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First Look: Trailer for Next "Doctor Who" Special, "The Waters of Mars"

Doctor Who's Easter special, entitled "Planet of the Dead," aired Saturday night in the UK on BBC One and pulled it a fantastic 8.7 million viewers overall.

Below you'll find the trailer for the next Doctor Who special featuring David Tennant, entitled "The Waters of Mars." The trailer doesn't spoil anything for "Planet of the Dead," so don't worry if you haven't yet seen the Russell T. Davies and Gareth Roberts-scripted special from last weekend. What "The Waters of Mars" does offer is a glimpse at what promises to be a spine-tingling Doctor Who episode that likely will feature more terror than humor next time around.

"The Waters of Mars," written by Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford, will star David Tennant and Rome's Lindsay Duncan. It's expected to air sometime in November on BBC One, just prior to the final two interlocking Doctor Who specials featuring David Tennant's Tenth Doctor, which are slated to air at Christmas and New Year's on the channel.

The next Doctor Who special, entitled "The Waters of Mars," will air later this year on BBC One.


Bella Spruce said…
Very creepy! I loved Lindsay Duncan in Rome and can't wait to see her in this Doctor Who special. Thanks for the preview!
Leigh Russell said…
Lindsay Duncan is always worth watching. Have you seen her in Margaret, playing Margaret Thatcher?

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Ben said…
This looks AMAZING!!!!!! Any word on when Siffy will be showing the specials in the U.S.?
Unknown said…
I finally got to watch "Planet of the Dead" - Fantastic! Loved Michelle Ryan's character. Her "Lady" she would make a terrific full time companion. I hope we get to see her again soon.

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