residue of his experience in his coma.

He is very confused about the world right now. He hasn't got amnesia. We come back just as Sweet says, okay, you can go back to work. But there's definite repercussions from what he went through at the end of the season finale. And I hope that will make people feel like their complaints about the season finale are being addressed in the season opener and people will like it more in retrospect. We'll find out.

Televisionary: How do you react to frustration from the fans over that reveal?

Hanson: I can't react. I just can't allow that to affect me. I always said, if you give the fans what they want, you'll be off the air almost immediately because all of their desires are met. And you need to play it out and risk being hated once in a while. But it's hard not to react.

The season opener was designed and mostly written before the season ender was edited together so I didn't know precisely [what the reaction would be]--though I had a pretty good idea of what it would be--I just got the proportions wrong. So I didn't have reactions to the season ender before I wrote the season opener but I stuck pretty closely to what the intention was from the beginning.

Televisionary: Will we see elements of Booth's fantasy life continue into the new season?

Hanson: (Pause.) No one's asked me that, damn you! Yes... We will see that other world, although not in the form it was in when Booth was in the coma. But we will have glimpses of what's inside people's brains.

Oh, my god. That was hard. I haven't practiced that answer yet because no one has asked me. I wonder why no one asked that yet!

Televisionary: Any chance that Stephen Fry will return to the series this fall?

Hanson: We are going after him. He's a very busy man; I talk to him all the time. Big brain box. We're checking his availability now for Episode Ten, which is our Christmas episode. We'd like to have him back. We already missed a chance to have him in the season opener because he was busy. He's just always busy! He has what? A million quiz shows and he's doing documentaries and what a lovely man. He wants to come do the show again. So Episode Ten and I hope one other [episode] after that or two, if we're lucky.

Televisionary: You said at San Diego Comic-Con that Cyndi Lauper heard Emily singing her cover of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and that's what led her to guest starring on Bones. What was it like working with her?

Hanson: It was awesome. She is a crazy, fascinating character. Her voice, everything about her. She just has a unique way of speaking that you just try to cram into the script. She was just wonderful, just terrific. We'll have her back, we'll have her back a number of times.

Televisionary: Is Lauper contracted for a set number of episodes?

Hanson: No, we can't do that. We can tell our intention to her people that we'd like to have her back here and there and [ask] what her schedule looks like. Same with all of our guest stars. We can't tie them down so it's a constant juggling of availabilities and stuff. But she wants to do it and we want her back. We know her touring dates, we know when she's available, so we'll make it work.

Televisionary: Who else do you have showing up this year as guest stars?

Hanson: We have Stephen Fry showing up for two or three [episodes], Jared [Booth]--Brendan Fehr--will be back. I want to cast one more intern. I have an idea for a severely bi-polar intern that will be amusing and touching; that's what we do.

Televisionary: Male or female?

Hanson: Don't know yet. Probably male, just because the lab tends to be heavily female anyway and we want to keep the balance. And we have Daisy. We will look at both men and women and see who pops. We've had a lot of luck with these interns, with what good actors they are. They are awesome.

Televisionary: So we'll still see a revolving door of squints then?

Hanson: Yes, we're going to keep doing that for a while. Eric Millegan--who plays Zack--is moving to New York so he's a little bit less accessible than he was before. But we'd just love to have him back. We love that guy but he's a guest star now too.

Televisionary: Where do we find Angela next season?

Hanson: I just today wrote Angela breaking her celibacy. If you remember from last year, she was going to do six months of being celibate at Sweet's advice, so just today she broke her stretch of celibacy... I'm not saying with whom. Someone we know. I told [Michaela Conlin] about fifteen minutes ago and she went [makes excited gasping noise]. So it was a good reaction!

Televisionary: Is there any chance of Booth and Brennan returning to London next season?

Hanson: I just met Stuart Murphy, who replaced Richard Woolfe at Sky1, and he would like very much to help make that happen. I guess Bones is a great performer for Sky and he's very interested in talking to us about making that happen. We would jump at the chance to go over there again. For one thing, it would be great to use Indira Varma again. Wow! She's incredibly good and it was fun with her and Booth. So we'd be interested in looking for a way to do that. Maybe, though it's too soon to say, for an episode later in the season or a season ender there. It would be great then.

Televisionary: What can you tell us about Bones' upcoming 100th Episode, which will be directed by David Boreanaz?

Hanson: I don't know a thing about it yet! Except that it will be a story with lots of swoopy camerawork because that's what David likes. He likes those cranes swooping around. It will be Episode Sixteen of this year. I don't know what the story is but we will pull out some stops for that one. It's a big, important episode for us.

Bones' fifth season launches September 17th at 8 pm ET/PT on FOX.


Marissa said…
Thanks for the great interview!
Chris said…
Argh! I really miss Zack, but I don't want the new interns to go anywhere either... Ah, well.

I'd just like to say that my favorite intern out of the lot is most definitely Joel Moore, who plays the morbidly depressed intern. Want to see more of him!
Poetic_line said…
I do look forward to the 5th season and love this show no matter what.

I still cannot see a good reason for Brennan to leave Booth no matter how miserable she is.

I'm sure it will work out in the season opener but it gives me pause.

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel and all the rest of the cast are fantastic and lovable.

I just hope for Booth and Brennan to grow closer and yes, I hope that the AU does that for them.
Kelly T. said…
Thanks for this great interview and for asking questions that no one else seems to be asking. Bones is my favorite show and I wish more influential writers like you would write about it!

I'm happy that Brennan didn't ditch Booth but went back to Guatemala. And I want to know who Angela is going to sleep with!!!! Please!
Thay. said…
that was great
thanks a lot!!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the interview I´m so looking forward to the 5th season I´ve seen some promos and I just can´t wait ! I love Bones !
But living in the netherlands I will probably have to wait a little bit longer ;(

Amy said…
I actually really liked the season finale. I thought it was a really creative way to give the fans what they wanted to see (Booth and Brennan as a couple) without harming the integrity of the show. I can't wait to see how this season plays out!
Anonymous said…
gosh this was exciting! YES! cant wait...thx!
Anonymous said…
I think she breaks her celibacy with Sweets!
Unknown said…
I enjoyed the 4th season finale so much that after I watched it, I watched it again! I thought it was fantastic, and verrrrry well done. It was so fun! But still a functioning piece of the season. SOOOO excited for season 5!
Anonymous said…
I will not be satisfied until Angela and Hodgins are back together forever..That's just the way it should be. lol
Anonymous said…
booth and bones need to hook up not in a fiction story but for real even if its a one time thing.even if its only 1 episode.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like it could be a great series 5. I really hope the rumours about Angela and Booth are false. Even if he doesn't remember Brennan Angela would never do that to her bst friend. I really hope they don't make that mistake. The fans would go apeshit for one.
I hope it's Hodgins but i reckon it's gonna be Jared, which should be interesting.
The Gutemula thing with Brennan does make sense kinder. Brennan doesn't handle things like this well. I can see her running away rather than staying, esp if she's feeling miserable because he can't remember her at all. She'd be crushed. The peeople she loves always leave her. That does make sense she should run than face up to th situation.
As for last series finale they made a big mistake and i hope not too much is said about the whole Brennan being Booth's wife and baby and stuff.
Tina said…
Thanks for the interview.

I thought the season 4 finale had some good points and some bad, but then most great episodes do.

I hope that Booth and Brennan do not get together for a very long time. Most shows that I've seen end or radically change shortly after the main characters have a romantic relationship.
Savy/please_read_and_listen_to_ideas said…
I would love angela to break her celibacy with Hodgins because last season he said quote:"we should be together", but with Sweets it is a scandal. With Jared is breaking what she said to Bones about jared being booth but not the real booth. with Booth it's mean and totally bad a** and with one of the interns is hot, but not with a Mystery Man or Mystery Intern kept secret is a genius idea, plus if Angela told someone or someone found out,hot. I think that bones should have booths baby or they should have an episode about bone's & booth's insecurities about having the baby or a baby together. Maybe Booth thinking bones is in Guatemala because she is pregnant and call, go, or track her down to find out or maybe Booth gets a girlfriend and forgets or Booth tries to go out with Bones, thinking that she is still rational enough and she actually falls apart because at the hospital she wrote what sounded like an obituary. Then writes a new book and buries her life in work. Jared comes for Booth and tries to pull his life together. Flashes to jared&booth's drunk dad, brenann at the hospital, Angela with a guy -maybe jessie- , and sweets' abusive childhood.
Savy said…
oh I forgot to add a fugitive we know with Angela on the list.
mags516 said…
I really love the show too. I can't wait until the new episodes start. I just hope I am not disappointed with who Angela decides to sleep with. Do not let it be with Sweets, please!
a_n_c_i said…
I aswell hope Angela sleeps with Hodhings, if not it will be a big dissapointment for me since I had a really bad day that day I watched the ep when they broke up. I hope Bones and Booth don't hook up too soon, that funny romantic relationship they have is really cool and it makes waiting for the next episode even harder..... eventually they'll end up in bed, thats for sure..... :)))
MommaRed said…
I have loved this show from the first! I cannot wait for Season 5! I don't care who does what or with whom...just keep the writing as witty, endearing and clever as always and you will not lose this fan! I love the quirly humanity in each of the characters...but I love Zach most of all. i can't wait to see him again....
Anonymous said…
I have been going crazy for this!!
I'm literally counting down days
Unknown said…
I have read on a certain site that Angela kisses Wendell in I think episode 6! I don't think Booth would have the heart to do it with Angela, he clearly loves Brennan.
I can't wait for the new season premiere, and have already staked my claim to the tv for that timeslot! Bones is the best show on tv, and I will always enjoy watching this show! BTW, the season finale is one of my fav episodes, and I think that it was very interesting! Thanks for the interview, it was wonderful.

- Bonesfan4ever
Anonymous said…
Personally, I loved the Season 4 finale. It was creative, and rather humorous. Seeing all the characters in different lights was fascinating. I have been hoping that Angela will hook up with Hodgins, they are clearly meant to be together. Booth and Bones shouldn't hook up, yet, seeing them in their quirky flirting states is too much fun! I can't wait for Season 5 to begin!
Anonymous said…
Can't wait for the new season to start. What I enjoy most are the great characters that you have written. I love all the regulars and even though I really miss Zach, I love all the different interns. Some of them are so funny. Thanks for writing such good episodes that I am still a big fan after 4 seasons. You really hit the jackpot with the actors you cast.
Bluegrass Chic said…
I enjoyed the season finale...I found lots of interesting hints about next season.
I think Jared comes back to check on his brother, and Angela shacks up with him. Can't wait until the 17th! Seems so far away!
Lee said…
Hey I loved the season 4 finale, it shows Booth and Bones in a romantic relationship and yet still leaves it for the end. Can't wait for the new episodes, I've been surviving on the reruns but its not the same. I kept imagining what was gonna happen when they came back. Wasn't even close.
Lee said…
Hey I loved the season 4 finale, it shows Booth and Bones in a romantic relationship and yet still leaves it for the end. Can't wait for the new episodes, I've been surviving on the reruns but its not the same. I kept imagining what was gonna happen when they came back. Wasn't even close.
mkoenig said…
mkoenig said…
Anonymous said…
I really miss zach i was so mad when they cut him out i mean he is so cute! (and smart, partly why hes cute) i was hoping that b4 they cut him out completly they could show him like falling for a girl or have sweets falling for a girl bcuz their so young it'd be cute. also i really do hope angela and hodgins gets together and yes everyone wants bones and boothe.
melissa said…
i just wanted to say thanks for the interview helped me out a lot, gave me my bones fix!!!! i love this show and i can't wait for season 5. booth and bones should get together obviously and angela and hodgins should also be together. love this show keep up the good work i'm a big fan.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the great interview! I really hope that Zack will keep appearing because I really enjoy his complicated nature of reason. Also, I was wondering if Emily will ever sing the whole song of "girls just want to have fun" because I really like how she sang it and it would be AMAZING if she ever finished singing it. Also, will Brennan and Booth ever get together??? I could just imagine Booth and Brnnan as Tempy and Ryan from 'Bare Bones'.
Anonymous said…
I REALLY want to see Booth and Bones' relationship to heat up... not necessarily to the point where they're an "Item" but up the tension and add something like another kiss under the mistletoe!!! PLEASE!!!
Anonymous said…
i loved Zack, i hope you can make him back to the show~~ Please
Anonymous said…
Live in Western Australia so will have to watch new episodes on line. Great interview, thanks for that. I think Angela and Zack would be an interesting combination. Good deed or disaster!
Anonymous said…
i could see angela sleeping with jared but def not booth. or sweets! it bugs me that people keep saying it could be him. he's with daisy. and he's the one who told her not to have sex. i'd like it be hodgins but it probably wont happen yet
Anonymous said…
I just LOVE this show! No one really mentioned the baby!! I really hope that is not just one of those things that gets forgotten about. Is any one else curious to see what happens with that?? I know i am. I hope she goes through with it. it would add another dynamic and another twist. they can be a family but not? all natural conception or artificial insemination? It has so many possibilities...

Angela and Jack are great together and there are plenty of opportunities there.This was a great interview I got my fix for now. I just can't wait til the opener!
Jenny said…
I love the show! I too love to see it when Zack is back. Sometimes the new assistants are a little over the top. Are you ever going to put out a CD of the music from the show? I have been trying to find the name of a song from a show from seasom one for my MS support. Sounds kind of strange but the words really struck home. I can hardly wait for this last season DVD's to go on sale and the new season to start. The interview just got me more excited and my DVR all warmed up.
Manel & Joanne said…
My wife and I Just can't wait for season 5th!! We live in Barcelona (Spain) and we just have seen only last friday last episode of season 4th... by the way sept. 17th is my birthday... same day 5th season starts... nice gift, Don't you think?
Anonymous said…
sara said…
I like the idea of Booth not remembering Bones. Because if she were to be pregnant and take off to guatemala, So that she didn't have to tell anyone till later. It would let us see a new side of bones, and be very interresting if Jared was the one to find out about the baby.
Ariel Wilson said…
I think it's interesting that everyone is saying that Bones is pregnant, because it was only Booth's subconscience, so there is a possiblity she's not. It would be great if she was though. ; )
Anonymous said…
I love the opportunities for character growth that will evolve as Bones helps Booth rediscover himself. I can see them slowly being forced to face the fact that their relationship with each other is an intrinsic part of who they are as individuals. And of course I want them together, but isn't the tease sometimes almost as good as the consummation?! One of my favorite episodes last season was Mayhem on a Cross, so I also look forward to seeing how they develop Sweets' character. He has become one of my favorites! I can't wait for the 17th!!!

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