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NBC Unveils New Post-Leno Primetime Schedule

Remember when NBC announced that they were going to cut the 10 pm hour out of their primetime schedule and fill it with a cheaply-produced talk show hosted by Jay Leno? We all scratched our heads.

Flash forward about seven months to the present as NBC has announced that it's pulling Jay Leno out of the 10 pm hour and now filling it back up with a mix of scripted and unscripted offerings. Yes, you might be scratching your head as to how everyone but the Peacock seemed to see that this was a doomed strategy from the first place.

NBC yesterday lifted the curtain on its primetime midseason schedule, which includes reality series The Marriage Ref, The Celebrity Apprentice, and Minute to Win It (formerly known as Perfect 10) and drama series Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, and Trauma.

The full NBC midseason schedule can be found below.

8-9 pm: Chuck
9-10 pm: Trauma
10-11 pm: Law & Order

8-10 pm: The Biggest Loser
10-11 pm: Parenthood

8-9 pm: Mercy
9-10 pm: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (repeat)
10-11 pm: Law & Order Special Victims Unit

8-8:30 pm: Community
8:30-9 pm: Parks and Recreation
9-9:30 pm: The Office
9:30-10 pm: 30 Rock
10-11 pm: The Marriage Ref

8-9 pm: Who Do You Think You Are?
9-11 pm: Dateline NBC

**Note: Friday Night Lights will take over at 10 pm ET/PT beginning Friday, April 30th.**

8-9 pm: The Biggest Loser (repeat)
9-10 pm: Law & Order (repeat)
10-11 pm: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (repeat)

7-8 pm: Dateline NBC
8-9 pm: Minute to Win It (formerly known as Perfect 10)
9-11 pm: The Celebrity Apprentice

What do you make of the Peacock's new lineup? Does it work for you? Or would you have rather they just kept Southland this season instead of sending it off to TNT? Discuss.


joy said…
You know what's funny? I could have sworn Parenthood was gonna be a sitcom. Huh. Well, then.

I hate to say it, but Chuck and FNL remain my two reasons for watching NBC. And out of loyalty to the long-lost Gilmore Girls, I'll give Parenthood a shot.
Nicole said…
Good riddance Leno! And to be quite honest I think he should just do what he said he was going to do 5 years ago and be DONE with late night. O'Brian is such a better comedian!
I agree with "joy" I will give Parenthood a chance because I love Lauren Graham so much.

And....what about David Tennant's "Rex is Not Your Lawyer?" Are they going to give it a chance? I was hoping to see it on the NBC line up once they finally scrapped Leno.
Tempest said…
At least Southland gets a second chance. Had NBC come to their senses sooner (i.e. before they actually implemented the Leno fiasco), there would have been room for Life on the schedule. * sigh * Fortunately, they at least had the sense not to kick Chuck to the curb.
jojoko said…
looks like they've only got one night of programming worth watching and that would obviously be thursday. no wonder they are in last place. i can't believe they are airing so many reruns too.
rockauteur said…
How many episodes of TRAUMA do they have left? Enough to fill March - May or just enough for half of that amount?
Jace Lacob said…

They have six episodes unaired of Trauma, in fact.
Tonya Ricucci said…
Not very exciting, to say the least. But Chuck, 30 Rock and The Office are there, so I'll watch those. I just wish they'd pick up Better Off Ted when it inevitably gets cancelled.
Indi said…
Why can't FNL be on Wednesdays like it is for Direct TV? Most people are out on fridays...
Unknown said…
What NBC should do (and should have done in the first place) is to have Jay Leno do basically his Tonight Show but called the Jay Leno Show on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays at 10.

It would have allowed him to make his show feel more like a special event and just have the top celebs and would target his (face it Jay) aging audience who are home on the weekend and can't stay up past 11:30 anymore!

Now NBC will lose Conan, someone who has proven he can build an audience before, and have guaranteed through all of their mishandling of this who mess that no one will watch Jay if they put him back, some people are even saying they will boycott NBC altogether. Not hard to do with this line-up!
Anonymous said…
I am so happy Lauren Graham is coming back to tv!
Anonymous said…
Thank God for Chuck. That's the only NBC show I watch right now. But I have my fingers crossed for Parenthood and Lauren Graham. As for Southland... nothing compares to Third Watch, which I still miss.

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