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Talk Back: Series Premiere of ABC's "Modern Family"

I hope all of you tuned in last night for the launch of comedy Modern Family on ABC.

I've been praising Modern Family for months now (you can read my original advance review of the pilot episode here) but now that the series has launched, I'm extremely curious to find out what all of you thought of this remarkable and hysterical new series. It's hands down my pick for the season's best new show, a fantastically taut series about the trials and tribulations (and humor) of family life in the new millennium.

Did you enjoy the series' heady mix of deadpan humor and emotional heart? Did you like the mockumentary aspect? (I thought it worked better than, say, The Office has for the last few seasons.) Did the entire cast--from Ed O'Neill and Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, to Julie Bown and Ty Burrell (not to mention those kids!)--win you over with their overwhelming charm?

Did you roar with laughter to Cameron's Lion King homage? Or from Mitchell's request to take Jay's "multi-colored jacket and bejeweled cap"? Were you pleasantly surprised to learn that they are all one big, somewhat happy family?

And, most importantly, will you tune in again next week?

Talk back here.

Next week on Modern Family ("Coal Digger"), tension mounts when the entire family is invited to Jay and Gloria's for some barbeque and football following an incident at school between Manny and Luke, leading to some nasty words between Gloria and Claire.


Jon88 said…
I am old, Father William. Liked it, didn't love it. I'm over the mockumentary format and all the metajokes. I know that every shot was not a close-up, but it sure felt that way -- very "in your face." In *my* face. But it did make me laugh a couple of times, as did "Cougartown," so I'll be back next week for both.
Unknown said…
I thought Sons & Daughters from a few seasons back was better done than Modern Family, and funnier. Same type of show - I have no doubt someone watched that for ideas. Because of that I am a bit biased against the show, since my beloved S&D died an early death. But, I'll probably watch again.
wackiland said…
Two favorite moments were "bits": the aforementioned "Lion King" moment and Ed O'Neill trying to get out of the deck chair to confront the soccer dad hitting on his wife. Would prefer they lose the mockumentary format - not only is it over used right now, but it's just too easy.

Climbing off soapbox now.
AskRachel said…
I thought I was over the mockumentary style but then Modern Family used it so well. It felt very much like a Christopher Guest movie but fresh at the same time. I think a lot of that had to do with the writing (which was spot on) and the great cast. I laughed out loud several times (rare for me) and will definitely be tuning in next week!
Howard Moon said…
Loved it! Much funnier than The Office. Lots of great one-liners and awkward family moments. So far, this is my favorite new show this season.
Unknown said…
The series premier was fabulous; and we especially liked Eric Stonestreet's homage to Lion King. Heartwarming and soooo funny at the same time. Can't wait for more. I'm predicting the entire cast will be accepting an award at next year's Emmies!
fogfan said…
The premiere was awesomely funny. My sis and I are rooting for the gay couple already. But all the characters are great and there's lots of potential.
JBear said…
Show #1 of ABC's "Desperate Wednesdays" is:
"Modern Family" (aka: Wisteria Lame). This show was close to un-watchable.
It used the same stupid Drama Device of "breaking the 4th wall" and talking to the audience as "The Office". It was as unfunny as "The Office", but with less likable characters.

Filled with decades old show-biz stereotypes of 3 families: "The Old Codger" and the "Chatty Latin Spitfire" (Coochie-Choochie!).
The "Midwest's vision" of "The Gay Couple"; (One was a copy of the Interior Designer in Beetlejuice).
Last and least: "Normal Family" with "Emasculating Wifie", "Spaced-out Lame Dad", and "Always Embarrassed Horny Teen Daughter".
At the end, (if you got that far) they turned out to be an extended family, all related to each other. Snoooze...
The biggest question? Ed O'Neill, how did you let yourself go so badly?
Prognosis: It won't last to the end of Oct., but will ED? It's so bad it could drag down the next 2 shows that are actually pretty good with it.
ted23 said…
@JBear, I think you watched the wrong show. Or you are just a complete and utter idiot with no sense of humor. What this has to do with Desperate Housewives is beyond me. And what 2 shows are you talking about that are better next to it on ABC? Cougar Town and Eastwick? You are joking.

Loved the first ep and will be watching every week.
Anonymous said…
I see potential but hate the mockumentary, with this wen the show gets going(the jokes) they put the brakes for the interviews by the second one you are done.

Won't be back.

Ally said…
Loved it even more the second time.

While I, too, am tired of mockumentary format, this seemed much more Christopher Guest than Office or P&R. Feels like there is new life to an old format.

I love this show so much.

Why the face?
Unknown said…
I thought the mockumentary format worked here, unlike The Office which should be done with it--it's only a crutch now. (Parks & Rec is using it better this season, too.)

LOL, OMG, Why The Face. Ha! The Lion King act--hysterical! You can shoot him at 4:15. "I have to. It's on the calendar." Shooting people with BBs has never been so funny. (Except maybe: "You'll put your eye out, kid.")

I liked Cougar Town better, but I'll be tuning in to watch next MF week.

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