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Fringe Fridays: 140-Character Testimonials

I asked, you answered.

To celebrate the arrival of another Fringe Friday, I took to Twitter to ask you to sum up why you loved FOX's Fringe in 140 characters or less. No small feat, given the rampant love for this mind-bending sci-fi drama, which recently moved to Friday evenings during its fantastic third season.

The responses I got were not surprisingly impassioned and intelligent, and demonstrated why Fringe has struck a chord with its devoted viewers. (Among whom, I count myself as a member.)

Curious to see just what Fringe-philes had to say about why they love the show? You can check out the responses below, which I will continue to update throughout the day. And don't forget: there's an all-new Fringe tonight at 9 pm ET/PT on FOX!

Fringe in 140 Characters or Less:

mtoddcohen: "I love #FRINGE b/c it's dynamic, intelligent, and perfectly blended with unexpected humor. In short, it's science with charm."

SterlingCooper1: "I love Fringe b/c it continues where the XFiles stopped, it shows us what real love is about and that nothing is as it seems."

TorreyHam: "Fringe is a prime example of how TV can excel far beyond film in terms of connecting with viewers. We are lucky to have it."

SnapTheJap: "aside from the terms 'Walternate' and 'Fauxlivia" it's self-contained sci-fi that SEEMS feasible. Next-Files."

Kaelity: "#Fringe is thrilling, creepy, funny, romantic, smart, beautiful, heartbreaking and a tweet is not enough to say everything."

Cortexifans: "Love #Fringe 'cause it makes us feel, think, imagine. Has amazing cast and crew work and makes a Fringe Family with the fans."

brandollars: "Sci-fi amazingness with plenty of mystery & more importantly, real characters with believable drama."

DamianLovesTV: "because it is 50% scary, 50% science-y, and 100% awesome. plus it was my first cover story!"

CathTerrierette: "I can tell you why I love #Fringe in just ONE word: Walter!!!"

r1pvanw1nkl3: "john 'effing noble"

LostBoneyBoot: "It is intelligent, engaging, intriguing television, with strong characters whose stories are developed authentically/honestly."

scriptgrrl: "doppelganger love triangle"

_Dani_79: "I love #Fringe cause it's the g8est series ever.I adore Anna Torv.She is the best actress on TV@themoment.She totally rocks!"

manissag: "b/c there's nothing else like it. It's a mix of sci-fi, drama, action, & comedy. #Fringe is TV brought to the next level ;)"

Starbuck7121: "Two words: Anna Torv. She melts my brain. Plus, #Fringe is beyond brilliant. It pretty much blows my mind on a regular basis."

paperplanesca: "I love Fringe for it has such a smart way to show 'impossible' events look scientifically possible!"

ActiveDoll: "unusually successful mainstream SF, fringe's strength lies in subtle casting, & constant reimagining of the underlyng arc."

EnergyTanks: "Fringe embodies the best elements of sci-fi TV of the past 30 years. Also, the cast is incredible."

HouseBonesLove: "I love Fringe because the cases are mind blowing and every episode just keeps getting better! Yay for Fringe Friday!"

spcebaby: "I <3 Fringe b/c it puts the 'Science' in 'Science Fiction'!"

kyrssy: "John Noble, nuff said."

dianadavis76: "I love #Fringe because it's innovative, thought provoking, well written, well acted and exciting! I can't wait for each week!"

witharmsakimbo: "I love #Fringe b/c it underlines the human core in a world dominated by science. Plus I get a weekly dose of Joshua Jackson!"

aimeeinchains: "Most heart-felt, thought-provoking, well-written, best-acted show. Action, Science, family, love; speaks to the soul."

BIGANDER: "for its delicious strawberry flavored death."

truffle_shuffle: "You thought the X-Files was good? Not as good as #Fringe."

JudeLaBarre: "Walter and his relationship with his son. Also how the writers resolve the intricacies of having parallel universes."

On tonight's episode of Fringe ("Reciprocity"), the doomsday device is assembled at Massive Dynamic, but a worried Walter asks Nina for help in understanding Peter's relationship to the weapon.


SamSee said…
I love all the support for John Noble! He, and the show, deserve more recognition!

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