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Message from the Action Man: BBC America Pulls "Ashes to Ashes" Season Two, Slots "Primeval" Season Three Instead

Those of you anxious to see Season Two of the Life on Mars sequel series Ashes to Ashes had better hold on to your hats... and sit tight.

BBC America, which was slated to launch Season Two of Ashes to Ashes on Saturday, May 2nd, has indicated that it will be delaying the launch date for the second season, instead opting to launch Season Three of sci-fi series Primeval in the Saturdays at 9 pm timeslot.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise and was discovered only when BBC America sent out a press release for the launch of Primeval announcing that the series, which stars Douglas Henshall, Jason Flemyng, Lucy Brown, Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts, Ben Miller, Laila Rouass, Juliet Aubrey, and Ben Mansfield, would be launching on Saturday, May 16th at 9 pm ET/PT.

What it failed to share was that Primeval would be taking over Ashes to Ashes' current timeslot.

Listings services, including TiVo's on-screen guide, Yahoo! TV, and Zap2it, had Ashes to Ashes' sophomore season launching next week and, at press time, still had May 2nd listed as the start date.

A BBC America publicist has confirmed to me via email that Primeval will be taking over Ashes to Ashes' timeslot.

No reason was given for the abrupt and unexpected change in scheduling and, as of yet, no current revised launch date for Season Two of Ashes to Ashes has been made available, other than that it will "air later this year."

Meanwhile, the BBC One trailer for Ashes to Ashes Season Two, which launched earlier this week in the UK, can be seen below.

Fingers crossed that we get Season Two of this sensational series sooner rather than later.

Ashes to Ashes will wrap its first season this Saturday at 9 pm ET/PT on BBC America.


joy said…
I'm in the minority, I know, but I'm kinda happy Primeval S3 is coming back so soon, but I'm probably in a huge minority.

Then again, I *still* haven't managed to add LoM or AtoA to my TV dance card yet...eeeep!
Anonymous said…
Boo!!!!! Bad news for the A2A fan.
Hadley said…
So annoying! I was totally looking forward to season 2 of Ashes and am shocked that they would postpone it. Very frustrating.
Anonymous said…
Boooo to BBCAmerica but they are such a crap network.
A2A is the one great show they have and they not only cut it to shreds but then do this.
They wonder why people stopped watching them? This is why.
I'll order up the series on DVD and watch it in peace.
Anonymous said…
WTF????? Primeval is a lame ass piece of SHIT that doesn't even belong on Siffy much less BBCA. These schedulers should be fucking fired for doing this a week before season 2 is supposed to start. Idiots. Going to just order the DVD from UK and say fuck the channel.
Anonymous said…
And they wonder why we depend on "alternative" means. Ep201 was entertaining if I says so myself.
Anonymous said…
If it's broke they have to fix it. Ashes to Ashes is definitely broke and obviously the ratings were dismal.

BBC America, do what you must!

Would enjoy some of your chat shows in it's place, like Ross and Parkey more oft.
ted23 said…
Ashes to Ashes is definitely broke and obviously the ratings were dismal.You do realize you're talking out of your ass right?

This news just pisses me off. A2A season 1 was delayed forever and I was thrilled BBC America was showing season 1 & 2 back to back. Now? Nope. Figures. Nothing this channel does makes any sense.
Ridolph said…
Is AtoA cut badly on BBCA? That's disturbing. Should I obtain the finale and S2 by 'alternate means'?

Its been a little uneven, but the penultimate episode was very excellent.

I hope this isn't a spoiler, it is rather 100% speculation, but I think the lawyer with the beard is going to wind up responsible for Alex's parent's death (if it still happens). Guess I'll find out tonight.

"I'm knitting you a beard" :-)
Anonymous said…
This totally blows! I was really looking forward to A2A tonight.
CYN said…
Ashes to Ashes' getting pulled off the schedule literally at the last moment, was very surprising and maddening.

My spouse and I watch A2A on Saturday nights when it airs in Central US and I was ecstatic that it was going straight into S2 without interruption. It is a very funny show. Way better than many shows and unique too, versus most American television.

When it was still missing this Saturday past I looked it up and totally flipped out that BBC America has dissed Ashes to Ashes so blatantly.

Maybe BBC America would rather have it go straight to DVD/download in the States? It's always about the money.

I've heard BBC America lacks integrity and they are run by an American company(?). This little now-you see-it, now-you-don't gesture is not winning the channel any fans and it is a _pay_ channel in the States, no?

Great article, BTW. Thank you for writing it.
April said…
BBC America is the worst! I was so looking forward to the second season of Ashes to Ashes! They show the most abysmal crap all week, 3-4 hour blocks of Kitchen Nightmares, 2 old ladies cleaning house, whole days where the only thing on is Cash in the Attic. Then they get something terrific like A2A and pull it.
Obviously they haven't been checking out the rabid cult following of this show on YouTube and the fanfic sites!
I would gladly pay for the REAL BBC, not the American version.
Unknown said…
I have all of my friends hooked on the show. In nyc we have bbc america on demand so it was easy to catch up on all of series 1 for my friends. we were excited about series 2 to start immediately and sire enough they pulled it, and all of the on demand content. So it now give my friends and I the opportunity to view both series of the uk life on mars on "dvd". unlike the crappy american remake. not everything will be successful as the office. bring A2A back soon
Anonymous said…
As an American I am saddened to say I've watched BBC America's offerings progressively dumb down over the past decade until it's little better now than the crap that the American networks offer. If you read this BBCA, ditch Primeval and put AtoAS2 back where it belongs. And while you're at it, how about some Britcoms again during primetime that are worth a damned. Maybe the likes of League of Gentlemen or The Fast show again. How about it?

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