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Have a Burning Question for Team Darlton, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, or Michael Emerson?

Lost fans: you don't have to make your way to the island via Ajira Airways in order to ask a question of the creative team or the series' stars.

Televisionary is taking questions from fans to put to Lost's executive producers/showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and stars Matthew Fox ("Jack Shephard"), Evangeline Lilly ("Kate Austen"), and Michael Emerson ("Benjamin Linus") for a series of on-camera interviews taking place this weekend.

If you have a specific question for any of the above producers or actors from Lost, please leave it in the comments section below.

I'll be accepting questions until midnight PT tonight and, while I can't promise I'll be able to ask any specific inquiry due to the brevity of these on-camera interviews, I am looking for some insightful and thought-provoking questions to add to the mix.

So who knows: your burning question might get asked after all.


Anonymous said…

Just tell us something about Jack and Kate please!we know that those two can't stay estranged for too long,can we look forward some good moments between them near the end of the season? thank you!
K. said…
Damon & Carlton:

Hope you guys know you`re the only one who like this love triangle...

i`m a hugee skate but because of this stupid triangle you`re destroyng kate`s character which used to be an independent woman and now looks like a woman who doesn`t know what she wants and has no heart at all.

so please could you tell me if sawyer and kate would be together again without messing up [even more] kate`s personality?

jate already existed so much more than it would ever should existed.
enough crap please?

relationships should show the best of people but with jack, kate is the worst she can be.
Anonymous said…
I have a question for Evangeline:

What do you hope for Kate's future?do you think she'll finally be able to make things work with Jack and do you think that her experience with Aaron could have prepared her for becoming mother of her own child one day?
Anonymous said…
Hey guys! Please tell us some good news about Jack and Juliet...
Si Placet))))
Anonymous said…
I want to know what's going on with skate. I am not seeing any compassion from kate end of the triangle. Just plain coldhearted.
Anonymous said…
My question is for Damon and Carlton,
The triangle has been going on for a long time now, and now with Juliet things will get even more confuse.
Can you guys give a clue about what his going to happen? Will Kate & Sawyer finally be together for good?

a huge skate fan :D
Anonymous said…
For Matthew: The relationship with Kate is a big part of Jack's character; do you think that now that Jack is starting to redeem himself after hitting rock bottom,he'll be able to reconnect with Kate again?
Anonymous said…
Hi Evi!
I'd like to hear your opinion about Kate and Jack's relationship. I love how Jackis the only one(along with Aaron) that can make Kate both,SO happy and SO desperate. Do you think that Kate will let him in again?
Anonymous said…
For Matthew:

As Lost is currently in it's penultimate season, and the story will be coming to it's finish next year, how do you hope to see the culmination of Jack's journey as related to both the mythology and his relationship with Kate?
Anonymous said…
My question is for Damon and Carlton,
The triangle has been going on for a long time now, and now with Juliet things will get even more confuse.
Can you guys give a clue about what his going to happen? Will Kate & Sawyer finally be together for good?

a huge skate fan :D
Anonymous said…
Hiya, Damon and Carlton! In the opening credits for every episode, there is a big roll-call of Producers, Executive Producers, and Co-Executive Producers. J.J. Abrams continues to receive an Exec Producer credit, and I'm wondering, as he is currently one of the busiest people in the American entertainment industry, what he actually does to contribute to this amazing and wonderful show. In the beginning, it was really his baby!

Anonymous said…

Question for Team Darlton:

Now that the Jack&Juliet reunion is close, we Jacket fans are dying to know something about Jacket!! is there still any hope for our favorite couple? Please tell us something!!

lyly ford said…
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Anonymous said…
Question: Have the O6 been written as coldhearted on purpose? Will they pay any price for that?

Also, Jack and Kate have the SICKEST relationship I have ever seen on TV! Is that deliberate and why have you written so much for them lately rather than for Sawyer and Kate, which actually entertains people?
Kate said…
A few question for Damon and Carlton:

1. Now that you have a guarantee for the end of the show, do you find that gives you more freedom to write the show the way you want, without having to worry about ratings and pressure from fans?

2. Since Lost is as much a character study as it is a science/ mythology based show, are you happy with the way your characters have developed and evolved in terms of how their relationships have been shown to change and evolve (Jin and Sun, Penny and Desmond, Jack and Kate, and even Rose and Bernard), or do you feel that too much or too little time has spent on them?

3. What question do you get asked the most that you are most tired of being asked?

For Matthew Fox:

During season 1 you commented on looking forward to having Jack's role as a hero get deconstructed, to see him stumble and have to build himself back up. In light of Jack's experiences off the island, are you happy with the journey he has had so far, or do you wish there had been more or less?

For Evangeline Lilly:

Now in season 5, how does the character of Kate measure up to what you thought she would be like when you first started? What action or event has surprised you the most about the character, and what action/event has disappointed you the most.

For Michael Emerson:
We have seen a variety of sides to Ben in the last 2 seasons ... everything from manipulative to apparently protective. Which aspect of Ben do you most enjoy portraying?

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Yo, Darlton, how about some Skate? You have to be kidding how long you have left us hanging. There's going to be some karma coming back around if you waste that chemistry. Lightning doesn't strike twice.
Anonymous said…
Hello (:

* Are we going to hear Sawyer call Kate, “Freckles” anytime soon? {The nickname holds an important place in our "Skater" hearts, and we like to believe it does in Skate's hearts too.}

* Grandpa Shepard, pointed out that Kate had lots of Freckles; was this by any chance a shout out to the S/K fans? Or was it simply a random notion? {You must know; shippers tend to over-interpret pretty much everything that has a slight connection to their OTP (; }

* Will Sawyer ever read to Kate?
{That's one of the things I love about Sawyer; supposedly he's this badass guy, still he's a complete bookworm and watched little house as kid. He's so loveable. I love all his references to books, and characters. He's actually pretty smart. I'd die if we had a cuddling scene with him reading Kate to sleep. *Dreams*}

And with that; I can't wait to see what the future holds for Sawyer&Kate as individuals and as a couple. I'm positive it'll be amazing, heartbreaking and everything over, under and in between. The road towards the destination is just as important as their happy ending. But I truly believe these kindred souls will stand together in the end<3 Thank you so much for bringing us LOST and.... Skate!

Much LOVE from
The Cold Lakes Of Norway (:
Fordie said…
Question for Evangeline:

Kate was devastated as seen when she lost Aaron, your depiction of that scene was perfect by the way. Will we see Kate continue to struggle with her loss back on the island and is there any brighter note on the horizon for her?

Question for Damon and Carlton:

As much as I want to see Kate and Sawyer's phenomenal chemistry again soon, Kate's originally brilliant, feisty character suffers due to being piggy in the middle of whatever geometrical love shape she is in. Will we see another active role for Kate soon, outside of the currently quadrangle-shaped drama, which reminds us why we loved her so much initially?

Thank you,
Anonymous said…
Darlton please anything for Jack&Juliet fans?
Anonymous said…
Darlton please anything for Jack and Juliet shippers?
Anonymous said…
Is Juliet and Jack's relationship going to rekindle in the remaining episodes of this season
Crystal said…
Are the 06 meant to come off as such cold-hearted bastards for not caring about what happened to the people they left behind on the island? Because they're not gaining any sympathy from me.

Also, what's up with Sawyer and Kate? When will they be reunited? I miss that sizzling chemistry on my screen.
Anonymous said…
Is the Jack and Kate engagement ever being brought up again?
Anonymous said…
Question for Matthew: In what way would you say you are most like your character? Least like?

Regards, Togwotee
Anonymous said…
Matthew: Do you feel like the fake recovery of your character from addiction trivialized the whole storyline? I know it felt like a slap in the face to anyone who has experienced the real disease.

D&C: Why does Jack not care about Aaron? Why does Kate not care about Sawyer? Do you realize you've created two emotionally cold and heartless individuals? Was that conscious or accidental?
Anonymous said…

Why is Jack such a douche and why does everyone else let him get away with it? I think most people would not put up with such an overbearing, arrogant, and selfish "leader" for very long.
Anonymous said…
I have a question for Matthew.

You're a good actor, so don't get me wrong. Just tell me you know about Jears, yes? Say you love Jears and I can die happy.

Because hell, I LOVE Jears.
Lori said…
Hi! First of all, I think you all are brilliant for creating this weekly addiction that I can not live without. But, please, please tell me that there's still hope for Jack and Juliet! Thanks, Villa.
Anonymous said…
For Damon and Carlton:

Will we be seeing (or hearing about) Jack and Kate's engagement ring again?
Anonymous said…
Will Sawyer tell the O6 where they can stick it when he's reunited with them? That would make me very happy.
Anonymous said…

A lot of us are dying to know something/anything about our lovely Romeo (aka Jack) and Juliet couple!! Can you spill something,PLEASE? :)

Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
Hi guys!!

This is for Damon and Carlton:

You're always talking about Skate and Jate! But what about Jacket?? We miss them so much!! Please tell us they'll get some especial/romantic scenes together this season!!

Much love from Portugal,
Anonymous said…
For Damon and Carlton :

Will Ben's childhood friend Annie be a part of season 5 at all? Is she still alive?
Anonymous said…
To Lindelof and Cuse:

Does Juliet have an actual purpose on the show besides being a triangle prop and make Kate jealous tool? Is she ever gonna get an actual storyline again like she used to have back in season 3 and is there a 1% chance that she will get a real romance on the show before she bites it? She's had enough pseudo romances to last her a couple of lifetimes. And are we ever gonna see Rachel (Juliet's sister) again?

Is Claire ever gonna get Charlie's ring or has that plotpoint already been completely forgotten?

If Sayid ever gets another love interest on the show, is she gonna survive the hookup or will she die via gunshot wound like all the women in his past?

Why do you portray your female character as terrible and cold-hearted mothers who ditch their children in the real world on the 1:100000000 chance that they can save their husbands/boyfriends?

Why is there such a huge discrepancy between the number of male and female characters on the show (10 male regulars and 3 female regulars)? Why do you always kill off one female regular in order to introduce another one instead of killing off a couple of guys to create a better balance between the genders? Why did you plan to introduce 5 freighter characters (2 female and 3 males) at the end of season 3/the beginning of season 4 with the intention to kill off both women in the first 8 til 10 episodes?

Why did you write the O6 as such incredibly cold-hearted people for the last 1 and a half seasons? I now wonder if I am actually supposed to care about the reunion between both groups because the O6 have shown nothing but apathy towards their friends ever since the off-island storyline started.
Anonymous said…
To Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse:

Do you hate Juliet's character or why do you always drag her into the triangle without having any intention to actually give her one of the guys? What is the purpose behind it?
Anonymous said…
Question for Matthew Fox:

Did you ever do a scene where you thought it compromised the integrity of your character? I'm thinking about the scene in season 4 where Jack and Locke are struggling for Locke's gun while Locke's on the ground, and Jack tries to shoot Locke in cold blood while he's unarmed and unable to defend himself.

Can you justify doing that scene and do you need to justify it in your own mind, or do you just do it because it's in the script, no need to understand why your character would do something so out of character and despicable?

The Jack I know isn't a cold blooded killer, he's a healer.
Anonymous said…

Is Jack always going to be resistant to anything Locke related? Jack seems willing and eager to go back to the Island, yet he still needs to berate John's corpse when he's changing his shoes (calling him crazy), and refuses to read Locke's letter to him, even though for many episodes Jack seemed to be repentant when it comes to his treatment of Locke, yet as soon as he has the opportunity, he's telling Locke off AGAIN, and denying Locke's wishes (that Jack read that note.)
freckles said…
Michael Emerson:
How do you prepare to do a scene like the one where you killed Locke? That scene was amazing, the fan base will be talking about it for a long time.

Team Darlton:
Are you going to be giving the Leftbehinder's their own stories of what happened on the Island up to the point where the O6 return? I really feel the Leftbehinders were cheated, Sawyer and Juliet are two of my favorite characters.
Anonymous said…
My question is for Matthew Fox.

I'm a new viewer of the show. I've finally caught up and am now on season 5.

So I'm really dying to know if Charlie Salinger ends up with Kirsten.

I can't wait to see your new show. Something about being Lost? Either way, I hope you find it in the end.

If you could do me the biggest favour and say hi to Neve Campbell for me.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Darlton please...

Talk a little about Jack and Kate relationship... we need to know, this show is never the same without the together...

Mayra, from London.
Anonymous said…
To Evangeline...

Hi Evi, I'm a huge fan...

My question is... is kate going to stay ambiguous about her feelings, or she already know the guy she really loves?

Thank you, love you!

Elle said…
Question for Darlton:

Is there anything to look forward to for Jack/Juliet fans in Season 5?
Anonymous said…
I have a question for Damon and Carlton...

Is there any hope for fans of Jack and Juliet's relationship in Season 5?
Anonymous said…
Hi Damon and Carlton,
I was just wondering if Jack/Juliet fans should be excited for any scenes between them in Season 5?
Anonymous said…
Yes! Are Jack and Juliet getting back together? I hate Jack but when he's around Juliet he's not such a creep. And Juliet rocks and needs to be with the man who makes her happy.
Anonymous said…
A question for Damon and Carlton:

Will Kate be reunited with Aaron and will Sawyer eventually become Aaron's father?

thank you
Anonymous said…
For Michael Emerson, should he get this:

First off, amazing work. Now, the fourth season did a lot for opening up sympathetic angles of Ben, as it's been commented before. The fifth, as it so far appears, is back to trickery.

So the question(s) is: Have you gone into a scene not knowing if Ben is lying or not? If so, then how much of that is your own interpretation? With recent events, is there still a glimmer of greater good to hold onto during these scenes?

And thank you, Jace, for letting us pose our questions, even though it let in a rampage of unrelated immature comments. Great site.
Anonymous said…
My question is for Damon and Carlton: I'm probably getting a little ahead of myself here, but do you guys have plans to do an all-encompassing "making of" when the show ends? As a long time fan, I thought it would be very interesting to gain insight into how the series was developed over time (when certain creative decisions were made, etc.).

Thanks for making the best show on television! (I actually work at another broadcast network and this is far and away my favorite show.)
Anonymous said…
Dear Damon and Carlton and Evangeline,

When will the inevitable reunion sex between Sawyer and Kate happen?

Thank you
Anonymous said…
Jace, thanks for the forum to ask questions. My question for Damon and Carlton is what was Locke's motivation for writing his final note to Jack. When I watched episode 316 I thought it was written out of a sense of superiority.

However, when I watched the most recent episode it appeared it was written out of despair. How do you view the letter from Locke to Jack? Also, why did he address it only Jack and not any of the other Oceanic 6?
Lauren said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said…
Damon, Carlton & Matthew,
Juliet is such an amazing character! i hope you do her justice and don't make her the second prize to Kate anymore! does Jack miss Juliet or feel any guilt about leaving her behind (since he promised to rescue her too)? any scoop on the Jack and Juliet reunion for those of us who are dying for it??
Anonymous said…
Dear Damon and Carlton,

Why have we not seen Kate feel anything at all for Sawyer? It seems like Kate doesn't care about him after he kissed her and jumped from the helicopter to save her life. The promise sure isn't enough because it is something you would do for a friend.

Thank you
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