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Destiny Calls: The New "Lost" Season Five Promo

In exactly two months from today, we'll get to see just where (and, ahem, when) Ben moved the island to. But until then, those of us hungry for a new fix of ABC's Lost have had to wait quite some time.

Fortunately, ABC gave fans a brief sneak peek at Season Five of Lost with a new promo unveiled during tonight's Grey's Anatomy (and featuring "You Found Me," a new single from The Fray, from their forthcoming February 3rd album) that provides some new footage mixed with some familiar beats from the Oceanic Six's past.

Missed the promo? You can check it out after the jump.

Is that Desmond and Penny in bed together? Juliet and Sawyer holding hands? Hurley brandishing a gun and peering out of a door at some baddies? The castaways getting fired at with, well, fiery arrows by the hostiles? Charlotte staring down the barrel of some guns? Daniel Faraday being surprised by a yellow-suited Dharma worker from the Swan? You betcha to all of the above.

Just what does it mean? When and where are the castaways who survived the island moving? Well, just two months to go but my informed guess is that Ben moved the island back in time to the start of the Dharma Initiative arriving on the island and they're in the midst of dealing with some restless natives. I can't wait.

Lost returns on Wednesday, January 21st on ABC.


Anonymous said…
I cannot wait for the premiere!! Jack's looking very bad ass, Sawyer is great as ever and seeing Richard again just makes me giddy :)
Anonymous said…
This looks amazing! I forgot this was on last night and was kicking myself this am so thanks for posting. How does that compass get imbedded in Locke's hand and why does he look so weirded out by it? Were Hurley and Sayid fighting Jack? It was hard to tell. Could have done without the shots of the fray though.
Anonymous said…
In a word: AWESOME.
Anonymous said…
Hmm...Locke with that virgin mary statue makes me think that Charlie's story is going to be addressed further in season 5. I hope he makes another guest appearance. Also, that shot of Hurley looking at Sayid lying on the ground? Sayid totally looked dead!
Anonymous said…
@anonymous. Dead or just unconscious? I don't think the producers would let Sayid's death just slip into a musical montage promo like that. Good thinking with the virgin Mary statue though. That could definitely mean more Charlie stuff.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic promo (although I could have done without the music video portion). I am so excited for the return of Lost. It looks like it's going to be an incredible season!
par3182 said…
already too much jack and kate, but everything else? can. not. wait.
Anonymous said…
I'd say the Virgin Mary statue, as well as the drug plane falling again, could mean we'll see more references to Eko as well as Charlie in S5.

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