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"FlashForward" Returns: Who's In?

I'll admit, this was meant to be an advance review of tonight's two-hour spring premiere of ABC's FlashForward, but I couldn't get ABC's Medianet video player to stop skipping and eventually gave up altogether.

That's perhaps symbolic of my frustration in general with ABC's creatively uneven sci-fi series, which returns tonight after a lengthy hiatus with the promise of answers, answers, and more answers.

While I applaud the producers for seeing the value in providing solutions to the many mysteries that the early episodes produced, my main issue with the series is that I just don't care at all for these characters, their situations, or what they saw in their flash-forwards. Which is a major problem for a series that spends a great deal of its time having the character talk endlessly about fate, free will, and conscious choice.

All of which makes me wonder if I'll bother tuning in to the twelve remaining episodes this season. FlashForward has already fallen off my must-see priority list for Thursday nights, which meant that I was getting around to these episodes whenever I had free time.

But I am wondering: with FlashForward set to return tonight, which among you is looking forward to its return and which of you has already given up on the series? Are you willing to give it another chance? Or did you know you'd stop watching based on your own flash-forward last fall? Discuss, along with reasons why.

FlashForward returns tonight with a two-hour episode from 8-10 pm ET/PT on ABC.


SamSee said…
This show was the biggest disappointment of the season. I was really excited about it and even liked the first episode but it was all downhill from there. I agree with your criticism of the show and most definitely will not be tuning in.
Unknown said…
We're going to watch it. I do like how they've veered away from the book. I'm leery but hopeful because it seems to have so much potential.
gina said…
I won't be returning to the show, and for the same reasons as you: I just don't care. At all. And that makes me sad, because I was so excited for this show.

Oh, and I have a HUGE problem with Joseph Fiennes. Very poor casting choice, imo.
The CineManiac said…
I'm not terribly excited abut tonight's return, and I likely won't be watching it until this weekend, if then.
But I'll at least DVR it and see if it's any better. If not, I will probably spend that time rewatching Chuck on DVD.
Anonymous said…
Good, I hope you don't watch. This show is one of the few reasons I turn on the tv. I'm just as excited about the show as I ever was. Can't wait
Dr. Spaceman said…
I share your frustration. I first read the script to the pilot more than a year ago and was instantly captivated--it was a great setup, lots of suspense and mystery, and great characters.

Unfortunately little of that made it to the screen, and the show's two largest problems have been its poor writing (which is uneven and often lacks grounding in the "real world") and the actors (many of whom are hopelessly miscast). It's a shame because the show had so much potential. After it was picked up, everyone worried what the second SEASON would be like, but no one thought they'd have problems as early as the second EPISODE.

That said, I'll probably check it out again... to see if it's gotten any better and if it can possibly live up to its potential.
Anonymous said…
I actually love this show and I'm excited it's returning. Unlike you, I do find the characters intriguing and I'm curious about what's going to happen.
crabbyanne said…
I actually love this show and I'm excited it's returning. Unlike you, I do find the characters intriguing and I'm curious about what's going to happen.
Kevin Sole said…
I tuned out around episode 6, so I definitely will not be returning. Instead, I'll loan out the book from the library, and read something well written.
Anonymous said…
I tried to be excited about the return of this series since this is the type of TV I like. However, I find also that I just don't care. I fell asleep trying to watch the 2-hour premiere. I'm going to try again. There's just something about this show that doesn't captivate me. Maybe it's the quality of writing and the casting. One thing you mentioned -- Fate, Free Will and Conscious Choice -- these are some of the themes in LOST and that show is fantastic! Which makes me conclude that the writing and casting could be stronger. Such a shame. This was the perfect time for this show to make a splash on ABC especially given the exit of LOST. The hiatus doesn't help either.
Tyra said…
It has to be the casting and quality of writing. The show has great moments. but I find myself struggling to watch this show. And the hiatus doesn't help at all either, especially now that LOST is back and once Fringe returns you can just forget about this show being at the top of my "must watch" TV list.

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