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New Cast Announced for Season Three of "Skins"

While we here in the States are still in the midst of Skins' second season, the UK is gearing up for the January launch of Season Three, which will--as promised--feature a virtually whole new cast. So say good-bye to Tony, Michelle, Sid, Cassie, Chris, and the rest while you still can, because there are some new kids on the block, as it were.

E4 has announced the cast for Season Three of Skins. Not unsurprisingly, it will feature supporting character Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario), best known as Tony's wily if often mute younger sister. Also on tap for the third season: Effy's wayward best friend Pandora (Lisa Backwell), whose own spacey gregariousness contrasts sharply with Effy's quiet ways.

New characters for Season Three will include twins Katie and Emily struggling in different directions, idealistic and politically-minded Naomi, as well as charismatic nutcase leader Cook (Jack O'Connell), clearly filling the void left behind by Season One's manipulative Tony, stoner/skater Freddie, illusionist/strategist J.J., and immigrant Thomas, who tries to adapt to life in the UK after emigrating from the Congo.

Ten episodes are planned for Skins' new season and Harry Enfield, Morwenna Banks, and Geoffrey Hughes are slated to return for guest appearances in Season Three. E4 has also locked Mackenzie Crook (The Office), Radio One DJ Scott Mills, Sally Phillips (Green Wing), and James Fleet (The Vicar of Dibley) to pop up next season.

What do you think of the notion of Skins' writers following through on their promise to keep the original set of kids around for just two seasons? Is it a wise move to keep the cast rotating and be age-specific? Or are you going to miss the gang we've come to know and love? Discuss.

UPDATE: You can now read my advance review of the Season Three premiere of Skins here.


I will definitely miss the original cast but with high school dramas it's almost impossible to follow a set of characters once they leave school and still have the storylines be interesting and genuine. So, I think it's smart to bring in Effy and her friends to carry on and I have no doubt that we'll fall for them like we did with the original crew.
Anonymous said…
i dont think ill watch without the original cast. i grew attached to them and thought they were perfect....with the exception of sketch
Anonymous said…
I loved the original cast and think that the ending that we were left with was tremendously unsatisfying. I can't believe that the writers are going to leave us hanging and start a new story line with new characters. I feel cheated...
Anonymous said…
I hate the idea that the show is switching characters they are switching out Max and Tony and my favorite (now dead) Chris. i mean im going to miss them all so much. Its ridiculous!
Anonymous said…
I'm really going to miss the old cast and finsihing the way they did with Sid and Cassie really disapointed me but I just found out that there staying to at least finish that part of the story. I do however think its important to keep it moving and fresh but not to drag it on to much.
Johnny Stringer said…
I think it's a good move, and very true to life. You're going to miss the old characters, and won't get to see their futures? That's EXACTLY what happens when you leave high school. The people who had grown attached to are no longer in your life anywhere near as much, and you don't get to see their proper ending. I'll reserve judgment on the new cast, as Effy was always pretty much my favorite character anyway, but I'm not sure I like the direction they may be taking her going on the S3 promo. You'll also find out more about the old cast, just like you'd need to use MySpace to find out how old high school friends who moved away are doing. Tony is Effy's brother, for example. I'd be surprised if he doesn't make a guest star appearance at some point.

When S1 started, you didn't know any of the cast. Then you started watching and fell in love with them. I think it makes sense to give this new cast the same opportunity.
Jace Lacob said…
FYI, the new promo for Season Three can be found here:
anna. said…
Thats not right.
They said cassie, and sid are staying on a different website.
oh and also effy but thats mentioned in here.

But i'm 95% sure that sid and cassie are.
Anonymous said…
I just watched the last episode of series two.. And i cried every tears of my body. GOD i'll miss CASSIE so much you can't imagine :'( I'm disapointed of the ending, i wanted to see Cass' and Sid together :( I'm wondering if they're going to bring Cassie and Sid for maybe just one episode in the third series :( <3 Love you Cass, Wow, you were so lovely :)
Anonymous said…
in the UK we are a few episodes into series 3 and the new cast are good...but hard to get used to at first. still an amazing series!! we dont know anything new about the old cast so far like what happened with sid and cassie.
Anonymous said…
I think the new skins cast are not as good as the previous cast because not as much is going on and we don't know the characters as well, i will definatley miss the old cast!
Unknown said… was a very brave move. But i dont think it's worked. Although the new cast are quite good....there is no way they can fill the shoes of the old cast. NO WAY.

I think that it would make alot of sense to have a few of the old cast back from university in the christmas break or something. That'd make alot of people feel better about it.
Galadriel said…
I am in complete shock that the writers left us in the lurch and gave us a new cast. I LOVE the old cast, and the 3rd season is like a totally different show, not even coming close to the amazing first and second seasons. Tony where are you? And I have to know how Anwar is doing in London without any pants!!!

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