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Talk Back: USA's "Royal Pains"

One of the biggest surprises so far this summer to me is the charm of USA's new dramedy series Royal Pains, which kicked off last night with a 90-minute pilot episode.

You had the chance to read my positive advance review of the series, created by Andrew Lenchewski, but now that the episode has aired, I want to hear what you thought.

Were you as enchanted by the series as I was, even after a little bit of a shaky start? Do you find Mark Feuerstein's Hank Lawson a compelling character? Do you like the wealthy excess of the tony Hamptons setting and the use of concierge medicine? Think Paulo Constanzo's Evan nearly steals the series away altogether?

And, most importantly, do you plan to watch Royal Pains again next week?

Talk back here.


Annie said…
I wasn't going to watch this until I read your review and I am glad I did! I thought it was really fun and cute. I'll definitely be watching this summer!!!
Hannah said…
I think this could have been an hour instead of 90 minutes. The start was pretty slow and unoriginal. But once they got to the Hamptons things picked up and I did find myself enjoying it more than I thought I would. Not bad for a piece of summer fluff.
NealWasHere said…
This is a fun show. I just wish the lead was played by someone different. Mark Feuerstein is the least charismatic actor on the show. Luckily, he's surrounded by a lot of good people.
Monkeytoey2k said…
Actually, I did enjoy it. I will most definitely be watching next week to see if they can come up with some interesting story lines. It has the potential to go either way - interesting and quirky, or same-old-same-old.
JJ said…
I loved ROYAL PAINS and hope it's a hit for USA. I want to see more of the characters and love the Hamptons setting. Anxious to hear how much it retained of the BURN NOTICE audience.
Ally said…
I had huge problems with the set up of the pilot. I had a hard time watching the pilot as I was so distracted by the beginning. It's hard enough to buy that this extremely talented doctor would be fired for making a judgment call ANY doctor would have made, not only saving a kid, but stabilizing the hospital's benefactor (before it all went wrong, of course), but it's ludicrous that he was also blackballed across the city. Too extreme, and almost killed the pilot for me. I seriously couldn't focus on the beginning of the pilot, because I was so annoyed. Everything is predicated on this, and it's beyond hard to buy. There were other ways around this.

It bugged me...can you tell?

Thought the second half was better (save for Campbell Scott's ridiculous and unnecessary accent), but also thought he took too long to accept the job.

ALL that said? I will tune in to see ep 2, because there was enough there for me.
Wendyburd1 said…
I loved the series premiere, I was surprised how much I liked it actually, but I am a TV addict so I guess I shouldn't be, at least when it is a GOOD show!
Anonymous said…
I loved it ..... probably means it will be axed pretty soon...
Sue said…
I finally watched it last night. It was fun to watch, but like another poster commented, it took too long for Hank to accept the job. Even Mark Feuerstein had to be tired of saying "no" by the end of the episode.

Also, agree that Campbell Scott needs to lose the accent. Gabrielle Anwar ditched the Irish accent in Burn Notice after a few episodes, and never missed a beat.

But, all in all, I enjoyed it and have added the series to my DVR setup.

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