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No New Lost Tonight Makes Jace Unhappy

Just a reminder: Lost is a repeat tonight. (It's a repeat of the Richard Alpert-centric "Ab Aeterno" from a few weeks back, to be specific.)

Don't shoot the messenger, though. As I said on Twitter earlier this morning, with no new episode of Lost on tonight, I feel like my whole week is off-kilter.

It's making me crabby and slightly anxious. Not in a nutty, constructing-a-squirrel-baby-out-of-bones-and-fur sort of way but it's an odd sensation when we're this close to the series finale.

Tuesday evenings have become a must-see night of television, between Lost, V, Glee, Justified, The Good Wife, Survivors and a slew of others and the highlight for me is definitely Lost, particularly with so few installments remaining before the drama series sails off into the sunset... or explodes with the heat of 1000 suns.

But no new Lost tonight makes Tuesday seem a little less special in my heart. Sure, we'll soon have to deal with a television landscape that is entirely devoid of Lost (as will fans of FOX's 24), but the world just seems more interesting with Lost it... and the rest of the work week a hell of a lot more exciting with a brand-new episode of Lost to theorize over, dissect, and deconstruct with friends.

I'll have to get used to not having that soon enough, but in the meantime, I can't help but wonder why Lost decided to break the momentum now and not, say, two weeks earlier, leaving us with the strengths of "Happily Ever After" to keep us content?

I'm curious to see what you think. Are you bummed that there's no new Lost tonight? Or are you relieved that you won't have to mentally juggle your candidates and recruits and metaphysical theorizing for one week? Discuss.

Next week on Lost ("The Candidate"), Jack's suspicions about Locke make his decision more difficult after he is asked to complete a difficult task.


I could have said it better. I do feel off-kilter, but I will not be using my free time to build a squirrel baby. When I woke up this morning, I was all excited it was LOST day, but then I remembered the rerun. But on the other hand, I'm glad that I have another week to catch up on my reading/podcasts about Lost.
tony libido said…
Oh yeah. I had a really rough night of sleep and i'm sure it was because of no LOST. What felt like an hour-long anxiety dream about black and white stones.

This also came to mind--how do Sun and Locke come to be at the hospital the same time. She gets shot on what clearly seems to be the day after they've arrived in LA. Whereas Locke seems well established in his new substitute teaching job. . .
Tyra said…
I think you are on to something. Maybe today should serve as a trial period of getting use to not having LOST on TV anymore. I'm going through the same thing saying goodbye to 24 this year too! Well, at least I will still have Fringe to watch.
rockauteur said…
I feel off-kilter too about Lost... but I really wouldn't call Tuesday night appointment television still without it... V? A waste of time and boring. Justified? Disappointing and not something I have to rush home to watch. Glee? Already jumped the shark for me.
Chris L said…
Jace, I feel your pain. You might give Glee a go tonight, if you haven't already. Nothing can replace Lost, but teen angst and pop hits might distract you for a moment. I've been recommending last Tuesday's Madonna episode to everyone I see - it was great.
Jace Lacob said…

Already saw tonight's Glee a few weeks back (the weakest ep so far this season), so will be looking for something else to distract me tonight. But need to catch up on some screeners, so the perfect opportunity!
Jason Green said…
I agree! This just ruined my week! My coworkers and I all left the day talking about how excited we were about a new episode of LOST tonight. I am now very disappointed. :-(
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm PISSED!!! I have watched LOST in real time since the beginning. How did I NOT know it was a repeat ( that I have already watched two times before)
Kt said…
I thought we had four new episodes left???
JBeadle said…
I have to admit that Johnny was pretty unhappy as well, Jace. As was Jeanne. Jeanne and Johnny were very unhappy indeed. Why has this even happened? This was scheduled? Who do they think they are? They already start up in the winter/spring instead of the fall. But they do have a creature made out of smoke that takes the forms of dead people. So I guess we'll wait another week. *sigh*
Anonymous said…
I simply cannot live without LOST. They got to let us to know these things, I'm so pissed right now!
Anonymous said…
There is nothing more refreshing than seeing the lost junkies struggle. To be honest I am glad its another week as if we had another episode exept that we need to construct this episode in our heads.

Maybe you all should head over to the LostPedia and read about every episode this last season so far. I am sure you will find new details and insight before the last installments air.

cheers fellow addicts!
ralome said…
Oh and I forgot to mention no Lost tonight also means you all can head over to:

Geronimo Jack's Beard is a Lost Podcast Blog created by Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and girlfriend Bethany James Leigh Shady (aka Sidekick22)

The podcast's principal conceit is that it provides Garcia and Shady's reactions to the scripts as they were delivered rather than to the finished episodes. Garcia and Shady occasionally read short passages of description directly from the scripts, providing insights not otherwise available.

cheers again!

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