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Breaking News: Christina Wayne Quits AMC

In an unexpected twist more likely to be found on the cabler's hit drama series Mad Men, Christina Wayne has quit AMC.

I learned of her departure from the basic cabler today via a source at the network, who spoke to me on condition of anonymity.

Wayne, who was promoted last year to Senior Vice President for Scripted Series and Mini-Series at AMC, has left the network effective as of today. No reason was given for her abrupt exit and it's not immediately clear where Wayne will head next or if she had secured a position elsewhere.

Wayne has served as AMC's head of original scripted programming since 2005 and is responsible for developing the cabler's signature hit dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

UPDATE: AMC has now confirmed my scoop and issued a statement about Wayne's departure. "We're proud of what Christina Wayne has accomplished at AMC during her tenure here," said AMC in a statement, "and thank her for all of her contributions in helping to make AMC home to the best dramas on television."

UPDATE #2: I've now heard from several sources that it appears that Wayne will move to pay cabler Starz.


Anonymous said…
That's the end of that. Good luck to AMC, they will need it.
Anonymous said…,,20243951_5,00.html
Anonymous said…
Congrats on out-scooping Nikki Finke, Jace! Sad to see Christina go. She's a real talent and will definitely be missed. Wonder why she would jump ship now after all of MM's awards lately.
Anonymous said…
AMC are idiots to let her go. So long, suckers!
Anonymous said…
Too bad. But the writing may have been on the wall. She had a new boss, and the net was deep in discussions regarding the future -- ie, they want eyeballs, not Emmys.
Anonymous said…
And another one bites the dust... Too bad.
Susie McDonnell said…
Is this over MAD MEN???? Are they seriously considering not renewing this show???

If so - will she be producing it elsewhere? Can she?
Anonymous said…
@Susie McDonnell What on earth are you smoking? AMC all ready renewed Mad Men for 3rd season. Christina developed the show, she doesn't produce it and even if she wanted to she couldn't take the show anywhere she doesn't produce it, doesn't own it (Lions Gate does) and has no vested future in the show. Get a clue.
Unknown said…
Well, wherever she lands will be very lucky to have her.
Anonymous said…
I've worked with Christina and can't say that I'm sad to see her leave AMC. She's always been one to use smoke and mirrors to deflect attention away from the fact that she has no clue WTF she's doing most of the time. Starz can have her. Good riddance.
Anonymous said…
that is what i understand from many people who have worked with her...that she is clueless, takes credit where it is NOT due (ah, Hollywood) and is out of her league.
i am happy that AMC produces Mad Men, let's not forget it was developed at HBO, by a Sopranos showrunner/writer.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, she is clueless and a credit hog, that is why Matthew Weiner went out of his way to "set the record straight" and email Nikki Fink just now. Go back to making coffee, you moron.

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