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San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Who's In?

Here's an exciting/terrifying thought: San Diego Comic-Con starts a month from today.

Yes, the start of the annual pilgrimage to San Diego to fete all things entertainment-related--from comics to television and film and the annual overnight camp-out that is Twilight--is set to take place next month as attendees for the sold-out four-day event descend in droves upon the Gaslamp District.

Once again, I too will be making the trek down to Comic-Con, hotel reservations gripped firmly in hand, as I attempt to brave the crowds to attend some panels, some press rooms, and some parties.

This year, I'll also be moderating a panel to boot. You can come stop by to see me oversee the panel for ABC's sci-fi drama V on Saturday, July 24th. Joining me on the massive stage will be cast members Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Laura Vandervoort, Charles Mesure, Morena Baccarin, and Scott Wolf and executive producers Scott Rosenbaum and Steve Pearlman.

(Unfortunately, I can't yet reveal just what time the V panel will be kicking off as the full schedule of Comic-Con 2010 events won't be available for a few more weeks.)

Among the confirmed television offerings this year (in alphabetical order and assembled from various sources): Adventure Time, American Dad, Archer, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Ben 10, The Big Bang Theory, Bob's Burgers, Bones, Burn Notice, The Cape, Castle, Chuck, The Cleveland Show, Community, Dexter, Eureka, The Event, Family Guy, Fringe, Futurama, Generator Rex, Glee, Hawaii Five-O, Human Target, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Metalocalypse, Mythbusters, Neighbors from Hell, Nikita, No Ordinary Family, Psych, Robot Chicken, Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, Smallville, Sons of Anarchy, Spartacus, Squidbillies, Supernatural, Terra Nova, Tim & Eric, Tower Prep, True Blood, Ugly Americans, Unnatural History, V, Vampire Diaries, Venture Bros, The Walking Dead, and White Collar.

UPDATE: While we knew that there wasn't going to be a panel for Undercovers, there also won't be sessions for Doctor Who or Game of Thrones.

I am wondering, however, who else will be heading to San Diego next month to attend. Are you in? Which panels are you planning on attending and which are you most looking forward to? What are the must-have seats of this year's Comic-Con?

Discuss and see you in San Diego!


Steven said…
We (Radio Free Skaro, a Doctor Who podcast) have it on good authority that Doctor Who will again have a big presence there, coinciding with the July 24 broadcast of the series finale on BBC America.
Rueben said…
I will definitely be there, covering the event for NiceGirlsTV. There are so many panels that I want to be in I just hope that few of them conflict and that I can actually make it into the rooms where each will be held. It will be a terrific, hectic, craze-filled "week" that's for sure; but I lover every minute of it. I'll be in the V panel room one way or the other so good like with the moderating.
Amy said…
Yes, I'll be there! I don't really have any must-see panels this year, which makes it all wide open for excitement.
Jace Lacob said…

Yep. I'm pretty sure Doctor Who, Being Human, and Look Around You will be there but those panels have yet to be officially confirmed, so aren't on the master list yet.
KriZia said…
Jace, I'll be there. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

I'm definitely interested in the V, Bones, The Cape, Castle, The Event, Fringe, Flee, No Ordinary Family, Spartacus and True Blood panels so far.

Can't wait!
Rae said…
Massive stage, eh? ;)

You already know I'll be there. And you being some fancy pants moderator now won't get you out of drinks at some point!
Kristal said…
I'll be there! Excited for the Chuck and No Ordinary Family panels, and tones more.
KriZia said…
Correction to my previous comment: obviously I meant to type "Glee," not "Flee."

Eric said…
Lucky lucky! I want to go to TB, V, Glee, No Ordinary Family, Nikita, Archer and The Cape. Too bad that many of these will be happening at the same time.
Mel said…
You're going to mod the V panel? Awesome sauce! I'm hoping to get to that one, in addition to a slew of others. We'll be covering Chuck for, of course, and True Blood for Castle is high on the list and I'm looking forward to checking out some of the new shows like No Ordinary Family and The Cape.
Alexis said…
First of all congratulations for being the moderator for the V panel. I definitely want to check that out!

I'm very excited for the Castle, Chuck, Community (YEAH!), Dexter, Fringe, Glee (only to see Mark Salling), Human Target, Sons of Anarcy, Spartacus, Supernatural, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead panels.

Will I be able to see all of them, I have no idea. This is my first time going to Comic-Con and it should be amazing! I cannot wait!
gretchen e. said…
I'm really sad about them remaking Nikita (and picking such a feminine male for the role--akin to Brosnan as Bond). Humph.

I digress. I'm excited for a bunch of different panels! I have a few must-see ones, though.
AskRachel said…
Sadly, I won't be attending (it's just gotten too crazy for me)! But congrats on the moderating gig for the V panel. That's awesome!
Anonymous said…
The hot ticket will be the Wired magazine VIP lounge on the rooftop of the Omni!
CastleTV said…
Hey Mel, I tell you what, I'll cover (no, seriously, I am!) lol
I'll be there. I'll attend a bunch of the panels, including V. I'm quite looking forward to Castle, Fringe, Glee, and The Walking Dead.
Betty said…
Will videos of the panels be available? Especially interested in "V" and anything else with Charles Mesure. Thanks.

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