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Talk Back: "Chuck" Season Premiere

How thrilled are you that NBC's Chuck is finally back on the airwaves? It's been nine months since we caught up with the gang at Buy More (and superspies Sarah and Casey) and what a painful nine month wait it's been.

I had the opportunity to watch the first three episodes of Season Two of Chuck a few weeks back and enjoyed every single second of them. But I cannot describe the pure pleasure I got from watching the season opener ("Chuck Versus the First Date"), from the opening scene of Michael Clarke Duncan dangling our beloved Chuck Bartowski out of a window by his ankles to Sarah and Chuck's putative first date... which, not unsurprisingly, goes horribly, horribly wrong. To have Chuck's winning blend of action, comedy, and romance back on the air makes me almost feel like all's right with the world. Or television, anyway.

What did you think of the season opener? Were you as disturbed by Chuck walking in on Devon and Ellie in the shower as he was? Did you jump for glee when Morgan's Call of Duty plan actually helped Chuck get out of a tight squeeze? Are you thrilled about Lester taking over as the new Svengali-esque assistant manager (temporarily, anyway) of the Buy More? Did you worry that Casey might blow Chuck's brains out after receiving orders to eliminate the Intersect? (Um, not for a second.)

And--OMG!--were you as absolutely SHOCKED as I was by the explosion that destroyed the new Intersect and seemingly killed Tony Todd's CIA Director Graham?

Talk back here.


Anonymous said…
Very happy to have Chuck back! I knew something bad was going to happen to the new intersect but was surprised that they killed Graham off. Personally, I liked him much better than the other woman that gives them orders.
Jace Lacob said…
Do you mean Bonita Friedericy's General Beckman? I hear you, Bella. At least she has a little more to do next week when she encounters John Larroquette's Roan...
rockauteur said…
I wasn't surprised but glad to see they hadn't forgotten about the evil group from last season who thanked them when the intersect went online. Can't wait to see what happens!!
The CineManiac said…
As Devon might say it was "Awesome!"
I watched it online last week and again this morning. Sooo Good. I missed this show far to much.
Anonymous said…
Chuck is just plain fun. And yes, I am very glad to have my fun back. Having worked retail, I can identify with Chuck in Buy More-land. (Although, we never had the Thunderdome method of promotion. That might have actually worked better.) One of my favorite moments from the evening: "Is that a Crown Victoria?"
Unknown said…
Awesome opener. I sorta miss Weinerlicious, but the Orange Orange looks like it'll be fun, too. I'm mostly glad to see that the writers haven't forgotten what makes Chuck so fun. It doesn't try to be high drama and has fun with itself. Like Repear--another show I'm missing awfully.
Anonymous said…
LOVED the new episode! Watched it several times since was released early. Just wish ratings were better. Darn football. Glad it is going to be rerun on Saturday. Early release bound to affect ratings.
Anonymous said…
Great ep and the perfect way to start season 2. I was really surprised that they killed off Graham that way and agree with Bella that they should have killed off Beckman instead but oh well. I had a feeling that it was too easy that they got the cipher back and everything was okay again so it was great that they surprised me by blowing up the new intersect.
Synd-e said…
I'm glad to have Chuck back also, although I worry a bit about what looks like extensive "stunt casting" this year. But the music was great (Frightened Rabbit, Phantom Planet), and ZL was as charming as ever.

One thing that still cracks me up... the computer that controls the Intersect is an ancient, label-less Macintosh SE, probably circa 1988!
Unknown said…
I missed this on Monday so watched it on Hulu yesterday. I liked it, but... I am antsy. I worry that Chuck will be forced to remain at the Buy More so Casey and Sarah can keep an eye on him and that he'll look like a fool and a slacker to Ellie. After saying all that stuff to her, it'll look like he failed to follow through. Those kinds of situations pain me.

And if that does transpire, Chuck's gonna remind me of Buffy, insofar as having a duty thrust upon him that limits his other opportunities in life.

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