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Soda Water: An Early Look at Tonight's Episode of "Damages" ("Hey! Mr. Pibb")

I received an unexpected treat yesterday afternoon in the form of tonight's outstanding episode of FX's Damages ("Hey! Mr Pibb"), a fantastic hour of serpentine plot twists paints a convincing picture of a larger conspiracy at work as it pushes the characters to some dark places so far unseen this season.

Plus, don't be surprised if one of the episode's many reveals leaves you wondering just what you truly believe after all.

Want a few hints about what to expect for tonight's episode? Let's dive in.

For those of us who are spoiler-averse, I won't divulge full-on spoilers here but will merely hint at some developments in this week's episode. So what can you expect?
  • That water sample that journalist Josh Reston (Matthew Davis) managed to steal from one of Ultima National Resources' coal plants in West Virginia? It becomes increasingly valuable to everyone involved in the case... and proves the lengths that some interested parties will go to conceal the truth.
  • Look for a suitcase full of money to make an appearance in an intriguing way.
  • Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond turns up as a shadowy chapstick-wearing mystery man. Yes, seriously.
  • Christine Purcell's ruby ring resurfaces, as does the stringy-haired blonde man who pawned it.
  • Patty makes a self-sacrificing decision that could change everything.
  • Claire Maddox (Marcia Gay Harden) is a high-powered attorney but I am glad that she still has time to shop at farmers' markets and question her boss about Ultima's involvement with the Purcell murder and middleman Wayne Suttry (Brett Cullen).
  • Tom is a bluegrass and classic country music aficionado. (Really?)
  • Just what is that smell in the air?
  • Ellen and Tom make a good team and are a far shrewder pair than we typically think.
  • This is exactly what scares me about small towns.
  • Watch the legs.
  • Dream deciphering reveals just as much about the analyst as it does the dreamer.
All in all, tonight's episode of Damages is a simply fantastic installment that ramps up the tension and narrative stakes this season and alters the ongoing plot in an incredible and unexpected way. It also proves just why serialized dramas still work in an age of procedural dramas: the subtle way they get under your skin and can manage to surprise even the most jaded of viewers.

Tonight on Damages ("Hey! Mr. Pibb"), Patty concentrates on defending Daniel Purcell in the murder case against him, while Ellen and Tom travel to West Virginia research the case against Ultima National Resources.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad we'll see more of Ellen and Tom working together. Even though Ellen almost let Tom hang himself (with the planted bribe) I think they have a kinship and need to stick together if they're going to survive working under Patty.
Anonymous said…
I'm a little concerned that the water sample will become like Gregory's tape in Season One -- the MacGuffin that everyone's chasing. Of course, the writing is so twisty that they might be able to put a spin on that cliche...
Anonymous said…
Now that I get what you meant by "Dream deciphering reveals just as much about the analyst as it does the dreamer" I am worried about Phil! And it's so bizarre how close they've grown if you consider the fact that Michael actually put that grenade inside his car. Don't trust him Phil!

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