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Channel Surfing: 2.27.06

TiVo to Give Away Boxes For Free... But Not Really

Best-invention-ever manufacturer TiVo might soon start an initative to give away boxes in order to lure consumers to the service. Under this plan, TiVo may waive the price of the TiVo set-top box but will instead possibly raise the monthly service charge rates and implement longer term plans. The measure may go into effect "fairly soon," according to Tom Rogers, TiVo's chief executive. Currently, TiVo charges subscribers $12.95/month for the service, with multi-room discounts for additional units.

I would love a new TiVo box (mine is rather filled to the brim with episodes of Arrested Development, Nigella Bites, and State of Play, the Brit mini-series that criminally has yet to be released on DVD) and certainly wouldn't object to TiVo sending me one (You know where to reach me, TiVo: televisionaryblog[at]!), I wonder if this will apply to the current Series 2 set-top box or the revolutionary Series 3 that is expected to be released in the autumn.

Personally, I think that anything that draws more consumer attention to the TiVo is a good thing. And hopefully this will get people addicted to the joys of TiVo without first plonking down a good $150 for the unit.

Did I mention that TiVo is the best invention ever? And that I'd love another one? (Hint, hint)

CW to "Runaway" with Darren Star

Fledgling netlet CW announced the purchase of its first drama pilot since the unveiling of the WB/UPN merger. Runaway, from Sex and the City creator Darren Star and Ed Zuckerman (Law & Order), centers around a family who begin a new life as fugitives, after the pater familias is convicted of murder, in order to buy him enough time to prove his innocence. (Not entirely sure how that works, per se. Is he on the run too? If not, why would the authorities really care?) Chad Hodge (Tru Calling) is writing the pilot, which was originally developed at UPN.

"Lost" and Found

Favorite weekly mag Entertainment Weekly staffer/comic book author Jeff Jensen shares his solutions to the ongoing mysteries of Lost in the current issue. Among my favorite lil' theories: the island is alive (Think: Krakoa.... fellow comic geeks, you know what I mean): the hatch is a human-size Skinner box; and my personal favorite theory, which is "The Island Is Haunted by a Powerful Psychic." Jensen believes that the island is haunted by the ghost of a powerful psychic named Aaron (yes, like Claire's baby), who suffered a psychic breakdown, triggered by the electromagnetic pulse in the hatch, and had his consciousness separated from his body. Aaron needed a new body (again, Claire's unborn baby), so he caused the plane to crash and brought a new host to the island for him to inhabit. Now he's basically rewriting reality all over the island.

Hmmm. It would explain the appearance of odd things--horses, polar bears, dead fathers--from our castaway's consciousness. And why it was so essential that baby Aaron was baptized and given that name.

So, until something better comes along, I'd say that's a pretty convincing theory.

"Dance" Card

In other news: in case you were interested, Drew Lachey took home the crown on the finale of Dancing with the Stars. Whoo.

What's On Tonight:

8 pm: King of Queens/How I Met Your Mother (CBS); Deal or No Deal (NBC); 7th Heaven (WB), Wife Swap (ABC), Skating with Celebrities (FOX), One on One/All of Us (UPN)

9 pm: Two and a Half Men/Courting Alex (CBS); The Apprentice (NBC); Related (WB); The Bachelor: Paris (ABC); 24 (FOX); Girlfriends/Half & Half (UPN)

10 pm: CSI: Miami (CBS); Medium (NBC); The Bachelor: Paris (ABC)

What I'll Be Watching:

The Apprentice.

What can I say? I am a glutton for punishment. Staying out of the ongoing Martha/Donald feud, I have to say that The Apprentice has been on a downward slide of late (then again, I was one of the few who enjoyed the change-of-pace good thing that was The Apprentice: Martha Stewart). Hoping that casting some foreign would-be millionaires (i.e., The Russian and Smarmy British Guy) will shake things up a bit, though trading in the divine Carolyn for Trump daughter Ivanka doesn't sit well with me. One Trump is more than enough, thanks.


Anonymous said…
I kind of thought the opening ep was already better than last season, though they seem to already be setting up the heavy guy as the Marcus of this season.


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