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Talk Back: ABC's "Cupid" Series Premiere

Did last night's Cupid win you over or break your heart?

You've read my advance review of ABC's redo of Rob Thomas' Cupid, starring Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson. But now that the series has launched, I'm curious to know what you thought of this new Cupid.

To those of you who had seen the original Cupid, with Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall, how did this new Cupid compare? Did you think that Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson had any chemistry? Did you like the New York City setting? Did you buy that Cannavale really could be the ancient Roman god of love sent to Earth as a punishment where he has to unite 100 couples in true love?

And, most importantly, will you watch the series again next week?

Talk back here.


Tom said…
"Cupid" had very strong Twielsen ratings (not as strong as AI and DWTS) at where we have built a real time TV ratings system based on social media chatter. Twielsen ratings measure both attention and SENTIMENT and our analysis for "Cupid" shows vey high sentiment points which, to us, means many people will be watching "Cupid" again next week.
joy said…
My sister and I practically FB-simulposted the entire episode together. Heh.

But. I will definitely watch again, just because you can't really tell anything from a pilot.

That said. It's only because I'm not really digging the show, yet. I don't want to hate it, because I generally love Bobby Cannavale and sometimes like Sarah Paulson.

However. I'm just hoping that maybe this newest incarnation will spur them on to release the original series on DVD...because no one tops Piven as Cupid.

(Oh! And, I didn't believe Bobby as Cupid until the very end, with the little abacus bead.)
Alexa said…
Watched 10 mins and then turned it off. BC was really irritating and he and Paulson had ZERO chemistry together. Does not compare to the original at all.
R.A. Porter said…
Ugh. I think the title of my review - Cupid: Where's Jar Jar? - sums up my feelings.
jen said…
I liked it, didn't love it. I think I just need to get to know it better. It made me miss the old show even more. Sigh.
Dudleys Mom said…
I recently watched the old "Cupid" on Youtube for the first time. I had read the pilot script for this a few months ago (I've become very curious about the "process"). So I was interested in seeing that pilot script realized.

But: I don't like Sarah Poulson. I always liked Paula Marshall in everything she was in; I never understood why she seemed to be a "ShowKiller" when her scenes were always enjoyable for me. Cannavale was okay; I liked him better in his Third Watch role.

The show is clever, and there's really not enough of that on TV these days. And I like Rob Thomas' writing, although his perception of women and romance can be oddly skewed. So I'll be watching. I wish more people wanted "clever" on their TVs. I'm completely dispirited by the state of network TV these days. I have never watched so little TV. (Although to be fair, there is some truly great TV going on, just not much of it.) I'm really hoping this season was an after-effect of the strike and next fall will bring some more enjoyable shows.
Wes said…
It was O.K. Nothing great. I can see why ABC cut the order to 7eps while it was shooting. Won't set the world on fire and I'd be way surprised if it comes back next season.
Ben Maxwell said…
Horrible. I wasted 10 minutes of my life on this - then bailed. Say what you will about Piven, but he's a tough act to follow - and his Cupid was far and away superior to Cannavale. I did a phoner with Piven at a radio station in Philadelphia for this and he KNEW that the show had "IT." It's a shame ABC blew it in 98, and blew it again in 09.

Jace: I agree with you 100% in that there is NO chemistry with these two, and Piven and Marshall had it.
Blech. I have nothing against Bobby Cannavale and I love Rob Thomas but I found Cupid to be nothing more than a tepid, cliched mess. Definitely will not be tuning in again.
Unknown said…
I liked Bobby Cannavale's perf a lot more than you did. I do agree that Sarah Paulson is the weak link right now but I fault the writing more for that. Hoping she'll be a bit nicer in the next episode.
Skitty.jann said…
My heart broke when the original "Cupid" was canceled. So I was thrilled to hear they were doing a new show. I was not thrilled about the casting (though I loved Sarah Poulson in Studio 60). I was even less thrilled about the pilot. I found it completely unwatchable. It did not have any of the magic of the original. I didn't last 10 minutes. Felt like it had been over-tweeked to death.
Annie said…
Hated the pilot but that might just be the funniest pic of Cannavale ever!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I bring no baggage as I never saw the original but it was just ok. I'm a fan of both Cannavale and Paulson which is why I was watching. I'm not a fan of whimsy or romance and as soon as the jaded journalist was introduced in group therapy it was paint by numbers until the end. Plus they didn't need to spell out the 'Trevor Pierce' thing as often as they did. I'll give it another week...

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