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What New or Returning Midseason Series Are You Most Looking Forward To?

It's that time of year again as the broadcast and cable networks trot out some new fare to keep us entertained these cold winter months. (Unless you live in Los Angeles, as I do, where it's once again in the 70s.)

As the networks make way over the next few weeks to unveil some shiny new programming and bring back some old favorites, I'm curious to know which new and returning midseason series are you most looking forward to?

Amid the seemingly hundreds of series slated to premiere over the next few months, can you pick out the one that excites you the most? Is it the triumphant return of Chuck this weekend? The final season of Lost? Looking forward to getting the backstory on the birth of the Cylon race on Caprica?

Or, are you more interested in catching up with Nurse Jackie? Diving into the blood-and-sex of the 300-inspired Spartacus? Or the grit of HBO's ten-episode limited series The Pacific? Or hoping that BBC and BBC America announce a start date for the Matt Smith-led Season Five of Doctor Who?

Discuss which series you're most excited about and why.


Razorback said…
CHUCK and LOST! Because these are the two most consistently entertaining shows on television.
Pamela Jaye said…
Chuck, Chuck, and more Chuck.
sadly, Scrubs has finally improved after ABC has likely given up on it. Men of a Certain Age is good.
I also want more Glee (and Grey's always.)
ChuckNut said…
(to quote adam baldwin, "from the DUH files") -- CHUCK ME!!! and my second fave (returning mid-season), castle.
Gray Jones said…
I agree 100% with Magnus. Chuck and Lost all the way.

Other shows are cool, but Chuck and Lost are unique. Dramatic, engaging, fun, genre-busting, never predictable. Who saw the Chuck S2 finale coming?

BTW, thanks Jace for such amazing blogs, interviews, Twitter updates, and behind the scenes work you do!

Host, Chuck vs. the Podcast
world's #1 TV-themed podcast
Anonymous said…
Chuck and Fringe are the top two shows I'm most looking forward to. I love the direction that s3 of Chuck appears to be heading in, and I'm a huge devotee of Fringe!
Bella Spruce said…
I can't wait to have Chuck back! Especially with his new, fancy moves!
RT said…
Damages, Damages, Damages--Enough said. Returning Monday, Jan 25th on FX.
The CineManiac said…
I'd say Chuck, but I've seen the first 5 so I'll have to go with Lost. But I'm still excited to have Chuck back this week, those 5 episodes were great.
Also looking forward to Life Unexpected and waiting on bated breath for the Doctor Who announcement.
Murph said…
Big Love and Friday Night Lights - the best shows on cable.
Unknown said…
Totally Chuck and Glee. I never watched Lost. I'm done with Damages. I'll watch 24, but it's more candy than sustenance now.
Hollie said…
Burn Notice!
Kat said…
Lost and Chuck are the two I am looking forward to the most.
LB said…
Magnus Anton Lekay said it best, but I am looking forward to Chuck and LOST the most, they are my 2 absolute favourite shows on TV right now!
GMTL O'Dell said…
#1) LOST (answer time!)

#2) FRINGE (question time!)

#3) GLEE (guilty pleasure. I DON"T KNOW WHY! and that scares me)

#4) Stargate: Universe (fix first half errors!)
- - - - - -
CHUCK is dead to me after the Chevy Chase/jump the shark episodes. And we lose the only watchable Baldwin on TV.

HEROES needs to find a shark, jump it, let the shark catch it, let the shark kill it and allow the shark to consume its' now rotting corpse.
Anonymous said…
1st string: Big Love, Lost, Caprica, Chuck

2nd string: Burn Notice, Psych, Damages,

I've decided to give 24 another chance after several years of ignoring it. Mainly because of the great cast additions.

Parenthood will get an audition for the team.

I will mourn: Dollhouse, Better Off Ted
acarkin said…
Definitely Doctor Who. The end of Tennant's reign as the Doctor has made me mourn quite extensively, but I am excited to see what Matt Smith can do.
Cory said…
Definitely Doctor Who. Also looking forward to Lost, V, Happy Town (hopefully it will premiere in March or April), Life Unexpected and another definitely for Spartacus... that's all that comes to mind.
shump said…
Lost (duh) and Survivor 20, Heroes vs. Villians.

Honorable mention goes to Friday nights on cable with Caprica & Spartacus.
Sanna said…
Looking forward to Chuck but even more to Burn Notice! And most definitely the start of Doctor Who season 5. The few seconds of Matt in The end of time made me want to see more.

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