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Fall Forecasting: What Are You Watching Next Season?

With the start of the fall season nearly upon us (in roughly two weeks' time), I'm wondering just what you're most excited about watching this autumn.

I'll be sharing my picks for new and returning series next week but I thought I'd get a jump on the upcoming season by asking you, my readers, which series you are most looking forward to and why.

Are you super-excited for ABC's FlashForward or does ABC's V rock your world more? Are ABC's Modern Family and NBC's Community the end-all, be-all of new comedies? Intrigued by The Good Wife or Three Rivers at CBS? So keen for the series launch of FOX's Glee that you've been singing along all summer? Or eagerly awaiting the launch of HBO's comedy Bored to Death?

Are you looking forward to the return of 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, or Bones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sons of Anarchy, or other returning series?



mB said…
I am looking forward to the return of 30 Rock (months without it is just TORTURE!) and excited for Glee. Other than that... I want to check out Flashforward, nothing else really rocks my boat this year (saw the pilot for Community and wasn't wowed... we'll see)
Teo said…
I'm looking forward to Flash Forward & V. I might give some of the new ABC comedies a try...maybe Community too. Otherwise it's back to my favorites: House, Bones, 30 Rock, cough*Smallville*cough, Fringe, Dollhouse...and so on.
Misty Wolf said…
Live? Bones, NCIS and Warehouse 13 next year..

Others: Maybe Vamp Diaries but this whole daylight thing has me annoyed. Lost (Only when I read ahead of time Boone is gonna be back)... Heroes(Only when I read that Nathan is magically alive again... SVU maybe..and Glee if the Fox marketing people don't make me sick of it before next month.
Ryan T. said…
I haven't pored over the list of new shows. For some reason I just haven't found the time! Ack! But I'm definitely interested in FlashForward, Community, V, Glee, and Modern Family.

As for returning TV shows, looking forward to seeing HIMYM and Dollhouse again.
Anonymous said…
New shows I'm going to be watching: FlashForward, V, Modern Family, Glee, Community.
Rae said…
I'm pretty anti-serious drama lately. Dunno why, seems to be a phase I'm going through. BUT. I really loved the pilot for V and can't wait to see more of that show. On the flip side, I didn't love the Flash Forward pilot but I still want to see where they go with it.

Am really looking forward to The Modern Life and Community. A little unsure where I stand with The Middle. Hated the clips at first but didn't hate the actual pilot. May have to give it a few more episodes to grow on me. Also excited about Glee finally but feel like we've been talking about it for so long that it doesn't feel new anymore.

As for returning shows, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang THeory, Fringe, Supernatural, and Dollhouse are among the ones I'm anticipating the most.
Jace Lacob said…
Those of you looking to find out more about the new series launching this fall (ahead of my roundup next week) can read my pilot reviews here.
Kat said…
I will be giving these new series a try: Modern Family, Community, Glee, Flashfoward and V.

Returning series: Fringe, Dollhouse, Big Bang Theory, SYTYCD, Castle, The Amazing Race.
par3182 said…

anything that rhymes, basically
Anonymous said…
Not much new stuff I'm excited about. Modern Family & Community look fun. V looks better than FF. Want to like Glee but can't bear the constant promos. No way will I touch any of CW crap with 10 foot pole.
Mazza said…
Can't wait for GLEE, MODERN FAMILY, COMMUNITY, V, GOOD WIFE, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, FNL, FRINGE, TAR and some others too. Not sure about FLASH FORWARD yet. Not a big Joseph Fiennes fan.

Oh and WHITE COLLAR now after reading your review!
Tempest said…
New shows: Flash Forward and V.
Anonymous said…
V, The Beautiful Life, Persons Unknown, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, Dollhouse
Barrett said…
The drama I'm most looking forward to is V while the comedy I'm most excited about is Modern Family. And, although I've never watched anything on USA, after reading your review of White Collar I'm actually kind of excited to see that too!
Brad said…
The show I'm most anticipating is Parks and Recreations. Yeah, a lot of those new shows sound promising, but I really hope Parks figures itself out. The cast is full of funny people and the writers are funny people. It should be funny. In a perfect world, it will follow The Office's trajectory of an awkward, short first season followed by a great full season follow-up. It may well totally bomb, though.
More 30 Rock would be nice, as well.
Unknown said…
I'm interested in seeing if FlashForward is merely a rehash of the book or if they take it in a different direction. If book, do they tell the book in S1 and move ahead in S2 or just end the "series"?

Similarly, I'll give V a chance to wow me. I just hope they don't merely mimic TOS. Hopefully they'll pull a BSG and give it a new spin (but without the wacky BSG joke ending).

Modern Family and Community could be good. They'll have a shot on my roster, too. I enjoyed the Glee pilot; the combo of drama and comedy worked well.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait for the season to start!!!!

New Shows: Will give a try to The Good Wife and Community. (I need to see promos for other new shows!!!)

Returning Class: Brothers and Sisters (Kevin, Scotty and Nora), Fringe (got better as the season pass), Law and Order SVU (Classic), Bones, ect LOVE TV so many shows not enough time.

Gleed saw the pilot well the first 5 minutes and fast foward the rest. Not on my to do list of my TIVO.

Amanda said…
looking forward to Greek, HIMYM and the office!
Dani In NC said…
None of the new shows appeal to me except "Glee". As for the returning shows, I tend to lose interest over the summer break; I enjoy them when they come back, but I'm not waiting with bated breath. However, I am excited about the new-to-me show "Bones". We watched the previous seasons marathon-style over the summer, and now I am excitedly waiting for the season premiere.

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