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I've Got a Feeling: Joss Whedon to Meet with FX President

Could Joss Whedon's next series project end up at FX?

Signs are pointing towards the remote possibility at least, following comments made by FX President John Landgraf at today's Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Pasadena.

While there are no deals in place and no project necessarily on the table, Whedon is set to meet with Landgraf in a few weeks' time.

"Actually his representatives called and scheduled a lunch," said Landgraf when asked about Whedon possibly developing something for FX. "I think I'm supposed to have lunch with Joss in the next two or three weeks... I have enormous respect for him. And by the way, if you look at Shawn Ryan who created The Shield and is running Terriers, Shawn learned at the feet of Joss Whedon, the Joss Whedon school. (And Carlton Cuse, by the way, as well.) I don't really know Joss, but I'm really looking forward to meeting him. I love his stuff."

What do you think? Is cable the right home for Whedon's dramatic sensibilities? How much would a Joss Whedon FX series rock? Discuss.


Anonymous said…
It would.. If it was Season 2 of Firefly.

Well, okay, maybe something else would be decent as well. But we all know what everyone wants.
Alicia-Marie said…
JOss Whedon on FX would more than rock. But I'd like Dr. Horrible 2 first please.
wackiland said…
Joss + Landgraf = awesomesauce!!!! Woofreaking hoo!
Tonya Ricucci said…
much better channel for Joss than one of the mainstream ones, even Fox. yeah, wouldn't getting Firefly back again be awesome - can't do it without Mal Reynolds though and Nathan Fillion is tied up with that other show. Please, FX, give Joss a show and then don't interfere with it and don't cancel it please!!!
rockauteur said…
This is what he should have done years ago before Dollhouse.. I wonder what that series would have been had it been on cable to begin with. He never should have gone back to network after the Firefly debacle, and I think he finally learned his lesson. Maybe his shows could actually win awards now...

I'd still love another show in the Buffy mythology though!
Tempest said…
I think fx would be a better fit for Joss. Here's hoping for a new Joss Whedon show in the works . . .
Holly said…
Life is too short to live without a Joss Whedon show on the air. I like all loyal Whedonites would gladly give several limbs for more seasons of Firefly, Buffy or Angel.

Given the storylines in the Buffy/Angel comic books that take place in Season 8/6, a tv series with the same actors would be brilliant.

The long ago mentioned Ripper tv show would be awesome.

But there is one I wanted more than all others.


I could also quite easily watch a tv show that was simply Joss Whedon hanging out and talking with Nathan Fillion.

I worship at the altar of Whedon.
Anonymous said…
Faith the Series.
Roon said…

carry on...
Anonymous said…
Joss meets FX President. Could be nothing, could lead to something. Who knows but Joss does have some time on his hands these days and FX is always looking for the next cash cow.

With no more Sopranos, Friends or Lost and reality TV dying it's much deserved slow death...the time could be right for a Firefly return.

Or maybe they're meeting to discuss their mutual love of turnips over salad & martinis, who knows.
nonlineartime said…
Can anyone say... Melaka Fray? So very, very toy.
Unknown said…
Well it wasn't Joss who singed on with Fox. Eliza got a the deal to do her own show on Fox, and she asked Joss to come up with something for her. Joss said yes. Had it been just Fox asking, I seriously doubt that Joss would have even answered the phone.

And in mentioning Dollhouse, what i want to know is this, why in the world did he save the best episodes the show has ever had for after cancellation. WTF?!?!?!

But I would love to see Joss do something on cable, I would love to see where he could go without having to keep it family friendly.
Anonymous said…
I love Buffy and Angel but they each got 7 and 5 seasons respectably. Firefly only got half a freakin season thanks to FOX. I know it is a stab in the dark but please bring on more Firefly!!!
Anonymous said…
Whedon goes over to FX and says 'hey, I feel a thing, maybe you feel a thing, let's have a thing' - and then they go for Mexican food.

...and then decide to go back to the Buffyverse together :oD
Anonymous said…
So Whedon can fail at another network? Guy needs to give up all ready
Anonymous said…
Sorry, but isn't FX basically FOX? Maybe he should try AMC.
Anonymous said…
Dollhouse on FX or any other network would still stink to high heaven. Can't blame the network for everything people.
My belief is SCIFI genre shows cannot support the cost associated with being on a broadcast network so these shows need to be produced as lower cost cable shows. Folks like Joss Whedon needs to accept their stuff will never draw enough audiences to be successful on Fox or any other over the air network. Sadly Syfy also has chosen to only claim a show to be in the genre but they water down everything in their attempt to be more main stream that their shows are terrible, so this leaves networks like FX or Spike or few others to develop genre programing.

Dollhouse, Firefly, Defying Gravity, and maybe even Fringe and “V” would have had a better chance of success on cable networks and not over the air broadcasters. Those that create these shows want big pay to make these shows yet the audience they draw cannot support these high paid creative folks. The only answer is lower the costs and creative folks need to create more shows to make the same money. They over value their skills so they have over priced their work to the point of nearly none being make or being successful enough to continue. The market will not bear the high cost so costs have to be lowered to what the market will pay.

Newscorp needs to put these shows on a cable outlet and NOT Fox to have a better chance of staying on the air.

Genre fans WILL go to what ever channel our shows are on, my DVR could not care less if Fox or FX it records both.
Ben said…
@ Barry - Because now that they've cancelled it, FOX have stopped interfering and Joss is being allowed to do what he wants with the remaining episodes.

Watching the original Pilot on the DVD, before FOX demanded it be re-shot with lame 10 mile an hour bike chases, it shows how much better Dollhouse would have been from the start if they'd allowed Joss and co. a free reign.

Joss needs to go to cable badly, where the subscription model makes critical acclaim and a loyal core following much more important than regular nielsen numbers.

I can't wait.
tamon said…
@Ben - The recut of the original pilot had nothing to do with Fox. It was Joss' idea. After it was done he watched it and had trouble following the story, so HE decied to scrap it and start over. While I myself am no a huge fan of the revised pilot either, Fox cant be to blame for that. Blame them for the horrid time slot and lack of support for the show.

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