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Leaping Lizards: Baby Drama on the Season Finale of "Flipping Out"

And just like that, Season Three of Flipping Out came to a close last night. Not with a bang but with Jeff walking off of Ryan's property during Chloe's third birthday party, with what seemed like a heavy heart.

I already alluded to much of the action in Flipping Out's third season finale ("Baby Boom") via my advance review of the episode, but now that the episode has aired, I can speak a little more freely about what actually went down this week.

I do feel for Jeff. Given the recent problems in his relationship with business partner Ryan Brown, Jeff is beset by a swirl of change in his professional and personal life: Ryan and his family might be moving to Santa Barbara, Jeff could be selling his own home, and there's a sort of biological clock ticking over the action, a sound that's all the more loud thanks to Jett's news that his girlfriend is expecting a baby.

Granted, Jeff isn't one for tact. (That's certainly apparent from the last three seasons of the series.) But I did think it was a little extreme and presumptuous that he would ask Ryan for access to the twenty or so frozen embryos that he and partner Dale have on ice. Yes, Jeff wants a child and he's so enamored of Chloe that it would be nice to have one of her siblings as his own child but really Jeff? Asking your estranged business partner and former boyfriend if you could take (or buy) one of his biologically-derived embryos was crossing a line that didn't need to be crossed, especially as Ryan himself was thoroughly creeped out by the entire conversation.

I find it hard to imagine Jeff raising a child on his own. After all, children are messy and uncontrollable and Jeff's entire life is based around order and tidiness. Which isn't to say that he would be bad parent but I think it's different raising a child than it is taking Chloe for a meal here or there or throwing her an elaborate birthday party.

After all, this is the same man who couldn't control his laughter when he found out that a client and her son walked into her house after it had been spider-bombed and they began throwing up repeatedly. (I get nervous laughter but Jeff brought a whole new meaning to that here.)

Likewise, I thought it was beyond sweet of Jenni to dress up as a lizard, green face and all, and perform a birthday rap (which I can't get out of my head) for Chloe. Jeff made a comment that Jenni will never met anybody if she dresses up like a lizard but really I couldn't help but feel a little heartbroken for Jenni. She's clearly in her element with kids and clearly adores them but given her recent relationship woes, a child of her own seems unlikely right now.

Was Jeff serious when he said he was considering hiring Jenni as a surrogate mother for his child? It's unlikely that he was but perhaps there was a kernel of truth there. Still, I'd tell Jenni to run as far away as she could if he actually seriously asked her. It's hard enough working for Jeff Lewis when you're not carrying his child, after all.

Ultimately, Season Three of Flipping Out was a fantastic look into the lives of Jeff and his eccentric band of employees and friends. I'm going to miss these guys but I'm also very much looking forward to next week's reunion special, where we'll get some answers to some dangling plot threads from this season. I have a feeling it's going to be quite heated.

What did you think of last night's season finale? Was Jeff wrong to ask Ryan about the embryos? Is there any hope of reconciliation for the two of them? Discuss.

Next week on Flipping Out ("Reunion Special"), Jeff and his crew reassemble to discuss the dramas of Season Three. Look for some major sparks to fly as Jeff and Ryan's troubled friendship is likely to be one of the focal points of the reunion.


Asta said…
I felt Jeff was only half serious in asking Ryan for one of the embryos. I think he knew what the answer would be, but figured he would ask on the off, off, off chance Ryan might say yes.

I'm trying to figure out if it was wrong of me to laugh so hard at Jeff's theory that magicians who work children's parties are all part of an organized pedophile ring.
Cady said…
It may be wrong but I also laughed hysterically at Jeff's theory about children's party magicians. I love his sense of humor (as brutal as it may be).

I can't believe how fast this season went by. At least I still have the reunion special to look forward to!
ewench said…
@Asta, I agree, it seemed like he knew the answer would be no when he asked for the embyos but thought he’d give it a shot.

I thought the magician comments were pretty funny too but didn’t get at all why people barfing from spider spray was so very hilarious to Jeff.

I can’t imagine Jeff with a child either for the very reasons you say, a child would mess up his perfect house! Seriously, what happens when the kid fingerpaints a wall? Jeffs head will implode. If he does have a child, he really needs to do it with a (more warm hearted) partner who will temper his often cold, emotionless logic.

I don’t think there will be a full reunion, if any. It’s funny to us to watch Jeff harangue his friends and employees but being the focus of his intensity must get very old. I think Ryan did a lot of growing, gained self confidence, he has strong business, a husband and child and probably decided he really doesn’t need Jeff, professionally or as a friend, since the good parts come with so much bs. And even though Jeff did some growing up this past year, is it too little, too late, to save his friendship with Ryan? I hope not, I do feel bad for him, in the previews for the reunion he seems nearly in tears talking about it.

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